Parquet Courts  just released the title track off their new album, “Sunbathing Animal,” and we’re fully invested in its fast-paced, relentless tempo and energy.

“Sunbathing Animal” has a hyped- up sound, different from the tracks found on their 2012 EP, “Light up Gold.” In this song, the group has captured the overwhelming pace of Black Flag and the ironic angst of the Beastie Boys. The purposeful and harsh tonality are all part of the band’s message on their new album as they employ “schizoid blues rants, shrill guitar leads, purposefully lengthy repetition and controlled explosions, reaching their peak on the blistering title track.”

This song begs comparison to early ’80s LA-originating hardcore —it finds a loud voice in its own simplicity, and manages to never lose energy or give up on the message. It gives the feeling of the beginning of a treadmill session, despite every protest from your body the track moves you forward until you have no choice but give in and try and catch your breath until the end.

Take a listen!