Today has got us dreaming about the weekend, which is why we’re currently listening to songs that make us feel all warm and happy inside. One song that we can’t get enough of  is “The Moon Song,” a dreamy duet by Karen O of the legendary Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend.

Karen’s and Ezra’s voices blend together perfectly, and the addition of Ezra’s piano bits makes this already addicting track repeat worthy.

“We’re lying on the moon/it’s a perfect afternoon/you’re shadow follows me all day/making sure that I’m okay and we’re a million miles away,” Karen O and Ezra Koenig sing in sweet harmony, proving that kicking back on the moon is hardly possible unless you are out of this world in love.

The recently released song was featured in the critically acclaimed Spike Jonze-directed film “Herand is also nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Original Song category.  And if you’re planning to catch the Oscars this Sunday (we certainly will be watching), stay tuned for Karen O’s performance.  Rumor has it she will be performing “The Moon Song” live on the Oscar stage.

So go ahead, press play and repeat as many times as you’d like.  We promise, visions of all things lovely will start dancing in your head.