This is a public service announcement: If you’re in need of an extra pair of hands, feet, or perhaps a body, then you need to check out, a San Francisco- based startup which promises any paying female a “dapper gentleman to wait on her hand and foot and make her feel like a queen.”

That’s right ladies, for $125 an hour, you can rent out a “sexy” man and have him clean your house, carry your oversized purse in public, pour your drinks and  basically be your personal bitch whenever you  want. It’s like having a boyfriend, but not really.

Before you  start thinking that this is a male prostitution service, it is not, according to ManServants. There is no sex involved, in fact, the company doesn’t even allow any sort of sexual or physical activity.

The company claims that they offer the finest selection of men that don’t “get naked” like a stripper would, but rather you can have your pick of “a gentleman who treats you like a queen.”

The website lists situations that may call for said manservant,  such as:

“At the club, he’ll act as your bodyguard: secure drinks, shoo away douchebags, and drop off or pick you up curbside.”

But not only that, he’ll go to sports games with you where “He’ll be your sports announcer, wait in line for the restroom, and get your hot dogs.”

At your next party, he’ll act as “part hot host, part waitstaff: he’ll receive friends, distribute hors d’oeuvres, bus tables, play music, and serve shots.”

Can you imagine a hot man with muscles feeding you grapes, organizing your closet and taking selfies with you?

If this “start up” business is actually serious, then Groupon better get on that because homegirl wants a discount deal.

Anyways, I have no idea how this manservant start-up will turn out, but it is definitely a flirty concept. Clearly, I’m interested…