Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Ok so, two gay guys walk into a bar in Finland…they have a bitch fight, and Adam Lambert winds up in Finnish jail (via ONTD)

In other random American Idol news, David Archuleta will stop recording music to become a Mormon missionary—and the entire musical community wept (via Rolling Stone)

We also shed a tear when we heard JT may have popped the question to damn, talentless Jessica Biel (via Jezebel)

Pajama Jeans now in men’s styles and sizes. Why isn’t anyone wearing real pants anymore? (via Coco Perez)

Or real shoes? Fashion experts are pissed about the giant line outside the UGG store in NYC (via Gawker)

Science can now tell whether or not you will be an angry drunk (via Jezebel)

Science also tells us that everyone on Twitter needs to stop tweeting out bummer words like “terrorist,” “suicide” and “BieberChristmasalbum”  (via Gawker)

Drunk History from Funny or Die is back! And this one is about Christmas and features Ryan “Hotass” Gosling! (via Vulture)

Kim K makes 12 million untaxed dollars (via Jezebel)

Blake Lively makes it to British Vogue’s Best Dressed for 2011 (via Just Jared)

Nicki Minaj will perform at the Super Bowl. Nicki and Football--cause that combo makes sense. (via Vulture)

With less orange, cleav, overly straightened hair, and RonRon, Jersey Shore’s Sammi actually looks like a normal person (via Refinery 29)

Watch: Andy Richter’s eulogy for Kim Jong-Il, or as Rick Perry knows him, Kim Jong the Second (via Vulture)

James Franco to play the Hef in the same movie where Amanda Seyfried plays a porn star (via Vulture)

Hot Links Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links Pop Culture Edition

Hairspray star, Nikki Blonsky’s latest gig: sweeping up hair at a salon in Long Island--though, don’t fret, her twitter says she’ll “NEVER loose sight of [her] dreams.” Learning to spell also on her agenda. (via yeeah!)

Cameron Diaz is diddling Diddy (via yeeah!)

Calling all Justin Bieber fans, a stalker clinic has opened to help you out (via Style Caster)

Bon Iver is making a workout video? So tune in if you want to be pale and hipster-skinny (via Consequence of Sound)

Now Newt Gingrich is pissing off the Fashion Industry (via Styleite)

Pepper-spraying, Black Friday crazy person is now suing Wal-Mart for their lack of security. Though to defend Wal-Mart, security wasn't quite prepared for a small woman to give customers a face full of mace. (via NYMag)

Russell Brand gets animated (via Vulture)

Karen O gets married (via Rolling Stone)

Hulk Hogan is accused of having gay love with someone named Brutus Beefcake (via ONTD)

Jessica Simpson may secure possible Weight Watchers deal. You know it’s bad when they approach you, while you’re pregnant, anticipating that you will let yourself go. (via Jezebel)

Man dies from unauthorized penis injection (via Jezebel)

Can you do us a favor and watch, Shit Girls Say. Seriously you guys, it’s amazing. I know, right? Totes. (via Vulture)

Liz Taylor’s jewelry sells for $116 million (via Gawker)

P.S. That’s the same amount you’d have to pay me to go on R. Kelly’s new cruise. Just think of all the freaky shit up in that ship (via Vulture)

AHH!! Nerdy ginger set to take over the world by giving away his sperm for free (via Gawker) AND making a fleet of nerdy ginger babies that resemble their leader. Check out his spawn:

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Study says Democrats like comedy shows, Republicans like shitty reality shows (via omg!)

Speaking of shitty Republicans, Herman Cain prefers Pokémon (via

Gene Simmons calls Madonna a karaoke singer and doesn’t want her to perform at the Super Bowl.  Maybe he should just be grateful that it’s not Nickelback. (via Idolator)

Europeans are trying to steal George Clinton’s funkadelic-ness (via

Janice Dickinson should shut her enormous trap or Tyra might slap a bitch (via NYMag)

LiLo's Playboy cover is all over the internets. (Side note: Lilo might be blonde on top, but we all know the truth.) (via Gawker)

Oh how the mighty have fallen: Tom Cruise’s peeps hire fake screaming fans for his arrival in Mumbai (via ONTD)

Another reason why Americans are obese: People like m-shopping. Yes, they are too lazy to say the whole name—mobile-shopping. (via NYMag)

Check out the new Rock and Roll Hall of Famers (via Rolling Stone)

40 definitive tweets of 2011 (via BuzzFeed)

Smoking is bad for your lungs, your teeth and...your nipples? (via the Frisky)

Kristen Wiig may have snagged herself a drummer (via NEW YORK POST)

Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart may have just starred in the worst movie in America. Luckily for us, someone has rewritten it and pointed out that her entire performance looked like she has been “trying to silently fart.” Oh no he di'n't! (via

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Oxymoron of the day: Courtney Love is LiLo’s sobriety coach (via StyleCaster)

Ricky Martin is about to shake his Latin ass on Glee (via TV Line)

Suri Cruise is better than you (via College Candy); and if you don't believe us, see her Burn Book (via Suri’s Burn Book)

Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant with that douchebag’s baby again. No way it’ll be half as cute as Mason. (via StyleCaster)

But who cares when we’ve got Stoner Cyrus up in the house (via Vulture)

Since we're still talking about babies, guess what, they are judging you (via Jezebel)

But so is Patty Stanger, apparently. Check out her evil comments in one video (via Jezebel)

Minnesotans are a passive aggressive folk (via Vulture)

Look! An Audrey Hepburn dress you’ll never fit into (via

Vinny thinks he’s rapping  “like a G” by putting “rape” and “crack” into his lyrics. He’s got a date for you in his pants. (via TMZ)

Apple iPhone and Casey Anthony duke it out for Yahoo!’s number one search term (via The Hollywood Reporter)

Insider Grammy nomination info (via SPIN)

H-O-T Christopher Meloni might move from brass detective to sexy-time vampire (via Vulture)

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Ebay has an app where you can buy the things you see on TV. Hopefully, they’ll auction off  Ryan Reynolds (via Slashfilm)

Courtney Love is  looking for a personal assistant.  For inquiries, please send resumes to Crazytown, USA (via NY Daily News)

Gingers are scared of the dentist (via Jezebel)

America’s Got Talent wants to hire another no-talent-ass-clown as judge (via New York Post)

Speaking of no talent ass clowns, in Kim Kardashian news, her soon-to-be- ex-husband Kris Humphries has decided to make his divorce increasingly dignified by calling Kim fat (via Gawker)

Aaron Sorkin might write a movie about Steve Jobs (via Slash Film)

Aussie K-Mart stores pulls little girls' “I heart rich boys” undies from the shelves. Let those tween K-Mart Shoppers dream, Australia (via NYMag)

Rocky The Musical is a go. Cue sigh of exasperation from the musical community (via NYMag)

In shocking news, girls hate other girls (via Jezebel)

Collin Firth auctions himself off for charity. How much will a doughy Englishman go for? (via ONTD)

Angelina Jolie talks about her wild side and indicates she used to be into hard drugs. Spare us. (via People)

Depeche Mode’s new “Personal Jesus” might be Techno (via Rolling Stone)

Watch Miss Piggy on Chelsea Lately (via NYMag)

Michele Bachmann needs to chill. At one point, we all get called a lyin’ ass bitch via Questlove’s beats (via Deadline)

Christian Siriano getting sued by talent agency.  Sources say suit is fierce (via NYMag)

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Bad ass artwork for the soundtrack of (and another trailer for) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (via Consequence of Sound)

Patti Labelle throws water into a rich baby’s face and tells her she wishes she has a horrible life. This actually happened. (via Gawker)

Crazy Courtney Love rant about Dave Grohl (via NME)

Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner get beat up, Avril shows her injuries. Guess people are still pissed Brody didn’t end up with LC (via Idolator)

Kim Zolciak has a $1 million wedding because she says, “You only do this once.” Ya, after your kids are in adolescence, you bang a married man with kids known as Big Poppa, and get your wig pulled off on national television. Here's to her golden anniversary (via HuffPost)

This week in Ginger news: Kathy Griffin and the gay guy from Modern Family recreate Janet Jackson's nearly nude Rolling Stone cover for Out magazine (via Daily Mail)

This week in low self esteem:

Kat Von D likes to showcase how many times JJ cheated on her. Kat, you might wanna keep that info to yourself (via yeeeah!)

Donatella Versace doesn’t want people who eat modeling her H&M line (via NYDailyNews)

Justin BieberBieber paternity suit still on, despite the fact that he's growing into a saucy, little lesbian (via Vulture)

Gaga makes another rational decision (via ONTD)

Snooki wants more money from branding, even though she drives an Escalade and shouldn’t be famous (via NYMag)

Speaking of people who shouldn’t be famous, Rebecca Black releases new video. Girl, haven’t you had enough abuse? (via Vulture)

Hipsters go too far and ask for “Hitler Youth haircuts.” Someone tell them it’s popular and widely accepted and maybe they’ll stop (via Jezebel)

2011’s Sexiest Man Alive: Bradley Cooper. We demand a recount.  What about a certain guy with the last name of a certain bird (Hint: baby goose) ? Get with it People! (via InStyle

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Gaga’s workshop window display for Barney’s will happen in two days (via Style Caster)

The kid from Jerry McGuire is 21 and buff, but still funny looking (via Jezebel)

Jersey Shore goes to college, and actually winds up in a classroom (via fastweb)

Beavis and Butthead deemed to highbrow for Americans (via Chicago Tribune)

Best thing we’ve read all week: Welsh rugby player has a stroke and wakes up gay (via Gawker)

In other gay news:

Zookeepers split up gay penguins Buddy and Pedro, (via Jezebel)

And well-known gay rights activists, a penguin couple named Wendell and Cass, have a message for them: (via EP)

The industry is getting soft:

Marc Jacobs's Dakota Fanning Oh Lola! ads banned for being close to child perfume porn (via Telegraph)

Facebook takes down rape joke pages after push back (via digital spy)

More proof that Kim K’s wedding was a sham: she’s keeping the gifts. Though sources say, KK is very disappointed that no one chose to buy her that $40 BUTTER SPREADER that’s still in her registry. (via Fashion INDIE)

The only reason Pitbull’s terrible Lindsay Lohan lyric would get a mention in Rolling Stone (via Rolling Stone)

Eddie Murphy no longer hosting the Oscars (via Vulture)

Wanna buy Michael Jackson's deathbed? (via Refinery29)

R. Kelly’s new autobiography with a dumb title. Reports say he will be singing the book aloud a-la “Trapped in a Closet” sometime next year. (via RE: GENERATION)

Leo DiCaprio: with great success comes more Romanian lingerie models (via Telegraph)

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Apple is a blood sucking music vampire, says Pete Townshend (via Rolling Stone)

Justin Bieber is a baby daddy, says psychotic fan (via NY Post)

Amanda Seyfried to play a porn star (via DEADLINE)

Shocker of the century: Nickelback makes people feel un-sexy (via Flavorwire)

Meanwhile, American Apparel releases sexy ads, which would be cool if Dov Charney wasn’t so creepy (via Coco Perez)

Madonna’s ghetto resume from the 70s (via Flavorwire)

Documentary to make woman love their perfect hoo-has (via Jezebel)

Jessica Simpson said being curvy is good for branding--the bitch is rich after all (via StyleCaster)

Lohan going to the slammer. Again. (via Perez Hilton)

Ellen and Portia going to open Vegan restaurant (via ONTD)

Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Vanderpump is recording a song at a studio—apparently, only the cats in the neighborhood can hear it (via

You know it’s a recession when Neiman is allowing regular people to shop there (via RACKED)

Celebs make creative Halloween costumes (via InStyle)

Forever 21 makes offensive "oriental girl" necklace, offending themselves in the process (via Styleite)

Crazy lisping gay man has new NYC street game show, see also, Billy Eichner (via Vulture)

Tyra Banks

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Now you can watch Mad Men without annoying January Jones tying Jon Hamm down (via Vulture)

Or you can throw on a mock turtleneck and wince at Steve Jobs being mean in the new documentary One Last Thing on PBS— (via AolTV)

Tyra BanksNo, we don’t know why Housewives, Melissa Gorga was in a fat suit. Didn’t Tyra do this already? (via INF Daily)

2011’s sexiest shoe (via NYMag)

Ashton gets serious (via BuzzFeed)

Lance Bass gets more gay (via NYMag)

Casey Anthony and Marilyn Manson placed in the same category, go figure (via Reuters)

Paula Deen introduces clothing line that is rumored to smell like bacon and will require a thick application of butter before wear (via HuffPost)

Lohan might expose her Kooka in Playboy. Pass. (via Fashionista)

Hilary exposes her scrunchie. Enough with the frickin scrunchies! (via HuffPost)

Cardboard woman filing charges for what happened to her at Rite Aid (via Gawker)

An early Sandra Bullock audition tape—strangely reminiscent of “Kit” in Pretty Woman, no? (via Vulture)

For some people, its Halloween everyday (via Vulture)

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Photo: River Phoenix (George Rose/Getty Images), Mick Jagger and director Martin Scorsese (Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

IMDb gets sued for revealing an actress’s age (via NYMag)

River Phoenix’s last movie might get released (via Vulture)

Lindsay Lohan gets probation revoked…again (via Gawker)

Scorcese and Jagger has HBO series about the music industry in the 70s in the works (via RollingStone)

Speaking of music, the industry is buzzing with all kinds of news:

Google copies iTunes (via digital spy)

Led Zeppelin's song is recreated with a white man on acoustic guitar and a black man’s insane vocal sound effects (via BuzzFeed)

John Lennon’s tooth for sale at auction for crazies. Ick (via spinner)

MTV launches indie music show: The Iggy Show. In other news, studies show Indie music fans instantly over bands they see on MTV. (via POPCANDY)

Adam Levine demands that Fox news stop playing his music, which coincidentally, was the same demand that America made to pop radio (via RollingStone)

Beyonce, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga leads the People’s Choice nominations as well as topical Halloween costume commitments for this year (via Idolator)

Fashion gets a word in this week:

Navajo Nation orders Urban Outfitters to stop using their tribe’s name to sell lame “Native American” flasks and hipster panties (via Jezebel)

Vogue Italia launches Fashion Encyclopedia, where you probably won’t find the definition for Navajo panty (via Telegraph)

$19,000 golden shoe laces for sale; and Kanye shits himself and orders three (via NYMag)


Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Market to men all you want, Dr. Pepper. You can’t keep women away from your sugary low calorie drinks. (via USA Today)

YouTube tutu-wearing-British-rapping-youngins with Nicki Minaj on Ellen (via Us Weekly)

Betty White’s getting in on the rap game too (via Digital spy)

Meanwhile, Georgetown puts their diamonds up and teaches a class about Beyonce’s baby’s daddy (via Consequence of Sound)

Ben Stiller gives you even one more reason not to be a “V Neck Guy” (via Fashionista)

Sometimes it's hard being a model. And no, this is not a zombie’s foot (via NyMag)

Speaking of models, there’s nothing like girls walking aggressively while showing their Victoria’s Secrets to get Kanye and Adam Levine to come running (via Idolator)

Sometimes Johnny Depp falls down drunk when he’s not dressed as a pirate captain (via Yeeeah!)

What? Singing in English wasn’t good enough for Joseph Gordon Levitt and Anne Hathaway? (via NY Mag)

Didn’t know sneaks from Foot Locker gave people Os, but the rules are different in Europe (via Jezebel)

Mischa Barton has some guy’s meat on her face (via ONTD)

Javier Bardiem is bringing his hot, scary, villainy self to the next James Bond movie (via Vulture)

Chynna Phillips kicked off DWTS, said it’s all a popularity contest and voters should focus on the dancing. We're thinking she should have focused on her popularity, or should have danced better (via HuffPost)

Whitney Houston caused a scene on a plane. Yes it’s disappointing, but not as disappointing as the fact that she was flying Delta (via TMZ)

DIY Halloween Costumes Under $100 — Bobby & Whitney

DIY Halloween Costumes Under $100 — Whitney & Bobby

DIY Halloween Costumes Under $100 — Bobby & Whitney

Fire up your crack pipes, wear your shades inside, and get ready to scream "kiss my ass." Want the best costume this year?

Grab a willing friend and tell him/her that you’re rocking Bobby and Whitney, circa crack-head era.

To perfect your Whitney costume, try this Edward Scissorhands wig, a white visor, and some fake fur to feel like you “Wanna Dance with Somebody.”  You can even bring a microphone when you hit your low and feel “So Emotional.”

For added effect,  be sure to wear all white, use a sharpie to write “Crack is Whack” on the front of your visor, and use flour to make fake crack rocks and decorate the rim of your nose.

How to get this look:

Edward Scissorhands Wig Adult | $14.99

Blank White Adjustable Visor | $2.82

Faux Fur H&M Coat | $69.99

Total cost for costume: $88

DIY Halloween Costumes Under $100 — Bobby & Whitney

To get the perfect Bobby to Whitney, you might feel like it’s your “Prerogative” to put on a cheap white suit, baseball hat (worn sideways), and yellow glasses.

To get Bobby’s toothy gap tiles, be sure to use Ben Nye Tooth Colors.

How to get this look:

Ben Nye Tooth Colors | $5.99

Men's Single Breasted 4 Button White Dress Suit | $48.80

White Baseball Cap | $2.10

Slim Jim Yellow Lens Tint Night Driving Sunglasses | $9.99

Total cost for costume: $66

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Today’s show brought to you by the letter “R”…for Recession. Poor and hungry Muppet featured on Sesame Street (you'd think Cookie Monster could have spared a few treats) (via Gawker)

Getting a job is hard in this economy, especially when people keep posting stupid shit on Facebook  (via BuzzFeed)

The Simpsons might be cancelled due to financial trouble, and America responds with, “That’s still going?” (via Reuters)

Stop the f*&#ing famine in Somalia goddamnit, says celebrities (via Jezebel)

Vulture makes Ben and Jerry’s ice cream inspired by Arrested Development (HuffPost)

Justin Bieber-Mariah Carey remake “All I Want for Christmas is You” (via HuffPost)

On a related note, we think this is why people in Peru wanna kill Bieber (via Idolator)

Kelly Clarkson gets dumped and makes another power ballad. She and Taylor Swift are now BFFs (via Idolator)

Jesse James cheats again; Kat Von D gets another tat of a Pin-Up Girl next to a coy fish (only one of these is true, betcha can’t figure out which one) (via Yeeah!)

Proof that the Olsen twins can sell anything to the public (via Gawker)

Proof that Kim K. can only sell her sexy tape to the public (via NyMag)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo without having to read Swedish words, plus the added bonus of Daniel Craig (via SlashFilm)

Nestlé advertises to dogs (via AdWeek)

And speaking of dogs, one bitch is scared sh*tless of Julia Roberts (You Tube)

Seth Rogen locks it down (via SF Chronicle)

Ashton Kutcher needs to lock it up (via HuffPost)

Hot Links: Culture Report

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition


Hot Links: Culture Report

Are you wearing a Hugo Boss suit today? Now you and Hitler Youth have something in common… (via Styleite)

Salahis are getting divorced--Tareq threatening Michaele with big time debt, though he wouldn’t have been so pissed if she had cheated with the guitarist from Def Leppard (via The Frisky)

You crazy for this one Jay—HOVA designs NBA jerseys (via CocoPerez)

Nancy Grace pulls a Janet Jackson on DWTS (via NYmag)

Elton John making biopic about his life—huge sunglasses, polka dot suit, and pink feather boa sold separately (via Consequence of Sound)

Pauly D. is taking a break from the turntables to sell you shitty orange tanning lotion—Perfect timing cause I just got the blowout right (via Racked)

Oprah hosts a 3-hour block called Super Soul Sunday –cause she hasn’t met enough celebrities and world leaders—hoping to see her chest bump Nelson Mandela after sacking Michelle Obama (via Deadline)

Many faces of Amy Poehler (via Oh!NoTheyDidn’t)

Now even freaky Scientologists can find each other online, this is good, it’ll keep ‘em off of (via Jezebel)

Celebrities as Russian generals, seriously (via

Living peeps can be on stamps now, I guess the Postal Service really does need some cash flow (via The New York Times)

Some woman tries to sell $10 Missoni Target rain boots for 30 G's (via Refinery 29)

Find out the kind of people who would pee in your shower (via The Frisky)

Sesame Street nails Glee—and teaches kids “G” is for “Gyrate,” What? (via Vulture)

No, Jessica Simpson is not fat. She's just pregnant (via In Touch)

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Charlie Sheen is still pulling in ratings, though this time it’s not for his lame-ass sitcom (via AolTV)

Meanwhile, Tara Reid puts down the bottle for a moment to tell us she wants to start a family (via m&c)

Lindsay Lohan is still getting kicked out of parties, but instead of pounding drinks, she’s now chucking them at people. Just ask Marc Jacobs (via Styleite)

Oh god, and now she’s frenching her mom (via yeeeah!)Lindsay and Dina Lohan

But we’re not the only ones sick of redheads--the largest Sperm Bank in the world says no thanks to swimmers from Gingers (via NYDailyNews)

Neil Young to expose whether or not he has a Heart of Gold (via Stereogum)

Jay-Z might be another’s baby daddy. Who's surprised? HOVA's been Big Pimpin' for like 30 years. (via MailOnline)

Brad Pitt: Yeah, being married to Jennifer Aniston wasn’t that cool (via yeeeah!)

Apparently Bravo doesn’t want anymore of Alex McCord’s singing husband, Zarin’s nasally drama, and Kelly Bensimon’s psychosis—but is still down to party with the Countess, Sonja, and the Ramona-coaster (via Vulture)

Speaking of Ramona, this woman’s impression of her is so accurate that it makes me kinda ramotional (via Gawker)

Google soon to launch wallet with virtual credit cards, for Citi Mastercard only, and only on a terrible phone that no one has. Good plan, Google. (via Slamxhype)

Lou Reed and Metallica team up and shockingly get in trouble with the authorities (via RollingStone)

Ben & Jerry’s is in trouble too—because invariably, no one can resist their Schweddy Balls (via

John Stewart celebrates “disciplined well groomed individuals with no problem wearing colorful, crisp uniforms” serving openly (via Gawker)

Just when you thought Lady Gaga in drag was obnoxious, now she’s scatting (via NYMag)