We are finally in the first week of March, which means that spring is right around the corner—at least we hope! But before the warm, sunny weather officially graces us in May, we must first deal with the anticipated April showers.

Preparing for the rain is no easy feat, particularly during this humid month. Combat the dreary, stagnant weather with these chic, water-resistant pieces.

A killer clear raincoat

If you sport any type of jacket in the spring, it should be as light as possible. A clear version is not only lightweight but will also showcase that cute outfit you’re wearing underneath.

Pop of color Wellington rain boots

A pair of “wellies” from the classic British brand, Hunter, is essential for trudging through those puddles.

’80s-inspired Jelly sandals

If your feet suffocate in rain boots, reminisce to your childhood with some classic ’80s jellies, available in a variety of hues.

A perfectly-fitted PVC pencil skirt

This water-repellant fabric, commonly used in ski gear, will keep the rain away. The sleek, fitted silhouette makes it appropriate for work.

A water-resistant workout watch

For all of you fitness junkies—this waterproof watch measures your heart rate and calories burned whether you are swimming or running in the rain.

A mad-cool Marc by Marc Jacobs nylon tote

With its bright, floral print, this durable bag will bring sunshine to the gloomiest of days.