Best in Covers: Johnny Depp’s “Mother,” Arcade Fire’s “In The Air Tonight” and More

Covers / September 30, 2014

Whether it’s to launch a new artist, to gain “street cred” or to show off your eclectic music interest/influence, it seems like covers are becoming a thing these days.

From huge pop stars (Miley Cyrus) to movie stars (Johnny Depp), here are five of Obsessed’s  favorite covers this week.

Lorde Covering Kayne West “Hold My Liquor”

Who wouldn’t trust something coming from the lips of New Zealand’s youngest queen of songwriters? Changing an auto tune-centric Kayne West track to a breezy powerful storm is something only Lorde is capable of.

Ryan Adams & Johnny Depp covering Danzig’s “Mother”

Ryan Adams & Johnny Depp seem an almost impossible match up but their cover of Danzig’s “Mother” is so spot on it’s mind blowing.

Miley Cryus covering Led Zepplin’s “Baby, I’m Gonna Leave You”

Despite the almost necessary hate that much of the public feels forced to harbor when Miley Cyrus does anything; even the hairiest of trolls are a little flabbergasted by her enraged but vocally impressive cover of Led Zepplin’s “Baby I’m Gonna Leave You.”

Bon Iver, Arcade Fire,  and Strokes cover Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight”

These different musicians formed a super group in Montreal after a fundraiser event. This conglomeration of talent provides your sensed with a sublime cover of Phil Collins, “In The Air.”

Katy Perry covers MGMT “Electric Feel”

Last but certainly not least is the always beautiful and often ridiculed Katy Perry with her cover of MGMT’s “Electric Feel.” Her groovy spin on such an iconic tune never leaves the melody,  but rather  gives the song  new life.

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Tricia Callahan
Tricia Callahan
Tricia, a graduate from the University of Mary Washington in Popular Media Journalism, is a writer currently residing in Columbia, SC. Tricia is currently obsessed with The Great Gatsby, Jack Johnson, Jack Daniels, large thrift stores, Atlas Genius, and radio shows.

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Best in Covers: Johnny Depp's "Mother," Arcade Fire's "In The Air Tonight" and More