Cathedrals, the San Francisco-based girl/boy duo comprised of Johnny Hwin and Brodie Jenkins, just released an impressive second single that is gaining the attention of fans and critics alike.

Their latest single, “Harlem,” is a song about the ever-changing face of a relationship and how one’s past might affect their significant other. With its layered vocals and poppy electro beats, “Harlem” lyrically feels like the back and forth and uncertainty of someone’s heart, “I go/you stay/we break/tell me that’s okay,” Jenkins coos smoothly.

Cathedrals’ demos are currently being promoted by Neon Gold, the company who has nursed the careers of Ellie Goulding, Goyte, and Icona Pop.

With their radio appeal and songs like “Harlem,” which is officially our new “it” jam, it is fair to say that Cathedrals could very well be Neon Gold’s next diamond.