Poetic lyrics, ethereal, whispered vocals and soft piano strokes is what makes Scandinavian artist Alice Boman’s new single, “What” undeniably charming.

A unique rise from obscurity to unintentional recognition, “What,” from Boman’s debut EP, “Skisser” (which means Sketches in Swedish), was released in May of 2013 and recorded at her home.

“Skisser” initially served as a personal remembrance of sorts and not intended to be publicly released, but it gained popularity around the world when a local sound engineer from “Studio Möllan” sent Boman’s work to Adrian records. Recognizing her obvious talent, Boman was instantly signed.

Since then, “What” has been featured on MTV hit show “Awkward” and SYFY’s hit show, “Being Human.”

Thought provoking, mysterious and part melancholic, “What” takes us on an emotionally-charged journey – one that we never want to end.