L.A. quartet Wand has delivered their first album, “Ganglion Reef,” and from our first listen, it’s clear that their freshman  album effort comes from an otherworldly state of mind.

The 10 tracks eloquently dip from intergalactic transmissions to lo-fi riff driven rock while running parallel with a synth vibe.

The opening track, “Send/Receive” starts out as a wall of sound but, if you are patient,  you will be greeted by the oozy gooey center of a heart beat-paced bass line and delicious reverb.

Front man Cory Thomas Hanson brings a stroke of elegance to “Fire On The Mountain.” His vocals kiss while describing the disaster speculations that the “West Coast is falling in the ocean.” The song breaks into a sweeter sound near the end, almost like a heavenly embrace of the end of California itself.

If “Fire On The Mountain” is the end, “Strange Inertia (Ctrl Alt Death)” is it’s cytoplasmic counterpart. As if a love letter to the strange inertia of the future.

The album plays like a loose ended prophecy that was written from the imaginary “Ganglion Reef.” The album captures a musically confusing but enthralling listen that will lure you into an abyss of magic and distortion.

Signed by Ty Segall to his Dragcity Imprint: GOD? Records,  this record holds something that should not be ignored. Get your copy here.