Football Goes Fierce: CFDA, NFL and Bloomingdale's Team Up on Custom Helmets

For years now, women and football have had little to do with one another. Of course, there are the cheeky Superbowl commercials and the Lingerie Bowl, but now women, particularly the fashion-friendly, can have their own piece of sporting history.

With Superbowl XLVIII on the way, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and Bloomingdale's have teamed up in support of the National Football League Foundation to create customized football helmets. All in all, 48 helmets will be auctioned at starting bids of $248. The proceeds will go to the NFL Foundation, which aims to improve the lives of those involved in the game of football, both young and old alike.

Designers on the roster include Betsey Johnson, Catherine Malandrino, Cynthia Rowley, Michael Colovos for Helmut Lang, Nicole Miller, Olivier Theyskens for Theyskens Theory, Rachel Zoe, Rebecca Taylor and more!

Adorned with jewels, feathers,  florals and fringe, these certainly  are not your run of the mill football helmets.  We love them all, but our absolute favorites include a striped and floral masterpiece by Nicole Miller and bejeweled creation by Alice and Olivia.

To bid on these fashion-forward helmets, please visit or click here.

Meow! Eyeko and Alexa Chung Team Up for a Catty Collaboration

Meow! Eyeko And Alexa Chung Team Up For A Catty Collaboration

Is there a step above "it" girl status? If there was, we think that Alexa Chung has already arrived. After just releasing her new book, appropriately titled "It," the model turned style icon turned mogul is collaborating with British cosmetics brand Eyeko.

Well known for her cat eye, Chung and Eyeko will be releasing a makeup set to help attain that irresistible look that women everywhere are trying.

Within the set, one will find 'Eye Do' mascara, liquid eyeliner, a poster of doodles by Chung, and a guitar pick to prevent those annoying smudges. I personally use a plastic spoon, but a guitar pick just sounds so much more appealing.

Like her book, the packaging of the product features a single, solitary image of her cat eye.

You can order the set on Eyeko's website and it will also be available on November 14th at London's Selfridges on Oxford Street.

For those of you in the U.S., start your new year right when this kit becomes available at Sephora in January.


Karl Lagerfeld, the Kaiser of Collaborations, Launches Line of High-End Candles

Karl Lagerfeld Candles

We admit the  Prêt-à-por Karl Lagerfeld teabags were a great way to feel like we were sipping a cuppa with the Kaiser of collaborations. And even though the tea bags weren't really a collaboration, there have been plenty of those over the years.

We've witnessed our share of Lagerfeld launches--from his KARL Net-a-Porter collaboration to a  MELISSA shoe collection and his Shu Uemura beauty range,  the list truly does go on and on...and on...and on.

And just when we thought there couldn't possibly be another item that Karl could invent/collaborate/create,  the collab king does it again with a collection of scented candles.

His candle collection, which is an assortment of his favorite fragrances-- debuted this week at Welton London's flagship store in Paris.

With each item embossed with a side silhouette of the iconic Chanel Creative Director,  the line offers three different fragrances -- a light and feminine Oud & Bois de Santa (Agarwood and Sandalwood), a deeper Figue & Poivre Noire (Fig and Black Pepper), and Essence Rar.

But is Lagerfeld's menage a trois of olefactory goodness worth the hefty $180 for all three? Depends who you ask.

But if you're like us, $60 per candle may be just a tad too steep, unless, of course, there's $40 worth of gold coins buried under the candle wax.

But not all is lost.

For all you DIY'ers out there, you can always buy a candle that won't compete with any of your usual monthly bills and draw Lagerfeld on it yourself. If you are artistically challenged, slap on a Lagerfeld-themed sticker from Redbubble and your apartment will be smelling fresh in no time.


Wet Seal Turns a Page in Diversity History by Hiring Model with Down Syndrome

Karrie Brown Wet Seal
Photo: Courtesy of Karrie Brown - Modeling the Future Facebook

Disclaimer: This story might make you a little misty-eyed.

Modeling has come a long way from its past filled with waif-like women sauntering down the runway. Models of all shapes, sizes, and races are being accepted into the fashion world. We have even seen transgendered and albino models.

And thanks to 17-year-old Karrie Brown, a new page has been turned in the history of modeling.

Karrie has down syndrome and is appearing in an upcoming Wet Seal campaign, a shining moment for the teen who adores their clothing.

Her mother, Sue Brown, started a modeling Facebook page for the teen which has now gained over 21,000 likes. This page caught the attention of her fans who noticed the teen's love for Wet Seal. Their tweets then got the attention of the clothing retailer who says that they "believe in diversity and inclusion."

Living up to their beliefs, the company flew the teen and her mother to California for a photo shoot and lots of fun. Karrie and her mother were given a hotel room, a trip to Disneyland, and a Wet Seal shopping spree. While on set at the shoot, Karrie requested Justin Beiber music to get warmed up. She had a blast and would like to give it another go in the future.

This decision speaks volumes for Wet Seal and it's not surprising that they have gained the respect of many.

Karrie’s mom is working on a nonprofit foundation, Karried Away, which aims to help young people with disabilities find jobs outside of the service industry. As for Karrie, she hopes to go to college and study history, but for now, she is torn between modeling and becoming a librarian.

Kudos to Karrie and Wet Seal for a job well done!

Socks Beware: Crocs to Release Upscale Footwear Line

Courtesy Photo: Crocs/WWD
Courtesy Photo: Crocs/WWD

When you think of Crocs shoes, what words come to mind?  We can certainly think of a few, like Midwest tourists, chefs, soccer moms and Rosie O'Donnell. But dowdiness aside, we can guarantee that the word "upscale" would never be uttered from our mouths when describing the rubbery clogs.

In an effort to reach out to a more fashion-forward audience, Crocs is looking to re-brand itself  with a new "upscale" collection that will be comprised of mostly pumps and flats.

The agency, Soldier, in charge of branding for Crocs really has its work cut out for them. However, the VP of communications for Crocs claims that this line, which will be sold under the Stefano Furiani name, is  the "alter-ego of Crocs."

Shoes from the Stefano Furiani Croc collection, to be sold exclusively sold on, will come with an upscale pricetag at $80 to $120 per pair..

Who knows, maybe if  UGGs can cross over to the shoes-we-maybe-would-be-caught-wearing-in-public territory, perhaps Crocs can do it, too.

Not So Ba-na-nas: The Rachel Zoe Project Comes to an End

Courtesy Photo. Bravo TV.
Rachel Zoe styling model Jamie King. Courtesy Photo. Bravo TV.

“Oh- my- God, I- die.” One would expect this to be the reaction that Rachel Zoe is having now that her Bravo reality show has been cancelled after its five season run. Her reaction seems to be the exact opposite, however.

The stylist is featured on the September cover of Capitol File magazine and she offered the publication some insight into the world of Zoe. During her interview, Zoe shares, “'The Rachel Zoe Project' was meant to be a show solely based on fashion and designers and all of that, and clearly it wasn't.”

I couldn't agree with her more.

The first season quickly turned from fashion to drama with the ongoing love/hate relationship between Taylor “Tay” Jacobson and Brad Goreski. This really set the tone for the show and held steady until the end. Along the way Rachel lost Brad but gained an empire and her son, Skyler.

The lowest-ever ratings for the show occurred during what is now its final episode, which seems to be the complete opposite of what one would think, as most shows end with a bang. It pulled away from fashion and into her life, but this is something she no longer wishes to happen. After all is said and done, what is left?

Despite the luxurious lifestyle and massive closet of vintage designer clothing, Zoe is really just a wife and mother.

Rachel, you are “shutting- it- down” and we think you deserve it.

Maybelline Introduces Limited-Edition Colored Mascara

Maybelline Introduces Limited Edition Colored MascaraIsn't Maybelline Great Lash Mascara  just the greatest?

I have been a fan for years and have used the mascara religiously.  When I was younger, my mom did my ballerina makeup and used the lash-defining mascara to bring out my eyes on stage.  The packaging--which hasn't changed one bit since its invention--was pretty cool, too, as I would become transfixed on the bright pink and lime green tube.

According to Maybelline New York, a tube of Great Lash is sold every 1.7 seconds in the United States. But those numbers may go up this month with the recent release of their limited-edition collection.

For those that are looking to give their precious lashes a color treatment other than the predictable brown and black lash variations,  you try can spicing things up  with one of their six colorways, which is available for a limited time during the month of August.

Their limited-edition collection includes colors such as, So Very Berry, I See Blue, Wink of Pink, Teal Appeal, Vision in Violet, and Green with Envy.

There is a shade for every eye color, but I plan to lash out with Vision is Violet for green eyes, I See Blue for brown eyes, and Wink of Pink for blue eyes.

The mascaras, which are currently retailing for $6 a tube, can be purchased at select drugstores.

Which color will you lash out with?

Mommy, Me and Some Shoes: Charlotte Olympia's "Incy" Shoe Line for Children

Incy Kids Shoe Collection By Charlotte Olympia2

Children's shoes have moved in a new direction thanks to celebrities and their ever so stylish children. Like little grown ups, tiny babes like Suri Cruise have become fashion icons in their own right. Because of this, many fashion designers are now capitalizing on this growing trend with their own children's lines.

The latest line to offer a range for children is Incy, the new collection of little girl's shoes created by Charlotte Olympia's very own Charlotte Dellal.

The Incy Wincy Spider nursery rhyme served for inspiration for this line, which features slippers for babies and six styles of shoes for toddlers and young children. Talk about wanting to be a kid again!

Dellal currently has two boys, but with all of her girly attributes and this amazing new collection, one can only hope that her baby on the way is a girl!

Your little mini fashionista can rock some leopard booties or stay sweet in a pair of  fruity flats. For the girl who loves animals, kitty flats are the perfect choice. For the wincy-est of  girls, there are slippers that feature spider webs, keeping the collection true to its name.

With a price range of  $200 and up, you can make yourself feel better knowing that ten percent of Incy's first month of sales will benefit The Art Room, a UK charity offering art as therapy to children and young people to raise their self-esteem, confidence, and independence. Also, each pair of shoes come with a too-cute coloring book.

My first pair of heels were  plastic dress-up ones from K-Mart. What were yours?

[justified_image_grid link="file" ids="55048,55049,55050,55051,55052,55053,55047"]

Penises, Skulls, and Stars, Oh My: Kesha Adds Jewelry Designer to her Resume

Kesha's Jewelry Collection

What can we say that's not already been said about Ke$ha.

Often a red carpet tragic fashion victim, and sometimes considered a poor man's Lady Gaga, one thing is for certain--whether she's talking about having sex with dead ghosts, or her love of whiskey, the songwriter/singer manages to keep people talking about her, even if they are rolling their eyes while doing so.

And because Ke$ha is known for her good taste, it would obviously make sense that she would start her own jewelry line. Because who doesn't want to look like a glittered and bedazzled street walker?

We're not even sure where to begin with Ke$ha's Kesha Rose by Charles Albert jewelry collection, except to say that it's bizarre (and not in a  good Jeremy Scott kind of way ).

If wearing penises is your bag,  you might like the penis earrings and  ring, which brings new meaning to  "having a guy wrapped around your finger."

Other "treasures" found within the  disjointed and unoriginal collection include a skull and rose choker (been there, done that), eyeball ring, and a gold tooth necklace.

Some of the pieces in the collection allegedly are more than just jewelry, they also possess metaphysical properties. OKAY. SURE.

The metal is a blend of base metals called Alchemía or “Zero Karat Gold,” which is good news because it won't turn your finger green and has the look of 18K gold.

As we suspected, this line is selling like hotcakes.

Our advice: Don't wear a penis ring, no one around you will take you seriously with cock in hand.

In other news, Kristen Stewart is publishing a book about how to be more social and outwardly happy.


Caged Couture: Edie Campbell For Alexander McQueen's Fall 2013 Campaign

Caged Couture: Edie Campbell For Alexander McQueen's Fall 2013 C
Courtesy Photo

Being an accomplished equestrienne, model Edie Campbell is used to wearing something on her head. This fall, she is swapping her velvet helmet for something much different.

Campbell is the star of the Fall 2013 campaign for Alexander McQueen. In the dramatic campaign photos, Edie can be found looking ethereal while wearing several of Sarah Burton's head cages made of metal and pearls. The shots are colorless, with even Campbell's eyes taking on a milky white gaze.

Aside from the McQueen campaign, Campbell has also landed Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, and Jil Sander, which is not too shabby for someone in her early 20s.

When asked about the cage headpiece, Edie remarked, "I don't think it's at all about the idea of caging or entrapment — it's much more to do with glorifying and bejeweling somebody," she said in an interview with Harper's Bazaar UK.

There's nothing misogynistic about it. It's the highest form of pageantry — they're practically works of art."

The cage headpieces should not come as a surprise to fans of Alexander McQueen, as the fashion house has had a long love affair with bondage and is  known for its avant-garde look and feel.

The new fall campaign certainly solidifies that Sarah Burton is not just producing clothing, but rather works of art that require a skilled hand to assemble.

With large shoes to fill, Sarah Burton has carried the torch along rather brilliantly, representing all that Alexander himself was and could have been.

We can't wait to see what she comes up with next! Bring on the headpieces!


Grandma’s Dentures Just Got a Bit Creepier With Denture Jewelry Brand

Put A (Creepy) Smile On It With Denture Jewelry
Courtesy Photo

I am all for eclectic jewelry. I like wearing pins with animals on them, and occasionally I like to wear jewelry made out of fruit charms.

But those that are feeling a bit toothy (and daring), might try a new jewelry brand that pushes the limits with jewelry made out of grandma's dentures.

ConcaveOblivion, the online Etsy store selling designed denture wear, currently offers three "teeth" listings in their shop ranging from $35 to $135, all of which are made from dental acrylic.

For a creepy smile on your head, try a hair comb, or wear your smile on your sleeve with a bracelet. Either way, you are sure to get a lot of attention, and at the very least, a lot of stares.

No flossing necessary.

Tattoo Commitment-Phobe? Try Tattoo Tights, the Newest Japanese Craze

UNUS Tattoo Tights Warhol

From 90s tattoo chokers to the dreaded Ed Hardy range,  tattoos have been a part of the fashion world for a long time.

But today, tattoo tights are sort of becoming a thing, especially in Japan. And we're obsessed!

UNUS, an online accessories shop, is offering a range of tattoo tights, some that are very fashion centric. The online store is now collaborating with Buggy, an Osaka-based artist, to create their own line of tights. Buggy is famous for his portraits of fashion heavy hitters, like Kate Moss.

The first collection is titled "LEG x POP ART" and features tights with images of John Galliano (oh hello, rebellious pair!), Karl Lagerfeld, a moustached Kate Moss and an eye-patch wearing  Andy Warhol.

The grouping does include non-fashion influenced tights with images of kittens, which to the naked eye, look like real tattoos, and is a perfect option for us tattoo commitment-phobes.

Besides, there is something about having an image of Karl Lagerfeld on our leg that excites us.

The tights average around $26 per pair and can be shipped to the United States.

Would you dare to try tattoo tights?

UNUS Tattoo Tights Kitten

UNUS Tattoo Tights Kate Mosee

UNUS Tattoo Tights


#StyleIcon: How One 5-Year-Old Is Shutting Down the Competition on Instagram

#StyleIcon How One 5 Year Old Is Shutting Down The Competition On Instagram
Photo: Instagram/alonso_mateo

What is on a 5-year-old kid's agenda?

Well, most kids don't have one, unless their name is Willow or Jade Smith.

Most preschoolers play with Barbies, climb trees, get scraped knees, while others apparently have blogs dedicated to their own personal style on Instagram. Yes, Instagram.

And just when we thought Rachel Zoe's toddler was the most fashion forward new kid on the block, 5-year-old style sensation Alonso Mateo comes along.

While most of Alonso's friends are drinking juice boxes and watching Spongebob Squarepants, Alonso has become an Instagram icon. Unlike most fashionable children in the media, Alonso is not the son of famous, rich parents, which makes him ten times cooler in our book (so put THAT in your burn book, Suri).

Alonso Mateo
Photo: Instagram/alonso_mateo

The greatest thing about Alonso? He takes selfies! Seriously, who would have thought  a 5-year-old was dexterous enough to hold a phone, pose, and snap away. This kid makes our own motor skills at that age seem waaaay below average.

His mother, of course, is a stylist. Luisa Fernanda Espinosa (@luisafere), mother of possibly the most stylish male (we're including grown men, too), is a freelance stylist who started taking pictures of her adorable son in outfits she put together. The response has been incredible, making Mateo an instant style star with close to 30,000 Instagram fans.

Alonso was born in Mexico but now resides in Laguna Beach, California. And of course, his favorite places to shop is Kitson Kids, Dior, Gucci, and even fast fashion stores like H&M and Target. As you can see,  he has that whole high end/low end mixing ability down.

Now that Alonso is older, each morning he tells his mother what he wants to wear, and Espinosa will help him make his look cohesive by selecting a few key items from his walk-in closet (yes, he has that, too).

As with most social networking sites, there has been a good deal of criticism toward Espinosa and her son. Some say it teaches vanity and materialism, but we say whatever!

Our moms would have loved to dress us in designer clothes, so if this mother has the means to do so, let her.

What's wrong with teaching a little creativity, anyways?

Abercrombie & Fitch Feels the Tweener Wrath of Taylor Swift Fans Over a T-Shirt

Abercrombie & Fitch Feels The Tweener Wrath Of Taylor Swift Fans For Selling Funny T Shirt
Oh cry me a river, someone offended Taylor Swift.
And this time, it ain't Tina Fey or Amy Poehler.

As a Pennsylvania girl, one would think I would take pride in the talent that comes from the Keystone State, but I have to say, Taylor Swift's music does absolutely nothing for me.

So when I heard that Abercrombie & Fitch decided to shake things up by using the star's notorious dating reputation on a screen print tee that reads "# more boyfriends than t.s," I thought this was pretty funny.

But apparently Swifty's fans aren't having any of it.

The Abercrombie & Fitch tees have caused an uproar among Swifties worldwide, all who didn't get the memo that yes, the 23-year-old Swift has an impressive collection of ex-boyfriends.

Just ask Brandon Borello, Sam Armstrong, Taylor Lautner, Lucas TillJoe Jonas, Cory Monteith, Toby Hemingway, Garrett Hedlund, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhal, Conor Kennedy and Harry Styles.

Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal Taylor Swift & Cory Monteith Taylor Swift & John Mayer Taylor Swift & Lucas Till

One fan, with way too much free time, went as far as making a Youtube video in which she asked fans to contact the public relations department at Abercrombie.

Feeling the wrath of Swift, just like Kanye and John Mayer, Abercrombie and Fitch quickly pulled the shirt from their inventory.

It's safe to say that Taylor and Abercrombie & Fitch are never never getting back together.

The other alternative is that Taylor can write a ballad about it. Our vote is for "This Tee Ain't Me."

Try it and Buy It: Retailers Want to Charge You $5 to $25 To Try On Shoes

Try It And Buy It: Retailers Might Start Charging You $5 To $25 To Try On Shoes

I love shoes. You love shoes. We all love shoes. The great Carrie Bradshaw said it best, "I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!"

Haven't we all felt this way? Perhaps after splurging on an expensive pair without inhibitions, we have often felt that our love for shoes has reached an unhealthy level.

Showrooming, a practice that brick-and-mortar stores want to end, could change it all.

What does showrooming mean, exactly? You know how you go to your local shoe store to try on that perfect pair of shoes?  It fits perfectly, but the price doesn't. You  know you can  find that exact same shoe cheaper, and as a result, you go home and scour the internets for a more reasonable price? Yep, that is call showrooming, my friends.

And yes, we've all done it before, whether for an iPad or your next shoe obsession.

According to WWD, in an effort to combat showrooming, a group of independent show retailers want to charge you a shoe-fitting fee ranging from $5 to $25. That means for each shoe you try on, it will cost you a minimum of $5.  And for someone like us, that tries on multiple pairs of shoes for the perfect pair, you could easily rack up more than $100 without even purchasing a shoe.

We wonder is this new practice might hurt brick-and-mortar retailers even more.

What do you think about try-on fees? Would a $5 to $25 try on fee  discourage you from buying your shoes at stores?