GRMLN is the product of 21-year-old Yoodoo Park. Born in Kyoto, Japan, Park has lived in southern California since he was a little boy.  His music reflects the duality of his identity and his recent interest in following a sect of Hinduism, Krishna.

“Jaded” is Parker’s first single off his sophomore effort album, “Soon Away,”  which is a far cry from his ethereal sound heard on his first album.  “Soon Away” is a more hard-hitting album than his first, and “Jaded”–off his most recent effort–is no exception.

The rolling drums and power punk riffs overpower the vocalist and it’s impossible not to be drawn in. Reminiscent of a type of song you might have heard during Pearl Jam’s glory days, “Jaded” offers a new  take  on a reinvented ’90s sound.

“Go, go, go, outside/be the one you want,” the lyrics are daring someone to leave and lead the life they want with or without you in it. So while the song may not sound angry, the message is a clear.

“Jaded” ends appropriately with screeching distortion.

The album is set to be released on September 16 by Carpark Records. You can pre-order it here.