Fashion Watch: Jared Leto Dazzles in Drag, Susie Bubble Designs a Capsule Collection, Lacroix’s Schiaparelli Tribute

Oh, You So Purty! Jared Leto Does Drag For Candy Magazine

Oh, you so purty! Jared Leto does drag for Candy Magazine (via Jared Leto Tumblr)

Famed Fashion Bloggers Susie Bubble And Phil Oh Launch ‘Oh, Bubble!’ Capsule Collection For Urban Outfitters

Famed fashion bloggers Susie Bubble and Phil Oh Launch ‘Oh, Bubble!’ Capsule Collection for Urban Outfitters (via Fashionista)

Remembering Schiaparelli Christian Lacroix To Unveil A Tribute Capsule Collection At Paris Couture Week

Remembering Schiaparelli: Christian Lacroix to unveil a tribute capsule collection at Paris Couture Week (via Racked)

A Helmet Lang Photography Exhibition Launches In Los Angeles

A Helmet Lang photography exhibition launches in Los Angeles (via Daily Beast)

Rebecca Minkoff Has A New Denim Line, And It’s Fabulous

Rebecca Minkoff has a new denim line, and it’s fabulous (via Teen Vogue)

Neigh Over Heels: Horsing Around With Style

Neigh Over Heels: Horsing Around With Style

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]lthough we’re a long way from the farm or the polo fields, we’re literally seeing horses everywhere.

With their strong muscular curves and luxuriously long locks, it’s no surprise that the fashion world has taken a strong liking to the graceful and beautiful creatures.

From equestrian style to western influences in ready-to-wear collections, we’re totally crazy for luxe horse prints and motifs -- and if you want to stay ahead of the fashion pack, and you should be horsing around, too.

To get you started, here are 7 playful, horse-themed fashion finds that we’re going neigh over heels for.


The Links

BJORG horse hair necklace

Horseworship Apparel My Guardian French Terry Top

Gucci Horse Heads And Stone Ring

CWonder Leather Hinged Horse Head Cuff

TopShop Horse Print Tube Skirt

River Island Black horse print backless swimsuit

Super Sunglasses Equus Basic Sunglasses


Bobbi Brown the Latest to Jump on the “Fifty Shades of Grey” Gimmick-Wagon

From top left to bottom left (clockwise): Fifty Shades of Grey Baby Onesie, 50/Fifty Shades of Grey Laters Baby Necklace With Hand Cuffs, Fifty Shades of Grey: The Classical Album, Bobbi Brown’s “Brown-on-Grey” collection

You know the drill.  A movie is announced, and leading up to its release, the movie gets its own nail polish, clothing collection and jewelry line.

And by the time the movie actually releases, you’re already a bit weary.

Such is the case with the book-not–yet-turned-movie, “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Dubbed as porn for the bored housewife, the E L James penned book follows 22-year-old Anastasia Steele and her BDSM relationship with business magnate, Christian Grey.

Although the anticipated film has not yet hired a screenwriter or a director—or a single cast member—already, we’ve seen a “Fifty Shades of Grey” album, a menswear collection which released 50 versions of shaded grey suits, a hotel package, and a slew of Etsy-ers making everything from baby onsies to jewelry.

The latest to jump on the gimmick bandwagon is Bobbi Brown, with a new “Brown-on-Grey” makeup line inspired the book.

Bobbi Brown’s latest "come-hither" collection features four eye shadows, a long-wear cream shadow and a long-wear gel eyeliner. All items and can be purchased here.

I don’t know about you, but I am already 50 shades of bored.

I Am Not A Virgin

Richard Branson Wants to Own the Word "Virgin"

I Am Not A Virgin
Courtesy photo: I Am Not A Virgin

Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, wants sole ownership of the word “virgin,” according to eco- fashion brand “I Am Not a Virgin.”

The Virgin group, who also owns Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Records, Virgin Mobile, among other companies, recently sent the clothing brand a letter citing that their use of the word “virgin” infringes on their copyright.

What the what? 

In the letter, the lawyers representing the Virgin Group compares the name “I am not a Virgin” to “I am not a Coke” and “I am not a Mercedes.” The letter further explains that such use would dilute their brand.

Obviously, when Madonna sang “Like a Virgin,” she was really singing about Richard Branson and Virgin Airlines. Obviously.

In response to the outrageous letter, Peter Heron, CEO of the New York-based brand “I Am Not a Virgin,” created an entertaining video which cleverly addresses the concerns of the Virgin Group.

In the video, Heron reads the letter from Branson, which asks the brand to surrender their name and suggests alternative names such as  “I Am Not Chaste” and “I Am Not Pure,” at which Heron suggests, "How about I call it 'I Am Not Made By Richard Branson'?"

Personally, we think there should be laws (or an obligatory bitchslap) against frivolous lawsuits like these. That includes you, too, Christian Louboutin.

You can read the entire letter here.

Get Olympic Inspired Nails with 8 Amazing Nail Art Tutorials

Get Olympic Inspired Nails with 8 Amazing Nail Art Tutorials

Get Olympic Inspired Nails with 8 Amazing Nail Art Tutorials

Like most Americans, I will spend my evening in front of the television watching the 2012 “Isles of Wonder” Olympic opening ceremony.

Tonight’s opening promises to trump all other ceremonies, with a spectacle of farmyard animals, carnival performers, an 86-song set list that includes the Sex Pistols, the Who, Muse, Radiohead, Coldplay, David Bowie, Queen, and Duran Duran, a Beatles float, athletes from 204 teams, Shakespeare and a performance by Paul McCartney.

Not surprisingly, the entire opening ceremony clocks in at 270 minutes (4 hours), starting at 7:30 p.m. EST and running until 11:30 p.m.

And since 4 hours is a bit longer than a Batman movie (just a bit), why not kill two birds with one stone and get your Olympic nail art mojo on.

Because we’re freakin awesome (and we’ve got time), we put together our favorite Olympic-themed nail art tutorials.

And really, what better way to show your support for the Olympics than a semi-permanent testament to your team patriotism.

Let the games begin!
2012 Olympics Nail Art

Olympics Nail Tutorial

American Flag Nail Art

Olympic Torch Inspired Nail Art

USA Red White & Blue

Olympic Nail Art

Olympic Silhouettes/logos nail art

Olympics Nail Tutorial

Two Time’s the Charm: Kenzo x Vans Collab (7)

Two Time’s the Charm: Kenzo x Vans Collaboration

Two Time’s the Charm: Kenzo x Vans Collab (7)

When Paris fashion house Kenzo and shoe brand Vans get together, magic happens.

Such is the case in their latest Fall 2012 collaboration, which is the second collaboration for both brands.

The six-sneaker collection is replete with signature Kenzo pattens of bright stripes and grungy florals, and each pair will retail for  90 euros (approximately $110 in the US).

Consider us obsessed!

Under $150: Kristen Stewart Looking Cool and Comfy in a Casual Chaiken Suit

Remember in April, when Glamour UK magazine picked Kristen Stewart as its top "Best Dressed Women in 2012”?

This announcement left many of us confused (Kristen Stewart, really?) and even left some of us questioning Glamour’s authenticity. The timing was not only strange (a best of the year list at the beginning of the year?), but it was around the same time as the promotion of the film “Snow White and the Huntsman.”

Though, to be fair, Kristen has been going through somewhat of a style evolution as of late. No longer is she the teen tomboy in  jeans and Vans on the red carpet, but rather a young lady that is developing her own signature style.

And when we saw Kristen wearing this Chaiken suit at the Sydney premiere for “Snow White and the Huntsman,” we knew she had arrived.

Why we’re obsessed: If you’ve been checking out our “Best Dressed” lists, you’ll know that lately, Kristen has been ranked among our favorites of the best dressed ladies on the red carpet.

And although her looks are seemingly more adult — usually clad in on-trend, fitted graphic dresses and heels — it’s hard to miss how awkward she looks, no matter how on point her look is.  Her poses are often so miserably uncomfortable that often, it looks like the outfit is wearing her.   But with this menswear-inspired look, she’s coming into her own. It’s the most comfortable we’ve seen Kristen look on the red carpet…like, ever.

Kristen nails this look by taking a lady-like Chaiken suit and making it her own.  We love how she added her style signature by rolling up her trousers and by adding a slouchy tee and a pair of oxfords. The small details successfully takes her look from business bland to cool and casual.

How to get this look: You can pull off Kristen’s menswear-inspired look easily with these black Kimchi Blue Pleated Trousers paired with a single-breasted Tulle Blazer with Cinched Sleeves. Be sure to add a slouchy slub tee, like this “City Tee” by Calvin Klein, a pair of black oxfords, and accessorize with these Madagascar Bracelets from Urban Outfitters.  Annie Hall, eat your heart out!

Total cost to our look: $145.97

Product Links:

Kimchi Blue Pleated Trouser

UO Madagascar Bracelets - Set of 14

Calvin Klein City Tee

Tulle Blazer with Cinched Sleeves

Wanted Myrtle Oxford

5 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts for 5 Unique Dads

If you’re anything like us, you’re a last-minute gifter, which means that you probably haven’t purchased a Father’s Day gift yet. And if you’d like to opt out of the standby gift of a tie and cigars, check out our gift picks that are not too late to order for dear, old dad.

The Cool as F*Ck Dad

Let’s face it. You have a cool dad. He comes to parties with you, goes to the same shows as you do (no matter how hardcore), and he still dresses in the same way that he did in his 70s rocker days. So, what do you get the man in your life who is more of a friend than a father figure?

Let your dad play a race car driver for a day by giving him an unforgettable experience on a real race track, driving a real race car. You can choose to have dad drive a corvette, a spec car or an Indy car, for 4 laps or a half-day.  Prices start at only $119.

Cloud 9 Living Race Car Driving Experience | $119 - $1,079

Dad, The Builder

Your dad’s garage looks like a high school shop class, with every imaginable tool available. In fact, you’re pretty certain that the show 'Home Improvement' is loosely based on your dad’s life. From the time that you were a wee lad to now, he’s made practically everything you’ve sat on, and if something is broken, he’s the first person you call.

For your hard-working dad, try gifting him the Jack Black Clean & Cool Body Basics Kit. It includes an industrial strength hand healer that is perfect for repairing his calloused hands, and moisturizing basics for the body.

Jack Black Clean & Cool Body Basics Kit | $49

The Boozer Dad

When you were three, you used to refer to his favorite bottle of vodka as "Daddy Water."

Your dad likes—no—LOVES his booze.

And not only does he like to drink his beloved booze, he studies it—from distilling techniques to what the best years are for the best wine. You often feel a bit pedestrian when you order a Samuel Adams in his presence (even though he says nothing, you can still feel the judgment).

For an ultra-cool gift, give your dad Dan Akroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka.  With a crystal skull for a bottle made by Milan-based manufacturer Bruni Glass, this is a unique gift as well as a great conversation piece.

Crystal Head Vodka | $89

My Big Fat Geek Dad

Although you love him to pieces, your dad is big fat geek. His interests include: science-fiction, "Star Wars," Comic-Con, "Star Wars," the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzles, "Star Wars," watching the Discovery or Syfy channel 24/7, "Star Wars" and collecting unnecessary geeky shit, like baseball cards, toy robots, old Atari parts and dead butterflies.

To give your favorite geek dad the gift that keeps giving, try gifting him a year subscription to "MAKE: Technology on Your Time." This magazine will provide hours of DIY geek projects that he can master at home.

MAKE: Technology on Your Time annual subscription | $34

The Sports Fanatic Father

It’s Sunday, which is officially called “Leave Dad Alone Day,” and your dad can be found in only one place: watching a game. As long as a ball is involved--whether it’s golf, football, baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis--your dad is definitely watching it.

And what’s a sports day without popcorn?  Give your dad a present of the world-famous Garret popcorn, which is a bit expensive, but worth every delicious kernel.

Our favorite is the "Chicago Mix," a blend of sweet and salty with a mixture CaramelCrisp® and CheeseCorn™.

Garrett Popcorn | $26 - $197

Out of Africa: Vibrant, Rich Textiles and Indigenous Art Finds Inspiration for Summer

From left to right: Maasai man, Samburu warrior, Muchimba Girl (credit: Alfred Weidinger),
Samburu warrior, Muchimba Girl (credit: Alfred Weidinger)

From Zebra stripes to indigenous art, and bright, tribal textiles, the continent of Africa remains a strong inspiration among fashion collections year-after-year.

Left to right: Bernhard Willhelm S/S 2012, Michael Kors S/S 2012

With last year’s resurgence of tribal prints, African textiles have been in the spotlight, and now, African countries like Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda, known more for their conflicts, are getting attention for their textiles and craftwork.

The continent, deemed one of the most beautiful in the world by some, is rich in diversity and the culture of its people. The fashion worn in Africa is synonymous with its lush landscape of brilliant, bright colors of yellows, oranges, and deep reds, and the animals found on this continent are some of the most exotic in the world.

Among those taking notice, include L'UomoVogue, who recently launched an all-Africa May issue that was full of colorful, bright, glamorous photos—a contrast to how Africa is usually portrayed.

Louis Vuitton presented a Summer/Spring 2012 collection inspired by the iconic red and purple-blue shuka that is worn by East Africa’s Maasai, and Sass & BideMichael Kors and Bernhard Willhelm all presented collections that gave enthusiastic nods to the vibrant continent.

This summer finds a copiousness of  fashion options inspired by the vibrant, rich textiles and indigenous art of the continent.

Be sure to take a look at some of our favorite fashion finds below, which capture the spirit, raw beauty and vibrancy of one of the most beautiful lands in the world.

Naomi Campbell Enters the Reality Show Arena with New Model Competition Series

Photo courtesy of Oxygen

Fresh off of the heels of the shocking news that Tyra Banks fired longtime “America’s Next Top Model” judges J. Alexander, Nigel Baker and J. Manuel, comes an announcement from Oxygen that Banks' rival, Naomi Campbell, is set to star in her own reality model competition series, which will air at the same time as Banks' “America’s Top Next Model.”

And although we’re pretty much over the fashion reality shows, which are fast becoming ubiquitous downers on televisions across America, we will tune in to see Naomi Campbell, while secretly hoping that we get to see her lose her sh*t on TV with a phone-throwing tantrum.

Oooh, think of all the potential delicious drama, darlings.

All kidding aside, Campbell’s new Oxygen show, which is called “The Face,” will search for the next face to represent a “national brand” by putting hopeful models through weekly challenges and eliminations.

So far, the Oxygen series has named Naomi Campbell as one of three supermodel coaches. The other two coaches are yet to be named.

Swivel Virtual Dressing Rooms Takes the Hassle Out of Trying On Clothes

Swivel Virtual Dressing Room Takes the Hassle Out of Trying On Clothes

Swivel Virtual Dressing Room Takes the Hassle Out of Trying On Clothes

We’ve all been there before.  We’ve shopped for the perfect dress all afternoon, our feet are tired, and we’re so ready to go home and relax when suddenly we spot THE perfect dress.

As much as we’d like to skip the dressing room, buy the dress in our size, and haul ass home, we know that we’ll probably spend the next 5 minutes waiting in line for the fitting room, and thanks to vanity sizing, we’ll spend the next 20 minutes trying on various sized versions of our perfect dress.

On days like this, we wish we could be Cher from Clueless for a moment and have our own virtual dressing room.

Enter Swivel, a real-time virtual dressing room created by FaceCake  that makes trying on clothes as simple as waving your hand.

To use the system, you simply stand in front of the camera and a live image of yourself will appear on the screen using  motion-sensing technology (think Kinect).

You’ll be able wave your hand over categories like accessories, handbags, clothing and jewelry to see images from the category that you’ve chosen. Once you select an option it will magically appear on you. And, as the product name implies, the look will move with you as you turn around to look at different angles.

What’s really cool about Swivel is that you can  layer your looks. You can also send your virtual images to your friends to get their opinions.

Later this year Swivel can be purchased for in-home use and possibly in select malls in the United States.

Seriously, once this launches for in-home-use, I may never leave the house again.

If Johnny Weir Gave Birth to a Shoe, It Might Look Like This


If you’re anything like Victoria Beckham, and never want to be seen out in public with anything less than 4-inch stilettos, Dsquared2 may have the perfect solution for you—stiletto ice skates.

Yes, somewhere in the world, Johnny Weir is throwing glitter happy dust and squealing for joy.

As part of their Fall 2011 collection, DSquared2 will be launching these appropriately named Skate Moss, ice-skating inspired shoes.

These boots are actually made for walking, and for $1,485 to $1,895, you too can own these debatably ridiculous shoes.

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Pamela Love, Joseph Altuzarra, Carlos Campos, and Others Announced as CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Finalists

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MTV Brings Back Alternative Music Show “120 Minutes”

Lady Gaga Makes “Heartbeats” In-Ear Headphones

Meets Obsession to Launch Fashion Print Magazine

You heard it here first.  Meets Obsession is launching a magazine.

Yes, that's right.  We're coming to you, in print.   Meets Obsession Magazine will launch on August 5th and will have a prominent focus on fashion but will also be comprised of thought-provoking and engaging editorial content in music, film and art.

The Autumn/Winter 2011 inaugural issue of Meets Obsession Magazine will feature interviews with 2011 CFDA Nominee Pamela Love; Fashion Designers Zang Toi and Alice Ritter; Artists Yiying Lu and Victoria F. Gaitán; filmmaker and actor Michael Rapaport; and Musicians Natasha Bedingfield, Bad Religion’s Brian Baker, The Entrance Band, Tribe Called Quest’s Phife Dawg, Spearhead’s Michael Franti, and more.

More to come soon! In the meantime, read the official press release below.

Press Release: Meets Obsession to Launch Fashion Print Magazine