Woman’s Hour is a four-piece mellow electronic pop band based out of Kendal, London.

Their new single, “In Stillness We Remain,” off of their debut album “Conversations,” musically soothes while confronting the unrest of a relationship.

The song’s retro beat leans toward ’80s soul with tones that are reminiscent of XX and Warpaint. Lyrically, it asks the age old question: “Are you going to stay?”

Lead vocalist Fiona Burgess’s lyrics offer bits of advice to her unsure lover,  “If I were you, I’d dance around the answer/I’d try to clasp my hands around these thoughts.”

The video seems  to have no correlation with the song. Unless, of course,  you remember how awkward it was to tell your 12-year-old crush how much you liked them.

Take a listen to the song below and tell us your thoughts.