Miranda July Loves You More

Performing Artist, Musician, Writer, Actress and Filmmaker Miranda July is one very inspiring force in the art world to be reckoned with.

Her striking, intelligent and very honest work breathes new life into matters of the human condition with an approach that indelibly touches on those lonely, awkward, beautiful- and sometimes disturbing moments that we all can relate to.

Five years after the success of  Me and You and Everyone We Know comes her sophomore effort The Future, a film that is much darker and emotional than the previous.

The Future is set to premiere this year at the Sundance Film Festival, and also will be a contender at the 2011 Berlinale International Film Festival.  Watch below to see  Miranda July talk about The Future at Sundance.

Flashback Fridays- Vintage Wallpapers

As an interior design enthusiast, I often see wall coverings making a resurgence into the aesthetics of spaces- whether homes, cafes, bars, or offices- you name it.  I'm particularly fond of the patterns and designs that were coming out in the 60's, 70's and early 80's.

While the idea of 'kitsch' leaves a bad taste in many mouths, it's pretty amazing how well  people  respond to the loopy, swirling, flowery, repetitive patterns that range in the obvious colorwaves of burnt orange, avocado green, harvest gold, and vintage trends.

TheNaturalStore.com (drugstore.com) Quality vintage wallpaper can be difficult to find, often leading to countless hours of research and internet browsing.

Lucky for you, for Flashback Fridays,  I've done some research and have put together, what I think, are some of the best placesto find online vintage wallpaper. Enjoy!

Quality vintage wallpaper can be difficult to find, often leading to countless hours of research and internet browsing.Read more

3D your 2D: Amazing New Wall Coverings by Zaha Hadid

Architect Zaha Hadid takes the artistry of the highly conceptual, sculptural, and powerful architecture she is famous for and adds new dimension to an existing space (and it's a lot cheaper than one of her actual buildings).  The four collections she has designed for leading Swiss wall-covering firm, Marburg Wallcovers' Art Borders Series, are digital prints available up to 9 m wide and 3.3 m high.

Characterized by vivid, organic, and layered forms that are so full of depth and energy, you're guaranteed to be mesmerized by the flowing composition of space they inhabit.

Spectacular Folk Art-Inspired Architecture

I started getting into paper-cutting a few years ago when researching craft-making of eastern Europe and had an urge to create something with the accumulation of multi-colored construction paper already at my disposal.

Then it's no surprise when I saw WWA Architects' first place design for the Polish Expo 2010 Exposition Pavillion that I almost shat my pants- ok, not really, but still, it's exciting to see the traditional craft that has existed for centuries as primarily folk art make it's way into the architectural landscape.

Inspired by the intricate, hand-made cut-out motifs found in rural areas of Poland, the pavilion is a multi-functional space that strives to captivate visitors with it's natural and multi-colored light effects and folded-paper-like design. Works for me!

Designs That Could Make You Piss Your Pants...

Or seriously consider doing that instead of properly taking care of business.  San Francisco artist Clark Sorensen's fully-functional urinal sculptures are such well-crafted, accurate representations of various things of beauty that they may make you think twice the next time before you 'stop and smell the roses'.

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Dwelle’s big dwelle.ing home, 24 square metres

Just when you thought you couldn't get more efficient...

Whether a holiday retreat, a backyard hideaway, or seriously downsizing your spacial needs, these cool designs prove that a 'less is more' approach can transcend your desire for modern, sleek and unique shelter.  Putting a new spin on flat-pack and Prefab Kit-O-Parts buildings, these houses are low-cost, easily transported, can be assembled almost anywhere, and leave very little environmental footprints.

Inside Dwelle’s big dwelle.ing home, 24 square metres

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