Toronto based synth duo Austin Garrick and singer Bronwyn Griffin emerged from obscurity with their contribution to Nicolas Winding Refn’s “Drive” soundtrack in 2011.

For the film’s title track, “A Real Hero,” which lit up the iTunes charts following the soundtrack’s release, Electric Youth collaborated with College.

As opposed to capitalizing on their sudden attention, Electric Youth took their time to stitch a worthwhile record together. And we’re happy to say they’re back and better than ever with their album, “InnerwoIrld.

Lending its lyrical ear to a common emotion and the loss of innocence, their latest single, “Innocence,” houses the ’80s backbone we have come to love from them with a wholly new twist.

I suppose it comes as no surprise that the entire album was inspired by the Fritz Lang-directed 1920s cult film “Metropolis.”

The song’s lyrics slide effortlessly over Garrick’s silky synth, “And now the rain is falling/The truth is bittersweet/A different voice is calling/Where have you gone sweet innocence?”

The vocals bleed into the musicality for a consistent crescendo that falls softly into the leaves when the song has reached an end.

If “Innocence” is any indication, the album might just be worth your while. Watch the video below: