Music in Review: The Return of Metro Station

Let's face it. It's been 8 years and "Shake It" is still stuck in our heads. But, lo and behold, Metro Station is back and better than ever.

The pop-rock band, that we all thought vanished into thin air, is comprised of front men Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso. The two were introduced in 2006 when their siblings, Miley and Mitchel, were costars on the Disney TV show, "Hannah Montana."

In 2007, not long after the band was formed, they released their eponymous album, which was positively received by the public. Songs like "Shake It" and "Seventeen Forever" were definitely 2007 anthems. With Metro Station's increasing fame, personal issues erupted, eventually causing the band to part ways in 2011. Sad times.

Nonetheless, both singers continued to work on solo projects—Cyrus started the band, Ashland High, while Musso continued releasing music under the Metro Station moniker.

In an epic power move, Cyrus and Musso decided to put the past behind them and reconcile their friendship in October of 2013. With that, the original Metro Station was reborn.

According to Musso, everything in the past is history. “We’re just growing up,” he explained. See how mature he is?

That being said, Metro Station’s new music is consistent with their old genre. They are proud of their past and are sticking with what they are known for—electro-pop, upbeat tunes.

Cyrus and Musso may have changed since 2007, but one thing that remains the same is the music. Eight years later, Metro Station is still the same band we know and love.

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to see Metro Station at District N9NE in Philadelphia and they did not disappoint. The set list combined many classic favorites  (like "Seventeen Forever" and radio hit "Shake It") along with some new, catchy tunes (like "She Likes Girls" and "Love & War") from their latest EP, Gold.

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Between the flashing lights, cool beats, and Cyrus and Musso’s energy on stage, the crowd was going wild. It was by far one of the most upbeat, entertaining concerts I have ever attended.

As one of the first bands that introduced me to the alternative, pop-punk music scene in high school, Metro Station’s return was so clutch.

According to Musso, “It’s an interesting time in the music industry, and we need people doing the right thing.”

The concert was just further confirmation of the band’s comeback, and it felt like the eight-year hiatus never even happened. Clearly, Metro Station is doing something right.

  1. Control
  2. She Likes Girls
  3. Seventeen Forever
  4. Now That We're Done
  5. Forever Young
  6. Kelsey
  7. Wish We Were Older
  8. Love & War
  9. Shake It

In the Trenches: 5 Ways Style a Trench Coat

A trench coat is one of those classic items that every woman should have in her closet.  The coat style is super versatile practically screams you're a fashion pro.

The easy, go-to way to wear this piece would be the monotonous jeans and flats combo. Boring! Reinvent your trench with these simple tricks.

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Easy & Effortlessly Cool

For an effortless, cool-girl  look, throw a boxy trench over an oversized t-shirt, leather leggings and studded biker boots. Opt for an unconventional color  silver or this Mango jacket with a contrast leather collar and make sure to wear the trench unbuttoned. You will achieve a “model-off-duty” look that will have everyone's jaw dropping, thinking you woke up that chic.

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9 to 5 Working Girl

If you are going for a more professional look, try a fully buttoned trench over a printed sheath dress with some D’Orsay pumps and an envelope clutch. You could even add some jewel-encrusted brooches to the lapel for a whimsical touch. This look is perfect for a day at the office, but it can also transition smoothly into drinks with the girls.

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70s Boho Glam Queen

Channel your inner Rachel Zoe for full-on glam. Start with a sexy wrap dress, followed by some over the knee boots and a floppy hat. Once again button your trench coat, but make a knot with the sash for a statement.

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Rebelliously Playful

Feeling rebellious? Try your trench with a graphic tee, leopard skinnies and some Converse. You could even DIY your coat collar by adding some gold studs for an edgy and personalized feel.

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Just Casual with French Twist

For a casual, daytime feel, opt for some boyfriend jeans and a classic striped fitted tee. Polish off your look with some red pointed-toe heels and a sleek snakeskin bag. For this look, drape the trench over your shoulders. You will achieve an effortlessly cool vibe that only fashion bloggers seem to master.

I hope you now feel inspired to experiment with your trench coat. Remember, all you need is a daring attitude and an open mind for this wardrobe staple to be transformed using pieces you already own!

Stay on Top in Winter's most Stylish Hats

Now that Halloween has ended and those tasty Eggnog and Gingerbread lattes are making their appearances at a Starbucks near you (yum!), it's safe to say that winter is among us.

The temperatures have changed nearly overnight and wearing  just a coat will not suffice anymore when going outside equipped for the weather.

If you start to feel drab from wearing countless oversized sweaters and bulky coats, don’t fret, because there is one surefire way to look fabulous this winter—just add a hat!

Top your look off with any of these eight unique styles and you will keep warm while still looking cute.

Bejeweled Beanie

A bejeweled beanie

This updated classic piece is perfect for you glamour girls. Pair it with a sweater dress and some over-the-knee boots and you will look cozy and chic.

Angora Beret

An Angora beret

Part Olsen twin, part French girl, you can’t go wrong with this luxurious standout piece made from the finest rabbit fur.

Fleece Beanie

The fleece tech beanie

Attention all music lovers: this one’s for you! This soft beanie features removable speakers and an in-line microphone, so you can keep warm and listen to your favorite tunes all at once.

Peruvian beanie

A Peruvian beanie

I could not leave this one out due to its cult following. Complete with colorful, woven prints and braided strands that dangle down, this kitschy piece could have been knitted by your grandmother.

Wool Baseball Cap

A wool baseball cap

This is probably one of the most sophisticated baseball caps in existence, and the wool material makes it appropriate for winter. Dress it up with a sequined top and some boyfriend jeans, or pair it down with leather leggings, high-tops and a slouchy sweater. The possibilities are endless!

Trooper Hat

A “Trooper” hat

Between its fur lining and its earflaps, this is one of the warmest options out there. Channel your inner lumberjack by pairing this hat with a flannel shirt and some Sorel boots.

Veiled Beanie

A veiled beanie

The classic beanie is given a fresh twist by juxtaposing netting on top of the traditional knit material. Refrain from wearing too much white with this piece—you don’t want to look like a bride!

Floppy Felt

A floppy felt hat

This omnipresent piece is a must-have accessory for any fashion maven. Add this hat to any of your winter looks—preferably a fur coat—and you will be the epitome of chic.

These are just a handful of the different hats available this season. As always, there is something out there for everyone. Buy as many hats as you please and you will be on top of your style game this winter.

Review: Band of Outsiders' Quirky, Cool California-Inspired Collection For Spring '15

Does your wardrobe revolve around navy blue, red and white? Do you normally gravitate toward casual, practical clothing, but looking to spice things up in a preppy, cool California way?

If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, then you should definitely check out the spring/summer 2015 collection by Band of Outsiders. LA-based designer Scott Sternberg delivered pieces that are classic but with a quirky twist.

The men’s collection features unconventional suits, cool windbreakers and chic sweatshirts and cardigans.

The “suits” were comprised of anything from a dark green jacket and chinos to a matching sweatshirt and sweatpants.

The brightly colored windbreakers contained whimsical pockets and buttons and were paired with shorts, which gave off a boy scout-inspired vibe.

One theme that remained constant was the color scheme. Primary colors along with green, black and white were mixed with quirky prints. Unexpected, yet charming, this collection would be fitting for the playful, yet preppy man.

The women’s collection was a bit more subdued. Think lightweight dresses, linen suits and straight silhouettes in shades of light blue, red, and of course black and white. These colors were incorporated onto solids, stripes, and timeless toile and palm tree prints.

The collection would not have been complete without the little straw bucket hats sported by each model.

Overall, the simple silhouettes and beachy fabrics just screamed “California-cool.”

Although seemingly different, both collections maintained a nautical color palette and a “classic with a twist” aesthetic.

Sternberg essentially created innovative, yet wearable clothing.

These items can be found at select retailers, but if you want the true experience, you can visit the very first Band of Outsiders store that recently opened in Soho, New York.

The designer wants it known that his pieces are more traditional than they are whimsical—something that will make them relevant for years to come, while still staying true to his signature.

As Sternberg told, "I want people to walk in and see one message, not a circus."

Five Celebs Who Nailed a Brunette to Blonde Hair Transformation

Many of us get tired of our natural hair color, celebrities included!

Some celebs seem to change their hair every week, while others might mix it up every few years.

Lately, many natural brunettes are switching to blonde, a trick that is no easy feat. Here are some of my favorite new blondes who have mastered the look in a tasteful way.

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Vanessa Hudgens Brunette

Vanessa Hidgens Blonde


This longtime brunette has recently taken the plunge, or shall I say the “dip” into blonde territory. She has ombre’d most of her locks, keeping the roots dark. This look works for Vanessa’s naturally wavy locks and further solidifies her status as the queen of “bohemian-chic.”

Jennifer Lawrence Brunette

Jennifer Lawrence Blond


Jennifer is truly a hair chameleon, having proved that she can pull off long, short, light or dark hair. She may have gone dark brown to play her fearless character, Katniss in "Hunger Games," but in real life, she shines on the red carpet with glowing skin and golden hair to match.

Sofia Vergara Brunette

Sofia Vergara Blonde


The Colombian beauty recently added heavy blonde highlights to her dark chocolate locks. She has officially achieved ultimate bombshell status, as if she wasn’t already there before.

Demo Lovato Brunette

Demi Lovato Blonde


For someone who has tried nearly every hair color in the book, blonde is surprisingly suitable for Demi. Even though she's back to being a brunette  with hues of blue, we loved when she rocked her blonde locks, which added lightness to her edgy, rock-in-roll-inspired style.




It is hard to picture Scarlett with the dark red hair she sported in her early acting career. With her porcelain skin, defined features and lightly colored locks to match, her look today epitomizes Old Hollywood glamour.

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If there is one thing I have learned from these celebs, it’s that your natural hair color is not always the most flattering option. Whether you are blonde, brunette, or even a redhead, don’t be afraid to try a new hue. If you are lucky, it might just be more suitable for your skin tone and your personality.

How to Fake High Street Fashion Without Breaking the Bank

If you've got high fashion taste with a fast fashion budget, you've probably been in this place many times. After spending countless hours searching  for the perfect fall sweater,  you walk into Neimans and find exactly what you've been waiting for: a colorful,  textured luxe sweater, complete with embellishments. But when you check the price, you learn that it's a whopping $850.


For a mere moment, you contemplate the possibility of skipping this month's rent so that you can afford to buy this sweater. Sure,  you'll be homeless and you'll probably end up living in a cardboard box, but at least you'll look super glam.

You could go the fast-fashion route. Forever 21 has their own version, but it’s not as colorful or nearly as cute, and it's cheaply made. You curse your expensive taste and go home empty-handed.

Just like you, many of us don’t have the disposable income to devote their wallets to every trend, and fast-fashion retailers are getting monotonous with repetitive, poor-quality garments.

Fortunately, there are ways to get around this and rock some luxurious looks without breaking the bank. I am going to let you in on a few shopping secrets.

It is best to focus on trends that have made an impact in fashion history, well before they were brought back to the present decade.

I am talking about trends such as fur, leather, and 70’s boho-style pieces that are making a more mainstream appearance this fall.

Resist Fashion On the Cheaps

First, resist the urge to shop at stores like Wet Seal and Forever 21. Although both retailers carry affordable, on-trend styles, these pieces won't last you more than a wash or two.  Plus,  when it comes to looking luxe, fabrics matter. You'll want to stay with natural fabrics, like cotton, rayon and cashmere and ditch the polymer and acrylic manufactured fabrics.

Vintage shopping is an art

There's no reason you need to spend a huge wad of cash on something you might only wear for one season. To avoid spending unnecessary money and copying the crowd from head to toe, opt for vintage stores and consignment shops.

You have to be willing to dig, but chances are, you can find at least one good treasure. The best kind of vintage stores are the hole-in-the-wall places, where you can often score designer pieces at unbelievable prices. Look for fur coats and worn-in leather pieces to get today’s street-worthy style.

Thrift Stores Online

Here are a few online vintage shops we love:

ASOS Vintage Marketplace

Rusty Zipper


Nasty Gal Vintage

Rose Gal Vintage

Consignment shops, while a similar concept, can be more pleasant to shop at if you are used to more traditional retailers. The clothing is organized by size and style, and sometimes trend. The offerings are usually gently worn and only a few years old, so you can get something almost as good as new.

Browse consignment shops today for chiffon tops with bohemian prints, often from the likes of Rebecca Taylor and Marc Jacobs.

Consignment ShopsHere are a few online consignment shops we love:


Snob Swap

Thred Up

Closet Rich

Like Twice

Both of these types of shopping involve a little bit of luck, and a little bit of skill. You have to know what you are looking for, and must also go in with an open mind and an imagination.

With good taste and styling, you can simultaneously master a trend and make it your own.

The end result? A vintage  faux furcoat that will have everyone asking, “Is that Fendi?”

Zac Posen Adds Jewelry Designer to His Resume

When most of us hear the name Zac Posen, we think of gorgeous, tailored gowns with whimsical touches. This red carpet regular is now looking to complete his gowns with a line of diamonds.

This Fall, Posen is partnering with Fabrikant-Tara International, a high-end company known for selling its diamonds anywhere from Zales to Walmart to create a line of fine jewelry.

The jewelry will be launched under two of Posen’s labels: ZAC Zac Posen, and Truly Zac Posen. These lines appeal to a diverse array of markets, from the brides-to-be to more mature, modern women.

“Establishing ourselves with an expert such as Fabrikant-Tara International for our debut into the category gives us truly the best partner to explore how we can together create beautifully crafted jewelry for the Zac Posen woman,” Posen told WWD.

With Posen’s tasteful eye and flair for the feminine, I know we are all eager to see how the collection turns out.

After all, can you really go wrong with designer diamonds?

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These 5 Summer Staples Will Be Your Best Fashion Friend for Winter

It's finally time to change seasons.  And for some of us, this means turning over our closets in exchange for a completely new wardrobe.


However, if you're resourceful enough, you don’t have to retire your favorite summer pieces just yet.

Many pieces can be transitioned into fall and winter, with one key word: layering!

Here are some tips on how to transform your summer staples.

Summer To Winter Sundress

SUNDRESSES. These are one of the easiest pieces to adapt. Throw a cardigan or blazer on top and add some tights and a pair of boots or flats. You can also add a scarf or belt to tie the look together. Just keep in mind that while floral dresses are still acceptable, you should retire dresses with tropical prints and sheer fabrics. When in doubt, stick with a dress that has at least a little bit of black in it, as it can easily be paired with all-black accessories.

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Summer To Winter Lightweight Knits

LIGHTWEIGHT KNITS. This applies to tops and tunics that were previously worn as dresses and bathing suit cover-ups. When layered over leggings and t-shirts and paired with pretty scarves and boots, these items turn into quintessential go-to pieces for the chilly weather.

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Summer To Winter Denim Shorts

SHORTS. Shorts with tights are one of the most eclectic and cool combinations out there, as they can be manipulated to suit nearly any style. Try denim shorts with a plaid flannel, a leather jacket, tights and combat boots, or rock some tweed shorts with a cardigan, tights and heeled boots.

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Summer To Winter Strappy Heels

STRAPPY HEELS. Open-toed shoes can be worn in the winter, as long as they are heels or wedges. Try your heels with a sweater dress, tights and some cable knit socks. You will look comfy, cozy and chic.

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Summer To Winter Bright Denim

NEON BRIGHT JEANS.  Who says rainbow brights are only reserved for warm seasons? You can rock red, aqua, hot pink, or even yellow jeans during the cold season. Just avoid wearing your springy tops and add a thick sweater with coordinating colors. You can also add a neutral blouse or button down. Just keep in mind that blouses should be long-sleeved and button downs should be black or denim.

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Ultimately, there are no rules in fashion. The best kinds of pieces are the ones that can be transformed into any season for any occasion. Almost anything can work as long as you want it to. Try something unconventional this season, as layering should be bold, not boring!

9 California-Cool Fashion Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow, STAT

Because of its ability to show us different people, places and things all over the world, Instagram has inevitably become a source for all-things fashion.

Get your sartorial fix with these 10 creative accounts that completely have the California-cool vibe figured out.


Whether she is sporting Concho belts, cowboy boots, or a floppy hat, Nicole’s rock and roll gypsy vibe is quite contagious. She is one of few people who can pull off jeans, a t-shirt and high heels.


Slightly over-the-top, dark and grungy, but still extremely glamorous, are just a few words that sum up this blogger’s aesthetic. With her fashion knowledge and innate sense of style, she has rightfully earned her 25K follower count.


This vintage company, owned by British model darling Sara Waiste, has a quaint charm to it. Look for one-of-a-kind bohemian dresses and tunics with cool prints and embroidery, and unique, gypsy-inspired jewelry. This Insta shows close-ups of the clothing’s intricate detail along with Sara herself modeling her picks.


Trendy, California-cool clothing from various labels is smartly styled in this hip boutique’s Instagram. Fun photoshoots of girls clad in jumpsuits, distressed denim, and cute booties provide a youthful, laid-back vibe.


Free People is not only a style, but also a lifestyle. This account specializes in beautiful landscapes, yoga poses, and most importantly, dream-like, flower child-inspired clothing. It not only showcases models, but also bloggers and regular people rocking the effortless, bohemian look in their everyday lives.


These two Australian twins have the quirkiest, most colorful sense of style. They always make unconventional look chic, which is no easy feat. Their looks are creatively mismatched, yet still cohesive.


Neon? Check. Leather?  Check. Chokers? Check.  A multitude of trends packed into one little store ultimately exude a girly grunge vibe that pays tribute to almost every decade.


This online store features boho babydoll dresses, tunics, and playsuits in colorful paisley prints. Hailing from Australia,  products from this company are fairly pricey and unattainable. But at least they are pretty to look at!


This quirky, California-based brand makes fun of '90s pop culture featuring funny pics of Barbie dolls, the Spice Girls, and Clueless to name a few. Product-wise, think ironic logo tees, platform jelly sandals, and heart-shaped sunglasses. This kooky arrangement of photos will help us reminisce to our childhood, Lisa Frank style.

What are you waiting for?

Girls and gents, start your iPhones, and get ready to be inspired!

It’s a Barbie World: A Glimpse Into the Latest Collections Inspired by America’s Favorite Doll

Pop culture has made its way into the fashion scene with collections featuring "The Simpson’s," McDonald’s, and most recently, the Barbie Doll.

Although the previous two collections were created by quirky designer Jeremy Scott and had high fashion price points to match, the Barbie collections, available at mass retailers, will take a more accessible approach. There are three different collaborations: one with Forever 21, another with Wildfox Couture, and the third with Lord and Taylor. Each line will focus on a different era to appeal to the Barbie-obsessed of all ages.

Forever 21 Barbie range
Forever 21 Barbie range.

Forever 21 will be the first to launch on September 5. The line will focus on the 90’s, offering a variety of sportswear, sleepwear, and accessories. Think pink and blue t-shirts and casual crop tops emblazoned with the classic slogan.

Next to come is Lord & Taylor on September 14. This moderately priced sleepwear collection has a retro feel to it, giving a nod toward the 50’s and 60’s. It contains slightly conservative silhouettes, aiming for a more mature target market.

Wildfox Barbie Collection
Sunglasses from "The Wildfox Dreamhouse" collection. Courtesy photo.

The final launch will be Wildfox, on November 15. The California-based brand will reference the 80’s and feature items such as pink plastic sunglasses and sweaters stamped with witty phrases, staying true to their playful, yet casual aesthetic. The line will be available at select online retailers such as Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and Sak’s.

The one thing each collection has in common is its affordable price point. Items range from $4-$183 but on average are only $20-$40 each.

Fortunately, you only have to wait a little bit longer until you can sartorially reminisce to your doll-playing childhood. The Barbie brand is attempting to take over the world, and will soon give a whole new meaning to the term “Barbie Girl.”


In Her Shoes: Olivia Palermo for Aquazurra (PHOTOS)

Socialite? Check. Model boyfriend? Check. Enviable wardrobe? Check. Who wouldn't be envious of Olivia Palermo’s elite lifestyle?

If you've ever wanted to walk a mile in Olivia’s shoes, you’re in luck.

The polished street style star can now add footwear designer to her resume. On September 12, Olivia is launching a collaboration of elegant heels with one of her longtime favorite labels, Aquazurra.

Get a closer look at the design process below.

Whether they’re dripping in jewels or swimming in snakeskin, each and every pair of these babies have received Olivia’s sophisticated stamp of approval.

The best thing about these luxurious statement shoes is their ability to chic-ify even the most basic outfits.

Rock them with jeans and a blazer, a pretty, frilly dress, or some silky shorts and a chiffon button-down. You will feel equal parts feminine and high fashion.

The shoes will be available at and select Aquazurra stores and will range from $600 to $1295.

There are only twelve different styles available, and the prices are clearly steep, but I have a feeling that this collection is still going to sell out fast.

After all, if we can’t be Olivia Palermo, can’t we at least try to dress like her?

H&M Goes High Street With AW 2014 Studio Collection (Lookbook)

Can’t afford TopShop? Don’t live near a Zara? But do you still have high-quality taste?

No need to fret, because this season, ubiquitous underdog H&M is making its way up the fast-fashion totem pole.

Despite its “cheap thrill” reputation, the retailer’s fall/winter 2014 studio collection emphasizes quality and taste level.

For women, the overall aesthetic is sleek and edgy, with a glamorous, downtown feel. Think slinky slip dresses, fur coats, and lots of leather. The color palette is comprised of many neutrals and dark tones, with the occasional pop of color such as a sea foam turtleneck and some red pleather pants. Interest is added to the rest of the collection with fun animal prints, lace trim, and shimmery details.

For men, think chic black car coats and motorcycle jackets, grey crewneck sweaters, quirky button-downs, and not-so-basic jeans. Cool, modern accessories will help transition into fall. Choose from wool baseball caps, wing-tip oxfords, and minimalist motorcycle boots. Throw in a classic knit scarf and hat, and you will be golden.

Overall, the men’s collection is casual, yet fashionable. These pieces are extremely versatile and are appropriate for men of almost any age. Each item is just as much an everyday staple as it is an investment piece.

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to look effortlessly cool. This luxurious, rock & roll-inspired collection ranges from $50-$250 and will only be available at select H&M stores. Starting September 4th, you will be able to channel your inner Kate Moss or Mick Jagger. Start saving your money now, because this is one fashion experience you won’t want to miss.

Living Your Life Through Filters: The Facade of Social Media

We've all heard of the phrase “too good to be true.” Whether we admit it or not, this is frequently the case with images posted on social media.

The truth is that nobody’s everyday life is exactly how it appears in these photos and, often, the spontaneous photos that you see online were probably planned and carefully thought out, giving the poster the opportunity to hide their flaws and create a hyper-idealistic version of themselves.

Perhaps Carl Jung was onto something when he wrote in his 1928 essay, “The Relations between the Ego and the Unconscious," that, “The persona is a complicated system of relations between individual consciousness and society, fittingly enough a kind of mask, designed on the one hand to make a definite impression upon others, and, on the other, to conceal the true nature of the individual.”

Is social media simply a way to conceal our true nature?

One filmmaking team certainly thinks so. Youtube filmmakers, HigtonBros, recently released a video which touches on the reality of social media and the truth behind those Facebook posts by your friends.

But is social media having an effect on us as spectators?

Certainly, we are all guilty of Instagram-stalking strangers, fascinated by their lives. We allow ourselves to be influenced by the person who has the most followers, wears the coolest clothes, or the person who even eats the best-looking #foodporn.

Take reality star Kylie Jenner, for example. Attending glamorous parties, wearing designer clothes, and constantly being made up for photo shoots, she seems to be living the dream. Fast forward to Kylie on E’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” where she is often seen sporting sweatpants, acting bratty toward her mother, and attending high school like a normal teenager. This just goes to show you that even celebrities don’t live the life they project.

If it is not real, then why are we so addicted to this means of expression?

A quick scroll through our newsfeed, and before we know it, we are subconsciously emulating our Instagram role models. We strive to reach unattainable standards that fulfill the mainstream definition of “perfection.” We are hash-tagging pictures for “likes” and attempting to post beautiful pictures, for nothing but a short-lived self-esteem boost.

Consequentially, this “cyber world” causes a distorted sense of reality. Feeling pressured about what we should post and the things we are supposed to “like” blurs the line between being genuine or just trying to blend in with the crowd.

Also, after achieving x-amount of followers, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Negative feedback and rude comments often come with the territory. While some of Kylie’s comments might read “beautiful” and “perfect,” others are criticizing her for wearing too much makeup or accusing her of having plastic surgery. What was once a fun way to post a few harmless pictures has turned into a corrupt platform that makes us feel inferior.

Your self worth as an individual should have no correlation to the number of likes you achieve on your Instagram photos.

Post what you like, regardless of what others may think. Only you can control how you are portrayed on social media, and it is up to you to decide if it is worth sacrificing your identity just live up to current norms and clichés.

I guarantee you that in a few years, none of this is going to matter. Most likely, you are never going to meet your Instagram or Twitter followers in real life.

So, go ahead and post pics of your Euro trip, or post a picture of your dog; whatever means the most to you. Just don’t feel obligated to live your whole life through a filter.