There are days when we feel pretty meh about instagram, and then there are days– like today–when we’re thrilled that Instagram exists because, without it, there would be no Kanye is Fashion.

If you haven’t heard about this genius Instagram account yet, drop everything and revel in absurd Kanye rants paired with photos of Yeezy dressed in over-the-top fashion.

Fake Kanye quotes like, ” Fashion is no different than music. Whatever I set my mind to becomes the influence to generation now. I’ll lead, you follow,”  are paired with images of Kanye wearing onsies, three-headed bear suits and all those fashion outfits seen on the runway that make it to every editor’s most-ridiculous list.

It is glorious, isn’t it? Almost as glorious as when Seth Rogen and James Franco did THIS.

Will Kanye ever make it as a luxury women’s fashion designer? Eh, probably not- but at least this exists because it ain’t easy being Yeezy.