What's On Our Summer Playlist Wavves, Walk The Moon, The Neighbourhood And More

This eclectic mix of summer tunes will keep you guessing, because summer music should be like the season itself: warm, fun and totally spontaneous. So before hitting the beach, pool or lakeside, add these songs to your tanning playlist to ensure you never tire of the run-of-the- mill summer track list.

King Of The Beach By Wavves
King of the Beach by Wavves

This song has the vintage sound reminiscent of the old beach flicks where Bob Cummings and some bikini clad girls win a surfing contest and have a bonfire on the beach.

Outside By Mac Miller
Outside by 3oh!3

Ever just relax outside with good friends, stretch out in the sun, and pass the peace pipe and think life could not be any better? That is the moment this song will take you too—every time.

Double Vision By 3oh!3

Double Vision by 3oh!3

A sweet dance beat and a chorus of “Hey nah nah nah” is all that is needed for a perfect summer dance jam, from the masters of creating songs that are catchy as hell, 3oh!3.

Tete A Tete By Walk The Moon
Tete-A-tete by Walk The Moon

A little off the beaten path, this funky track will be a refreshing change from the stifling amount of generic hits that will shuffle through your itunes recommendations this year.

Over And Over By Smallpools
Over and Over by Smallpools

Aren’t all summer nights ones that we want to live over and over again?

High You Are By What So Not
High You Are by What so not

A synth-pop-meets-dance-pop hit is intoxicating and addicting. Don’t be alarmed if you feel the need to compulsively listen to this song on repeat.

Summerboy By Lady Gaga
Summerboy by Lady Gaga

An underrated hit from Lady GaGa’s “The Fame,” this song will have you strutting your stuff as you walk down the beach in a new high-waisted bikini, turning the heads of many potential Summerboys.

Fall In Love By Phanogram
Fall In Love by Phanogram

Immerse yourself in the liquid texture of this song and let the new wave hit wash over you and cool you off like a dip in the pool.

Sweater Weather By Neighbourhood
Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood

Maybe it’s the line about high-waisted shorts, or the simple melody, but this song just gives the feeling of  walking across a cool beach at night in cut-offs and a cute boy’s oversized sweater.