LISTEN: “Heater” by Warships + New Video Release

LISTEN “Heater” By Warships New Video Release

With summer’s end around the corner and Labor Day approaching, we intend to live up this weekend outdoors while enjoying the last days of the sunshiny season.

And we’ll definitely have our trusty iPod in tow, which we plan to load up with our favorite songs that remind of the sweet, mellow days of summer.

One band that we’ll be adding to our summer listening session is LA-based Warships.

This past June, the band released “Shadows,” their debut EP, which features lead singer Edson Choi and his dreamy, captivating vocals to the background of catchy guitar hooks, rhythmic drum beats and a vintage—almost sentimental—sound.

The band just released a video for song “Heater” off their new album. Directed by Frederik Boll and Jon Shoer (known for Vice’s web show Thumbs Up), the video is inspired by “Willy Wonka-meets-Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas.”

Standout Tracks

Sleeper Hold

You would like this band if you like

Black Kids


Shadows is available now on iTunes.


LISTEN: ‘Voyager’ By Fur Trade

LISTEN: ‘Voyager’ By Fur Trade

And yet another band from Canada is making us all giddy with delight.

Our latest music obsession is with Fur Trade, a Vancouver-based band whose sound is self-described as “post wave neo yacht rock.”

Inspired by '70s acts like David Bowie, Sade, Hall and Oates, Fur Trade is comprised of long-time friends Steve Bays (of Hot Hot Heat fame) and Parker Bossley (of The Gay Nineties).

Describing their signature sound, Bossley explains, “We take our shared love for soft pop from the 70’s and 80’s…and add our own touch of modern grime and dirt in there.”

The band just released their latest album “Don’t Get Heavy” via Last Gang Records (Crystal Castles, Metric, Death From Above 1979) and we had a chance to listen to it in its entirety.

Do yourself a favor and take a  listen to their first single, “Voyager,” off of their “Don’t Get Heavy” album.  Addictive dreamy voices and airy-- yet dance-worthy-- beats lie ahead.

Standout Tracks:

Don't Get Heavy
Kids These Days
Praying to the Lottery Ticket God

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The Sound oa Arrows
Architecture In Helsinki

LISTEN: Music on a LGBTQ Mission With Sleeping States and Holopaw’s Split EP

LISTEN: Music on a LGBTQ Mission With Sleeping States and Holopaw’s Split EP

In the wake of Prop 8 and DOMA, artists like Sleeping States and Holopaw are coming out of the woodwork with support. The two bands, both with openly gay frontmen, have released a special split 12," which consists of two unique EPs.

A portion of the proceeds from the album will be donated to the Point Foundation, an organization that openly helps LGBTQ students achieve their full academic and leadership potential despite obvious obstacles.

The track listing is below, and not only do you get these great tunes with the record, but all of the 45's are cut with Pink vinyl and features Pink Triangle for gay rights/pride.

You can buy the EP--and support a great cause-- via itunes.

Side A: Sleeping States Old vs. New EP

1. Planning My Escape
2. Old vs. New
3. Liberty Feelup (Life Without Buildings cover)
4. A Trip to NYC
5. Trumpet Calls

Side B: Holopaw Through ’til the Morning Comes EP
1. Through ’til the Morning Comes

LISTEN: Lára Rúnars’s “Moment”

LISTEN Lára Rúnars’s “Moment”

There’s just something about the bands that hail from Iceland.

Perhaps it’s the chilly, oceanic climate, or maybe it’s the short days and longer nights, but there’s a certain haunting, otherworldly quality about Iceland-based bands like Sigur Rós, Of Monsters and Men and Björk.

Enter Iceland chanteuse Lára Rúnars, who just released her fourth album, entitled, “Moment.”

With poetic songs that speak of earth and air, and aching feelings of lost love, Rúnars latest album effort album starts with a bang and a beautiful electronic melody. Once her voice kicks in, we immediately were transported into her mystical, dark world—and we never wanted to leave.

Standout tracks:


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Fever Ray
Florence and The Machine

LISTEN: Stream Post-Punk Band Jaguar Shark’s Latest Album

LISTEN Stream Post Punk Band Jaguar Shark’s Latest Album

For those that prefer their post-punk served hardcore—with lightning fast rhythms and screaming, aggressive vocals—Jaguar Shark may just be the band for you.

Comprised of NY/NJ kids, Derek Reilly, Jim Richardi, Greg Mitchels, Alex Reilly and Steve Cerri, Jaguar Shark’s sound is clearly inspired by the early ‘80s punk pioneers that hailed from Southern California, like Suicidal Tendencies and Black Flag.

The band has just released their first 5-song EP, “This City Will Eat Me Alive,” and we’ve got a free stream (below).

It’s a perfect listen for those getting out aggression days, when all you want to do is turn up the volume,  rip off your shirt Incredible Hulk style, and subsequently mosh around your office and throw things.

Standout tracks:

Ikea Nesting Syndrome
Banned from the Fest

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The Unseen
Another Breath
None More Black

Listen: Why You Should Be Listening to “Sunken” by Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks
Photo: David Libman

If you’ve never heard of the Chicago-based band Twin Peaks, stop what you’re doing and take a listen.  Like us, we’re sure you’ll be hooked at your first listen

Part dream pop, part beach-y garage rock with hazy, lo-fi guitar riffs, the band’s sound reminds us of our long-lost teenage days of summer. And that’s exactly why we’ve got their songs on repeat.

Having just released their debut eight-track record “Sunken,” Twin Peaks, comprised of  19-year-old band mates Cadien Lake James, Clay Frankel, Connor Brodner and Jack Dolan, have come a long way since their self-booked three-week US tour last year.

“Sunken,” which was released on July 9 on Autumn Tone, has already gained critical acclaim. And we’re not surprised one bit.

From the catchy hooks of “Fast Eddie,” to the thrash of “Out of Commission,” we’re digging this album to its core!  We’re definitely adding this album to our beach play list!

Comment below or share the album to give us your take and fave tracks.

Standout tracks:

Baby Blue

Fast eddie

Sand in the Sand

You would like this band if you like:

Build to Spill


Pains of Being Pure at Heart


LISTEN: The Hunting Club’s Debut “Holiday Beach” EP

The Huntin Club Holiday Beach EP

With their hard guitar riffs and their fun, infectious, drum beats, The Hunting Club presents a complex sound that gravitates between many genres. Some of their songs have a bluesy, country vibe, while others are more influenced by sweeter, softer indie rock melodies.

After a hiatus or two since the band formed in 2007, the Seattle quartet just released their first official album entitled, “Holiday Beach.”

The band took a DIY approach to finishing up their EP, which was partly recorded at Tim Damon’s (guitar and vocals) Puget Sound located cabin. The ending  result is a rich, authentic, echoed garage rock sound that we’re obsessing over. Take a listen!

Standout tracks:

Still Sorta New
Genius, Carnivore, Beauty Queen
This is (How I Know)

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Built to Spill
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Hospital Ships Perform Live at The Sunshine District (Photos)

Hospital Ships Perform Live At The Sunshine District (Photos)
Having the recent release of their third album, “Destruction in Yr Soul,” behind them, Hospital Ships, the Lawrence Kansas-based quartet, stopped by DC’s The Sunshine District for a live performance.

Vocalist Jordan Geiger, who in the early days of Hospital Ships was the band’s sole member, was joined on stage by fellow bandmates Nathan Dixey, Taylor Holenbeck, and Nathan Wilder for an intimate performance.

With their sentimental sounds of folky, hazy, ethereal melodies juxtaposed against disjointed sharp fragments of lo-fi garage rock, the band played a set mostly made up of tracks from the new album while adding one or two songs from  2008's "Oh, Ramona" and 2011's "Lonely Twin."

Peep the photos from the show below.

Standout Tracks:

Come Back to Life
Joan of Arc
If it Speaks
Lost Folk Song

Photos by Joshua Feldman.

[justified_image_grid flickr_user=95100483@N08 flickr_photoset=72157634311444245]


LISTEN: “Her Flaming Lips” From Turnpike Glow’s “Fünke Pop” EP

LISTEN: Turnpike Glow’s “Her Flaming Lips” Single From “Fünke Pop” EP

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of London-based indie rock band Turnpike Glow. We also love ourselves some “Arrested Development,” too.

So when we learned that Turnpike Glow’s next album would be called “Fünke Pop,” a playful nod to “Arrested Development’s” flamboyant character Tobias Fünke, we had high hopes for an album that would exceed our expectations.

And although their album doesn't drop until July 2, we got a small taste of what’s to come with the release of the second song off of their “Fünke Pop” EP.

Referencing psychedelic act The Flaming Lips, “Her Flaming Lips” is song about a girl with an obsession with the 1983 founded band. Vocalist/guitarist Sandro Schiena explains, “The story of this girl is essentially the way The Flaming Lips’ music and live shows make us feel. There’s a really powerful and unaffected feel-good message that comes across when you listen to their songs or attend one of their shows, which we wanted to capture in this song.”

Speaking of  feelings, it's hard not to feel happy when listening to a Turnpike Glow fun, melody-driven track, which always brings a little bit of imaginative, playful bliss to our ears.

See for yourself and check out their latest video below.

LISTEN: Fortress Social Club’s “Dreamin’ The Life” Debut Album

LISTEN: Fortress Social Club’s “Dreamin’ The Life” Debut Album

From our first listen to their opening “Business by Day, Business by night” track off of their “Dreamin’ The Life” debut album, Fortress Social Club has got us dreaming about their sweet, psychedelic, retro sound.

With their vintage musical instruments, their up-beat, catchy hooks, and their instrumental, beachy, lo-fi surf rock twangs and revival rock rhythms, Fortress Social Club is making a name for themselves since they formed in 2012.

Inspired by John Lennon, T. Rex, The Velvet Underground and The Rolling Stones, the band, which originally consisted of 20 members, is now a tighter collective of 5 musicians, all who hail from music groups such as The Matches, Maniac, the Bellrays, and others.

Describing their sound as "Summer-of-Love-Fantasy Rock 'N' Roll," their latest album offers a fresh musical perspective on a vintage, yet wholly new and original sound.

Standout tracks:

Business by Day, Business by night

I Had To Laugh

One Woman Man

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Tame Impala
Dirty Projectors 

LISTEN: Matthew J Tow’s Solo Debut Album “The Way of Things”

Matthew J Tow LISTEN

Having spent well over 20 years in the music business, singer/songwriter and guitarist Matthew J Tow has been a musical drifter of sorts.  Since the early 1990s, Tow has been involved with various music projects. He founded the popular Australian band Drop City as well experimental collective Colorsound and The Lovetones. Not only was Tow founder of three successful bands, but he was also the rhythm guitarist for popular San Francisco-based band Brian Jonestown Massacre.

When it comes to triple threats, Matthew J Tow is the real deal.

With a successful career in music that most aspiring musicians could only dream about, we knew it was just a matter of time before Tow would try his hand at a solo career.

Tow’s time has arrived…

Earlier this month, Tow released his debut 9-song album, appropriately named, “The Way of Things.”

Produced by Collin Hegna and Ryan Carlson van Kriedt, Tow’s solo effort reminds us that rock can pay tribute to past music generations and genres but still can be something new and unexpected.

From his meaningful lyrics—all of my answers turn into questions/looking for something that is no reason/I can feel nothing when our worlds collide—to his dreamy guitar melodies,  and his sweet, sentimental croons, Tow puts his own distinct spin on the psychedelic rock genre in a catchy, solid and well-produced album.

There are mere moments, while listening to “The Way of Things” that Tom Petty or John Lennon comes to mind—however, Tow has a unique sound of his own that is wholly new.

Standout tracks:

It’s Gonna Be Alright

Seven Days

I love my Brother

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The National


Fruit Bats

LISTEN: Painted Palms “Nothing Lasts Long” EP (With Free Download)

LISTEN: Painted Palms “Nothing Lasts Long” EP (With Free Download)

Painted Palms, the up-and-coming psychedelic pop group, is anything but simple. Their layered, lush sounds, rich with echoey new age pop and electronic influences are the perfect love songs to summer.

Partly discovered by Of Montreal frontman Kevin Barnes, the Palms duo—consisting of Reese Donohue and Christopher Prudhomme— gained ground when Barnes found their LP online and invited the two to open for his band on a nationwide tour.

Recently, Painted Palms released an impromptu  EP entitled, “Nothing Lasts Long,” which is currently available as a free download. The EP boasts 5 infectious summer-worthy songs that we just can’t get out of our heads.

Trust us. You’ll want to download these tracks to add to your feel-good music collection.

Nothing Lasts Long is available now for free download via Bandcamp.

Standout tracks:

Not Really There

Over Me


You would like this band if you like:

Of Montreal (early stuff)

The Spinto Band

The Shins


LISTEN: Eli Mardock’s Dark, Brooding and Beautifully Poetic Debut Solo Album

LISTEN Eli Mardock

If you like your indie music served dark, brooding and beautifully poetic, then you might try listening to Eli Mardock’s latest album, “Everything Happens for the First Time.”

Having worked with the likes of epic indie artists such as Vampire Weekend and The Strokes, the former Eagle Seagull frontman produced a full-length debut album full of layered sounds and soulful lyrics, proving that his first solo effort was well worth the wait.

But don't take our word for it.

You can purchase the album when it drops on July 9 (via Paper Garden Records).  Until then, check out some of our standout song picks below.

Standout Tracks

Everything Happens for the first time

Cut Me Open

The King of the Crickets

Theologians Tell Me

If You're with Me, Then You're Against Me

You would like this band if you like:

Arcade Fire

Watch the video for “Cut Me Open” here:

LISTEN: Aleister X — Half-Speed Mastered

LISTEN: Aleister X — Half Speed Mastered

Some might call his music dubstep, while others may say it's Cockney rap, industrial or even psychedelic pop, but one thing is for sure, it’s hard to place Aleister X in any music genre—which is precisely the reason why he’s starting to gain our attention.

With a penchant for darkness and performance art, Aleister X is bringing a new experimental sound—full of catchy hooks and a brilliant blending of musical influences—to the masses.

His latest album,"Half-Speed Mastered," is said to be influenced by LA culture. “It’s meant to be a contemporary L.A. noir love affair" X explains. "I love the Hollywood dark-side-of- Tinseltown vibe as well as the iconic images of bungalows, canyon houses, swimming pools and cars, weirdos, the “Boogie Nights” to "Bang Bus"-era porn industry, and Rad Culture - surfing, skateboarding, beach culture, punk, surf rock, stoner rock, west coast rap, rock and psychedelia; all the cool Southern California shit.”

If you’re looking for a new, fresh sound, but with a tinge of twisted darkness, Aleister X just might be for you. Take a listen!

[label style="important"]Standout Tracks[/label]

Topanga Strangla
Bad Vibrations

[label style="important"]You would like this band if you like:[/label]

Insane Clown Possee, Die Antwoord, Of Montreal (when they got trippy)


“Half-Speed Mastered,"” releases on February 19th. Click here to pre-order.

LISTEN: Vinnie Caruana — “City By The Sea”

LISTEN: Vinnie Caruana — “City By The Sea” EP

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for grungy vocals and an acoustic guitar. Seriously, set me up with the Erik Petersen's of the world, and I've got a discography that I can listen to forever.

When I heard that Vinnie Caruana—former frontman of The Movielife and lead singer of I Am the Avalanche—was doing his own solo album, I didn't know what to expect.

However, at first listen to Caruana’s solo debut “City By The Sea” EP, I was hooked.

Inspired by Hurricane Sandy, “City By The Sea” features six sentimental tracks that impressively shows Caruana’s wide acoustic range and his strong songwriting skills.

Peep the recommended tracks below.  You're welcome.

[label style="important"]Standout Tracks[/label]

Somehow the World Keeps Turning
Boy You're in Heaven
If I'm a Battleship Then You're the Northern Lights (thank you)


[label style="important"]You would like this band if you like:[/label]

Against Me!, I am the Avalanche, Mischief Brew


Vinnie Caruana's debut solo EP "City By The Sea" is out on February 5th via I Surrender Records and Run For Cover Records.