Australian singer/songwriter Sia has released a taste, a track entitled “Eye of a Needle,” from her forthcoming album, “1000 Forms of Fear,” which is scheduled to drop in July.

Her new track is a moving piece drenched in soulful emotion and tender lyrics that show  raw  vulnerability. Unlike most of her dance beat songs, this track shows a more reserved, melancholy side of Sia.

This album, nor this song, would have never been made had Sia retired like she had planned to do in 2010 when she dissapeared and refused to do any press tours.

According to Billboard magazine, Sia had a temporary burn out phase, telling the publication,  “I get to sit at home with the dogs on the sofa, record in a closet in the office, send them off and, if I’m lucky, make a million dollars.”

Thankfully, that phase is over and Sia is back with a new album after a four year hiatus.

It is clear when listening to “Eye of a Needle” why no one, but Sia, could have sung the song with the same honesty. She has a passionate tone, uncommon for many recording artists today. Her musical expression displayed in this song transcends beautiful lyricism, creating a piece in which the song is not tailored to a particular voice but the voice has given life to the song.