Need a few good jams to start your day (or evening)? Check out a few newly-released, super sweet sounds that we’re crushing on this week.

Shine Your Light  by Gap Dream

Sparkly chimes a synth piano dance behind alien-like transmissions from Gap Dream. You will be snatching up dancing shoes and pretending you know interpretive dance to this song. I promise.

The Lord’s Favorite by Iceage

Try no to stare straight into the bright blue eyes of Iceage’s lead vocalist, Elias Bender Rønnenfelt, as he bellows like the greats of a  ’70s punk. The rockabilly guitar strums gracefully shape the lyrics. Just like the lyrics, “100 year old wine/I do believe in heaven/and I do believe it’s time,” it’s time to listen to his song.

Hit and Run by LOLO

Our new favorite criminal accomplice, LOLO, is one na, na, na from being compared to the queen Amy Winehouse. Pop, rock, R&B? I’m not sure, you tell me.

Hold Still by Slow Magic

Reminiscent of background music to a spiritual awakening, you’ll find yourself snapping along with Slow Magic. Trancey, dancey, and a little romancey.  The lyrics chant, rightly so, to hold still.