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How Can I Blend into a Corporate Environment Without Losing My Punk Edge?

Dear MO,

The good news is that I just got hired for a corporate gig for a full-time position. For the last five years, I have been working from home, which has allowed me to take fashion risks that would otherwise be frowned upon in a conservative workplace.

I realize that my ombre pink hair and my new corporate job will probably not be able to co-exist. And I’ll probably need to cover some of my tattoos, too. But is there a way that I can fashionably fit into a corporate environment and still proudly display my punk roots, or should I throw in the hat and opt for the boring black suit? Help!

– Rebecca in DC

Meets Obsession mag

Dear Rebecca,

Congrats on the new gig! Throw in the hat for bor­ing black suits? Never! Don’t you think there are too many of those in DC already?! You definitely want to let your personality shine in your workplace with­out being too showy, and the best place to start is with accessories. Adding a touch of edge into your corporate wardrobe will not only let you stay true to yourself but means you don’t have to feel drab in a conservative environment.
I love Valentino’s Rockstud collection for its feminine twist on studs and spikes. A pair of studded sling­backs would complement a more muted ensemble. This collection has been so popular that it has ex­panded into bags so your carry-all can also be chic and anything but basic.

Have fun coming up new ways of incorporating edgy touches into your new wardrobe. And really, what is more punk rock than testing limits?