Seasons (Waiting on You)” by Future Island

Baltimore-based synth-pop group, Future Islands, just released “Seasons (Waiting on You),” the new single off their recently announced fourth studio album titled, “Singles.”

Representing a fresh, new sound for the group, the track features an upbeat synthesizer that feels like young love, while their lyrics express that time can heal almost anything. Although the song is a bit repetitive, the perky beat and pleasing backtrack make it a simple and fun listen.

“It is simply a song about the human experience,” said vocalist Samuel T. Herring in a press release.

Their accompanying music video shows a snapshot of the modern cowboy’s life. Directed by filmmaker Jay Buim, who shot in a documentarian style, the video follows the small town story of a young parents’ love for each other and their young son.

If this track serves as a sample of the quality to be found in upcoming album, “Singles,” it is unlikely any Future Islands fan will be disappointed.