Hailing from Newtown, Australia quintet, Sticky Fingers, consists of Dylan Frost on vocals, Paddy Fingers on bass, Seamus on lead guitar, Freddy Crabs on keys, and Beaker Best on drums. These reggae rock, pop fusion trend setters have been catching fire – selling out shows in both Melbourne and Sydney.

Sticky Fingers follow up their 2013 debut “Caress Your Soul” with a new album entitled, “Land Of Pleasure,” which is set to drop on August 1 through Sureshaker and MGM.

The anticipation begins with the album’s first single, “Gold Snafu.”

Smooth vocals fuse everything you love about bands like Jet and Sublime sprinkled with relentless whistles. It’s difficult not to be instantly enamored.

The second single, “Just For You,” (video below) bursts with strong piano and is met with equal parts electric guitar, bass and drums. While the song is fast paced and layered, the meaning behind it makes the song more of a ballad.

The lyrics, “Morning brings me mental/What’s the story?/Run my head through/Draw up a mind map/Set for central/Followed a blind man/’Cause we felt the need to move,” cast a feeling of restlessness and an ability to ignore all logic for the sake of at least feeling like you are moving forward.

This album is certain to end up on radio rotation.