The Dollyrots: Kelly Ogden Dishes On their Latest Album, Being Pregnant And How To Survive As A Band (MO Exclusive)

Interviews / April 18, 2014
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The Dollyrots

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Making music since 2000, the Dollyrots, comprised of vocalist/bass player Kelly Ogden and guitarist Luis Cabezas, have recently released their fifth studio album, “Barefoot and Pregnant.”

The album was certainly a case of art imitating life, as the duo recently had a baby boy, River Ogden Cabeza, who was born several months before their “Barefoot and Pregnant” album was released. You can watch their adorable announcement here.

MO recently spoke to Kelly about their latest album, being pregnant and how to survive as a band.

Kelly’s infectious laughter set the tone for the interview, “Sorry if I’m talking a little fast, I’m bouncing a baby on my hip” she said apologetically.

Mostly funded by fans and band supporters through Pledge Music, “Barefoot and Pregnant” was released this past February on the band’s self-owned Arrested Youth Records label. The experience, according to Kelly was, “A little extra exhausting. Manufacturing and getting everything to work…put a lot more on our plate but gave us a lot more freedom.”

The whole record was recorded while Kelly was pregnant and, even in the lighthearted Frank Fields-produced video for the title track, Kelly can be seen sporting a baby bump decorated in a Misfits t-shirt while shouting about eating pickles and ice cream treats.

Being pregnant did have its constraints, “It forced us to demo and record…I don’t know if I could have had a 12-hour recording day,” Kelly remarked. “Luis was amazing. There were no extra writers. We finished every track after demoing.”

The album in its entirety was written “in-between morning sickness and naps. It was inspiring and terrifying” Kelly pointed out.

The outcome is a catchy, fast-paced, straight forward, tightly chorded pop punk album that is both infectious and fun.

Meets Obsession mag

Meets Obsession magSome notable jams are “Homecoming” and “First World Anarchist.” “Homecoming” takes a drive down memory lane where Kelly and Luis attended their high school homecoming together. While “First World Anarchist” was inspired by a Sub-Reddit by the same title and takes the seriousness out of rebellion. “Rebellion is very serious all the time…we like to do things tongue and cheek” Kelly noted.

The ferocity and commitment of The Dollyrots and Kelly and Luis’s relationship will have even new fans impressed, not to mention their latest album comes in the form of translucent pink vinyl.

When it comes down to making a band survive and thrive the way The Dollyrots have for over a decade, Kelly offers this little piece of invaluable advice: “Everyone sucks in the beginning.”

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The Dollyrots: Kelly Ogden Dishes On their Latest Album, Being Pregnant And How To Survive As A Band (MO Exclusive)