Lauren Conrad Tackles Bridesmaid Dresses in New Paper Crown Collection

Let’s face it, sometimes the worst part of being a bridesmaid is the dress you’ll wear to the wedding. Never to outshine the bride, the bridesmaid dress has seen its share of unflattering prom dress silhouettes, cheap satiny fabrics and color that would make even the most color blind horrified.

But girl next door, mega-blogger, fashion designer and future bride-to-be Lauren Conrad hopes to change that with her new  collection of bridesmaids dresses.

Weddings IssueWith her LC Lauren Conrad line (2009) and Paper Crown (2011), Conrad has had some time to figure out how to put her signature simple and elegant stamp in the fashion hemisphere. Now with the planning of her wedding in full effect, she has decided to expand her Paper Crown line by adding collection of bridesmaids dresses.

There are 12 different dress styles--ranging from $220 to $335—that are currently available on

What's cool about Conrad’s latest addition is not only will the line be featured in her own upcoming wedding, but the initial launch of the line can be seen on the cover of the September issue of the Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine.

Call us impressed.

Lauren Conrad is proving that she may not be so basic after all.


Someone Made a Kim Kardashian Cry Face Shirt (And We Kind of Love It)

Did you hear?  Kim Kardashian is publishing a book appropriately named “Selfish.”  But it’s not the reading kind of book (phew!), but rather 352 pages filled with her most beloved selfies.

Because who wouldn’t want a book teeming with Kim’s duck face?

While we’ll certainly pass on THAT, we will, however, indulge in this genius Kim Kardashian cry face shirt.

When Kim’s face used to move, in its most saddest moments, it rivaled even the best cry face OG, Claire Danes.

T-shirt designer Robert Boris is capitalizing on the magic of Kim's best cry face moments with a limited-edition “Crying Kim Tee.

For only $55, you too, can own possibly the most genius shirt ever.

We’ll take two, please.

Christian Louboutin and Angelina Jolie Maleficently Magnificent Shoe Collab

Guess which two powerhouse icons are teaming up for a wickedly fashionable collaboration?

None other than the red-sole designer Christian Louboutin and the statuesque Angelina Jolie.

Not only did Jolie receive rave reviews for her role in the successful Disney movie, "Maleficent," but the custom Christian Louboutin shoes she wore while promoting the film also received its  share of attention.  Which is why the two have decided to make footwear inspired by Jolie's "Maleficent" character fall's new trend!

Christian Louboutin And Angelina Jolie Maleficently Magnificent Shoe Collab2
Christian Louboutin's "Malangeli" shoe in black.

The limited-edition shoe, called "Malangeli," features mesh panels and a sculpted heel in the shape of smoke and will retail for $1599. Pretty fierce, right?

Expected to be  released in October and custom produced on a made-to-order basis by calling the Christian Louboutin's Mount Street store  at 020 7491 0033, proceeds from the sales of the "Malageli" show will benefit SOS Children's Villages.

We expect this treat to be nothing short of Maleficently Magnificent!

Style Diaries: Second Date Casual

Dear Style Diary,
He finally asked me out for a second date. Yay! What can I wear for dinner and a movie that screams low-maintenance but is still stylish and effortless?

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Clear-Cut Clutches and Other Transparent Bags For Under $100

Clear Cut Clutches And Other Transparent Bags For Under $100

Transparent bags are on the rise this summer, and we see why this see-through accessory is having a major moment!

With the weather already reaching epic melting levels, paired with the stifling humidity, we're on board with almost anything that is light and airy. Whether it's hard lucite or a softer perspex or even jelly, this clear clutch trend is perfect (and incredibly cool) for the current season.

But what we love most about these super stylish bags are that it forces us to keep our purses well-organized, as everyone can see right through them. Plus, there are so many stylish and affordable options in practically every color and shape.

Don't believe us? See for yourself with our 10 bag picks, all retailing for under $100.

Style Diaries: Creative At Work Style

Dear Style Diary,
I’ve just started my first internship at a creative firm and I will have my first presentation tomorrow. What can I wear that will command respect but still show my quirky and fun creative side?

Look Alikes: Helmut Lang Diazo Sandal vs. BCBG Paris Farleena

Look Alikes Statement Heels

Who doesn’t love making a statement? We do - especially when it comes to our footwear.  And this summer we’re all about going bold and strappy.

You can make these instant-sexy heels work with a pair of slouchy jeans and a blazer, a sexy bodycon dress, or even a jogger pant—really, they’re versatile enough that you can wear with practically anything.

Sexy statement heeled sandals will definitely give you much-needed height, but the right pair might also come with a high price tag. For example, take these Helmut Lang Diazo sandals that we’re obsessed with. At $695, they don’t come cheap.  So what’s a girl on a budget to do?

You have two options:  You could go for the Helmut Lang pair and vow to eat Ramen and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the next year in order to save some cash or you can go for these identical BCBG Paris Farleena Sandal look alikes, which will only set you back for $49.95.


Helmut Lang Diazo Strappy Sandals ($695)

BCBG Paris Farleena Sandal  ($49.95)

Look Alikes: Mikoh VS. Modcloth Striped, Cutout Swimsuit

Look Alikes Mikoh VS Modcloth Striped, Cutout Swimsuit

Now that spring has finally arrived, it’s time to head to your local boutique to find the perfect swimsuit.  Yea, we know. Shopping for swimsuits can sometimes suck. Where do we start? There’s the dreadful dressing room, which always manages to have bright, fluorescent lights that show every inch of cellulite, not to mention the unflattering awful mirrors that reveal angles of your body that you wish to never see.

But there is hope.  The payoff is that moment when you’ve found that to-die-for swimsuit that makes you feel less like Miss Piggy and more like a Bond girl.

And speaking of sexy, we found this striped, cutout Durban One Piece Swimsuit by Mikoh. It’s perfect for a trip to the beach and will have you ready to pose for the best summer selfie. But style don’t come cheap. At over $200, this perfect-for-summer swimsuit might be a bit out of your budget, which is why we found this identical Modcloth swimsuit for only $72. Now grab your gold arm bangles, a wide brimmed straw hat and be sexy, darling.

Watch your back, Giacinta 'Jinx' Johnson.  There’s a new beach babe in town.


MIKOH Durban One Piece Swimsuit

Modcloth Shimmer in the Sun Monokini

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Best Beauty Buddies: Rita Ora x Rimmel London

Rimmel Colour Rush Collection by Rita Ora

If you’ve ever wanted to emulate Rita Ora’s bold beauty looks, here’s your chance. Rimmel London, the British cosmetics brand formerly fronted by Kate Moss, has partnered with Rita to create a line of vibrant, fun lipsticks and nail colors.

The line, called Rimmel London Colour Rush, is out now in stores and is a true expression of the brand and Rita’s one-of-a-kind street style. Think bright, shocking colors and rich, vibrant hues that will make the perfect companion for spring.

Rimmel Colour Rush Collection by Rita Ora
Rimmel Colour Rush Collection by Rita Ora

Given that Ora is not only known for her sartorial choices, but also for her platinum blonde hair, vixen red lips and daring beauty looks, we think this is a perfect match.

We approve!

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New App Will Snap Photo of Outfit and Find the Item Online

Courtesy Photo

Ladies, we've all been before.  Let me paint the picture for you.  You are at the most fabulous event of the season where you spot someone across the room wearing something that you’d probably kill baby unicorns for. At that point you have two options:  1.) suck it up and just ask or 2.) miss out on pertinent fashion information, which might give your wardrobe the update it so desperately needs.

Thanks to ASAP54, the greatest fashion app and the answer to all fashionistas' prayers, you don’t ever have to miss out again.

The next time that you’re at a party and you see a covetable item, simply take a photo of the person’s look with your iPhone by using ASAP54’s visual recognition technology to identify it. If the product is not instantly recognized, within 24 hours you’ll receive 5 replacement suggestions that their stylists have personally picked out for you. How easy is that?

Daniela Cecilio started the London-based company in 2013 when her inspiration came after expressing frustration about not being able to find items she was searching for and as a way to stay connected with her friends and their fashion inspirations. Whatever the inspiration, this app freakin rocks. And get this, it’s totally FREE.

ASAP54 is currently available here in the Apple iTunes store.

Have no fear! Fashion stalking with ease is here!

Charlotte Olympia Trades Quirky for Conservative with New Wear-to-Work Collection

Charlotte Olympia Shoe

Charlotte Olympia, the quirky line sought after and adorned by many of fashion’s and Hollywood’s biggest names such as Olivia Palermo, Blake Lively and Sarah Jessica Parker, is definitely not known for their practical, every day wear.

Season after season designer, Charlotte Dellal has graced us with her creative signature design of statement platforms with memorable themes like ice cream, Miami and school spirit. Suffice it to say that it takes a bold fashionista with a little bit of gusto to wear Charlotte Olympia’s statement-making soles.

But according to WWD, Charlotte Olympia may be trading in some of their quirkiness for practically. The fashion daily announced that founder Dellal will be introducing a new and unexpected collection that will be  focused on sensible design with the professional woman in mind.

Charlotte Olympia Bogart Bag

Much more conservative than previous collections, the range will include leather handbags and pointed toe pumps. But what we love most is the adorable packaging. Each pair of shoes will come in a box shaped like a briefcase and the packaging will also include a complimentary pair of pantyhose. Yup, free pantyhose, ladies.

With the handbags ranging from a pricey $1,195 to $2,995, and the shoes from $635 to $896, we working women certainly appreciate the gesture of complimentary products.

The Year of the Lorde: Lorde x MAC Collab Coming Summer 2014!

Lorde X MAC

Lorde has been one busy girl! Since stepping onto the scene last year with her album, “Pure Heroine,” she has been “living the fantasy,” as she brilliantly states in the lyrics of her hit song, “Royals.”

At the barely legal age of 17, the songstress has already scored a major beauty deal with MAC Cosmetics for her very own limited-edition line of beauty products.

Known for her signature dark and dramatic makeup looks, the Grammy-winning singer/songwriter announced via Twitter the news about the collaboration.

The partnership with MAC is fitting, as the beauty brand  has been the team responsible for Lorde’s tour looks as well as her makeup for the Grammy’s and Brit Awards.

We’re hoping for a line that’s full of dark, brooding lipsticks, black heavy eyeliners and dramatic, deep colors—all of which are very true to Lorde’s beauty aesthetic.

The MAC X LORDE line will be launch on June 5.

Jessica Alba is Braun’s New Brand Ambassador

Jessica Alba For BraunBeauty, brains and now Brand Ambassador! We may be used to seeing Jessica Alba on the big screen, but this beauty has something new in store.

Still a style icon for many, the beautiful actress, mother and entrepreneur of the e-commerce site, has signed on to be the beauty brand ambassador for Braun.

The German company known for its products, such as hair dryers and straighteners, is thrilled that Jessica has agreed to sign on. Braun says that Alba has a passion and love for others and they know that she will represent the brand well. Cheers to you, Jessica!

TV, print, online and in store campaigns will begin this month.

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Miu Miu’s New Small Leather Collection Will Have You Dreaming of Spring

Miu Miu’s New Small Leather Collection

The launch of Miu Miu’s new collection of small leather accessories is further proof that all good—no, GREAT—things come in small packages.

Made with Madras leather and characterized by the center golden tuc lock, these must-have accessories will make you want to dive into spring!

Miu Miu’s New Small Leather Collection Will Have You Dreaming Of Spring

Available in two-tone pastel colors or solids, such as red and black, Miu Miu’s small accessories collection includes an assortment of stylish wallets, clutches and small bags.

We’ll take everything, please.

These accessories may be small but they’re full of style.