If you live on the East Coast, the weather has probably been more gloomy than glorious. Like us, you’ve probably been wishing this brutal weather away.

Gloom no more, darlings, because spring will soon return (cue screams of uncontrollable joy).

But with winter comes the absence of sun. Remember that yellow ray of light in the sky that used to shine so brightly and affect our moods? Yeah, we can hardly remember either, but we do know that at least spring will guarantee many more days of sun than our never-seeming-to end winter.

For all of you early preppers, you’ll need some chic sunnies to get you through this upcoming spring.  Start shopping now with these on-trend, editor-approved picks that will have you, quite literally, seeing through rose-colored glasses.

Sure, we have a few more days left in winter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream (and shop) for spring and summer.