We are two sips of a frozen strawberry lemonade into summer. For some, summer is the time when school is officially out (cue Alice Cooper).  For others,  summer is when they finally graduate (move that tassel to the left ya’ll), but for everyone else, it is the month of relaxation–even if it’s only for the typical allotted 14 days per year.

More than the beverages and the barbecues, there is one thing that everyone needs to get them through a much-needed season of R&R –and that, my friends, is a good quality list of summer songs.

Feast your ears below on our 10 quintessential summer jams to add to your playlist.

 We’re so Lost – Princess Chelsea

This cover of VOOM is done brillianty, offering a trippy version with a female vocalist.

Pop Song – Starfucker

Once you get over potentially being offended by the name of the band, you will see that this song is rad. Talk about a song that sounds like 5 bands at once.

We Exist – Arcade Fire

Add this socially conscious track on your playlist. No matter what your plight, you can scream out your window, “We Exist!”

 Money – The Drums

The Drums make tunes that are built for easy beach listening. Broke and need empathy? Cue this song.

Dead In Your Head – Bleached

This track will  inject a little bit of playfulness into your listening experience. A jam worthy of ANY summer road trip.

First Day of my Life – Bright Eyes

A strong dose of optimism makes this sweet tune the perfect backdrop for a summer romance.

Kick – Skating Polly

If you loved the “Juno” soundtrack, you will love this tune from two OK native teens.

Blonde on Blonde – Nada Surf

Nada Surf may be most famously known for their 90’s hit “Popular,” but it  isn’t even close to their best track.

Just One of the Guys – Jenny Lewis

You will be mesmerized with  Jenny Lewis’ first solo release since 2008, which is a little jingle of a song calling out to all the ladies yet to be wed or pregnant.

Blue Side – Rooney

Everyone needs a dose of nostalgia, and what better way than with California jam rockers Rooney. The harmony is swoon-worthy, the electric guitar is simple and intoxicating, and yeah, there is a whistling solo, too.