Sky Ferreira Lost In My Bedroom

Not only is Sky Ferreira a successful model and a fashion muse, but she is also an internet-discovered indie pop star, which is totally a real thing these days.

With her rockstar boyfriend, Cole, who is the lead singer of grungy band DIIV, her  “it girl” status, and her talent, Skye is destined to be one of the leading ladies of indie rock.

One of our favorite moments in her career was when she released the track, “Lost in my Bedroom,” off of her 2012 EP “Ghost.” With her angelic, sweet voice singing to gritty, industrial instrumentals, “Lost in my Bedroom,” is the perfect blend of hard and soft. Her lyrics, Lost in my bed/And I’m lost in my head/ And I’m lost in my bedroom again/ It’s just what I imagined/Lost in my bedroom/It’s just what I imagined, read like an entry of a philosophical  teenager’s Tumblr page.

Ferreira, graced with undeniable physical beauty, and passion for her craft, is an honest songwriter, “When I write songs for myself, it’s really personal and I just can’t have someone else singing it,” the platinum blonde signer was quoted saying in an interview with Digital Spy.  And her authenticity is one of the reasons, among many, why we we’re such huge fans.

If this is your first time listening to Ferreira, start with “Lost in my Bedroom,” which is one of our all-time-favorites and it makes the perfect song that you can lose yourself to.