LISTEN: “You Know My Name” by Courtney Love

LISTEN / May 23, 2014
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“If I fuckin’ die without having written two, three, or four brilliant rock songs, fuckin’ I don’t know why I lived” said musician and sometimes actress Courtney Love in a ‘90s interview.

Nearly two decades later, it seems like there is no end in sight to Love’s music career. Having just celebrated her 50th birthday this year, and with two new singles and a UK tour that just started this May in London, it appears Courtney will always be a part of the music scene.

Love is one of those people that you either love or hate.  Just saying her name is sure to bring out emotion in others, but  whether you loathe her or love her, one thing is certain: no matter how you feel, you know her name. That is why her most recent release, “You Know my Name” is so fitting and an f*** you song for generations to come.  Or as Love would say, “It’s a punk, fast, song about me!”

The music video is inspired by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec the French poster artist.  The result? An angry Victorian porcelain doll destroying her dollhouse. The juxtaposition of beauty and anger is Love’s staple and she has proved that grunge is alive and well.

The lyrics are little jabs–“I am the one you blame/I bring the shame”–as her voice breaks and wails in self-loathing and self-empowering moments.

With a rumored reunion of the original HOLE line up, female punk is making a return to center stage and MO couldn’t be more excited.

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Tricia Callahan
Tricia Callahan
Tricia, a graduate from the University of Mary Washington in Popular Media Journalism, is a writer currently residing in Columbia, SC. Tricia is currently obsessed with The Great Gatsby, Jack Johnson, Jack Daniels, large thrift stores, Atlas Genius, and radio shows.

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LISTEN: "You Know My Name” by Courtney Love