How to Be the Curvy Girl Who Likes Skinny Girl Clothes

Confession time: I love clothes.

No, I don't mean in a weird Tobias Funke "never-nude" kind of way. What I mean by this is that I am in love with every aspect of clothing.

I adore flipping through the glossy pages of supermodel-studded magazines and bookmarking my favorite looks. I am infatuated with prowling online stores for hours and then subsequently realizing the obscene amount of items in my multiple shopping carts. And most of all, I am most in love with walking into stores, caressing the wide array of fabrics, and trying on everything in my size.

Unfortunately, I always end up disappointed.

The reason for my disappointment is that the majority of clothing that is "in" right now does not highlight the beauty of a body that has survived puberty. In fact, most of it is extremely unflattering on anyone with even the slightest curve.

A prime example of this frustration can be seen in white, free flowing, simplistic tank tops. A girl who is a size 0-4 can wear a white tank top with leggings or fitted black jeans and rock it. She pulls off an effortlessly chic, "I-was-just-doing-the-dishes" vibe.

However, when I wear white tank tops, I don't have the same experience. They either make my curvy frame appear boxy, or they totally expose my chest.

Here's how to wear this look and spare yourself the body drama:

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Style Tip: When it doubt,  always go for high-waisted bottoms.

The alteration to this look allows your upper body to remain covered, yet it still gives off a chic, urban vibe.

Cuffing my skinny jeans is another style tweak that I adore. Problem? Cuffing my jeans scrunches my hourglass figure. I look disproportionate with my seemingly short legs and enlarged hips.

Need a way to make this work? Cuff your high-waisted jeans! The high waist style flatters your curves and elongates your legs. By cuffing your high wasted jeans, you won’t take away from your height.

It's time to show them legs off, girls!

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Style Tip: Transition your favorite sun dress into fall by layering it with jackets and boots.

Getting ready on a Saturday night can be stressful.  You want to look cute and show off your curves, but how?

In the past, I would avoid all tight dresses. Sadly, as cute as the bodycon silhouette is, I always feel like I am enveloped in a sausage casing when wearing this style - which is my usual go-to is a skater cut dress that flounces at the waist. Yes, skater style dresses are flattering, but if you want to rock your curves, ROCK THEM!

Instead of wearing a too-tight bodycon mini, find a fitted dress in a thick material such as neoprene or thick cotton.

Heads will be turning!

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Style tip: Wrap a belt over a printed scarf under a fitted blazer to create a textured look that's perfect for fall.

Last, but definitely not least: rock a fitted, boxy blazer.  I love boxy blazers and their casual counterparts, menswear denim jackets. They add a layer of prep to any outfit and somehow always elevate your look. To maximize hotness, make sure the end of your blazer hits the top or bottom of your thigh.

Regardless of your body shape, rock what you want. Because after all, your style is a means of expression. You just need to find the best way to pull everything off!

Colorblocking & Cutouts: Prabal Gurung's Spring 2015 Footwear

After years of successful collaborations with footwear brands such as Nicholas Kirkwood and Manolo Blahnik, fashion designer Prabal Gurung  finally stepped into the footwear design game on his own terms when he revealed his debut line at his spring 15 runway show earlier last month.

Proving that cutouts are definitely here to stay--at least in footwear--Prabal’s colorblocked heels will come in shades of turquoise, yellow and pink.

You can see the entire six-style collection--an assortment of flats, cut-out pumps with sexy ankle straps--above.

They’re beauties, aren’t they?

No doubt. This winter, we’ll definitely have visions of Prabal’s candy-colorblocked shoes dancing in our heads.