Album in Review: David Lynch’s Surrealist Musical Journey in Crazy Clown Time

Album in Review: David Lynch’s Surrealist Musical Journey in Crazy Clown Time

Recognized and praised as being one of the weirdest and quirkiest artists of all time, David Lynch has invented his own method of surrealist music with his newly released album, Crazy Clown Time.

Known for his work on such films as Blue Velvet, Dune, Eraserhead, and The Elephant Man, Lynch is famous for his ability and desire to inspire, shock, and even disturb individuals. Crazy Clown Time was written and performed by Lynch in collaboration with renowned musical engineer, Dean Hurley.

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In true Lynchian style, listening to the album feels like embarking on a dreamlike journey into the depths of a disjointed mind composed of auditory synthesizers and striking metaphors.

Crazy Clown Time is more than a mere album containing music. It’s a true emotional experience expressing the materialistic plagues of our current industrialized and consumerist society.

The dark track, “Good Day Today” displays a randomly unique collaboration of distorted beats, stinging guitar strums, gunshots,and reverberating words.

Although one might see the album as absolutely absurd on all levels in listening to tracks that may sound meaningless and random, the album--if one listens closely--is one of the most intricately courageous displays of beauty, truth and existence.

LISTEN: Haroula Rose — “I Close My Eyes to See”

LISTEN: Haroula Rose — “I Close My Eyes to See”

LISTEN: Haroula Rose — “I Close My Eyes to See”

Haroula Rose, the endearingly talented singer songwriter, is a breath of fresh air.

She has a peaceful and winding voice that’s soothing and profound. Fusing both pop and acoustic folk, her debut album These Open Roads contains an infinite degree of poetic and instrumental sophistication.

Raised in Chicago, and moving to Los Angeles to pursue her music career, Rose, is graceful yet poignant in her messages. She breathes emotion in her vocal acuteness and simple yet insightful lyrics about love, leaving home, and individualistic strife.

These Open Roads resonates like a serene album for a rainy day, from beginning to end.

The track “I Close My Eyes to See” contains an ounce of pure peacefulness and intellectual magnetism. With lines like “I close my eyes to see/We want to feel the sun on our faces/But fear its greatness”, the song echoes like a philosophical hymn of unsullied sincerity and articulate pondering. Because maybe the key to truly understanding things as they really are—is to close our eyes...and see.

LISTEN: Peter Peter —“Tergiverse” ft. Coeur de Pirate

LISTEN: Peter Peter —“Tergiverse” ft. Coeur de Pirate

LISTEN: Peter Peter —“Tergiverse” ft. Coeur de Pirate
Photo: SPG Le Pigeon


Canadian indie-folk-pop musician, Peter Peter started his creative career writing poetry. And through his use of mounting metaphors, acute alliteration, and vivid imagination, Peter Peter has made beautifully melodic songs, sung in French.

In describing his creative process, Peter Peter said to Meets Obsession magazine, “I’m a very chaotic songwriter. It usually starts with a guitar riff and some vocalizing improvisations. After a few days the first words pop out. Lyricism is for me, is the hardest part to achieve. It’s beyond instinct. Words reveal who you are more than everything.”

Peter Peter’s songs, although sung in French, contain a universal sense of emotional charm. He sings of love, heartbreak, and the many trials of life and existence through allegorical lyrics and with an upbeat, tuneful vigor.

Inspired by diverse musical icons including Nirvana, Sonic Youth, and Postal Service, Peter Peter has recently collaborated with the ethereal, Béatrice Martin of fellow Canadian pop group Coeur de Pirate on his track “Tergiverse” from his debut self-titled album that was released in March 2011 on Audiogram.

"Tergiverse" melds Peter Peter’s expressive voice and Martin’s romantically whimsical words, and is soulful and captivating. Peter Peter’s passion for music and life resonates from beginning to end.

Music has always had a special place in his heart and soul. He declared profoundly, “I really do have trust in beauty. It dragged me out of the depths on many occasions.”

LISTEN: Lissie — Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”

LISTEN: Lissie — Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”

LISTEN: Lissie — Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”

The beautifully raw singer-songwriter, Lissie Maurus, is breaching fresh ground with the release of her new EP entitled, Covered Up with Flowers that has been released this month. Five famous songs--including Lady Gaga's, "Bad Romance" are covered by Maurus.

Raised in Rock Island, IL, Maurus is quick-witted and has an overwhelmingly electrifying personality.

One of the most notable tracks off the album is her praiseworthy rendition of Metallica’s "Nothing Else Matters." Maurus turned the thrillingly poetic metal anthem of rage and soulful discretion into her own beautifully anguished hymn of indie-folk rock.

When she screeches expressively, “Trust I seek and I find in you/every day for us something new/open mind for a different view /and nothing else matters,” it’s sure to give you goose bumps. Take a  LISTEN.

LISTEN: Tori Amos featuring Sia — “Job’s Coffin”

LISTEN: Tori Amos featuring Natashya Hawley — “Job’s Coffin”

LISTEN: Tori Amos featuring Sia — “Job’s  Coffin”

Tori Amos’s new song off of her latest album Night Of Hunters,  resonates like a harmonious chronicle of emotions and metaphysical wanderings.

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“Job’s Coffin,” released this past September, features a duet with her daughter Natashya Hawley.

The mother and daughter's voices meld together in striking synchronization, exquisiteness, and splendor.

In “Job’s Coffin,” Tori Amos invokes the most beautiful abstractions in her vocals and sings with a sophisticated talent that she eternally possesses in all of her endeavors.

Take a LISTEN.

LISTEN (Flashback): Jimi Hendrix — “Red House”

LISTEN (Flashback): Jimi Hendrix — “Red House”

LISTEN (Flashback): Jimi Hendrix — “Red House”

Jimi Hendrix's wailing guitar solos transcended the bounds of musical reality.

When heard, the songs of Hendrix seemed to defy both musical possibility and sublimity. In this sense, he was revolutionary.

His song, “Red House” resonates like most of his songs: nonchalant yet passionate, natural yet relaxed, and simple yet contained.

"Red House" offers us a glimpse of his pure musical genius.

Photo Diary: Artomatic’s Surreal D.C. Halloween Party at Washington Harbour in Georgetown

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Meets Obsession attended Artomatic’s Surreal D.C. Masquerade Halloween Party at Washington Harbour Georgetown last Saturday. The night was filled with dancing, drinking, musical performances, costumes contests, and interactive art installations

Surreal D.C. was made possible by Artomatic, Nagaa Events, and iStrategylabs, and is an event that promotes culture and art in the district. The party featured a collaboration of imaginative endeavors from local Washington D.C. artists and musicians.

Highlights of the night included an impressive display outside the party by Dance Afire Productions that turned the natural movement and heat of fire into a spectacular performance. The event also included notable sets by local DJs: DJ Sequoia, DJ Asu Rock, and DJ Nick.

The party featured new wave electronic pop brothers of Atoms Apart whom displayed their musical idiosyncrasy through flowing beats and pulsating melodies. Surreal D.C. also contained performances by the talented band, Color School and the visionary band Monroe.

All of the proceeds from the event will go towards Artomatic’s mission of preserving the livelihood of D.C.’s creative community through visual art, film, performance, and music.

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LISTEN: Coeur de Pirate — “Comme des Enfants”

LISTEN: Coeur de Pirate — “Comme des Enfants”

LISTEN: Coeur de Pirate — “Comme des Enfants”

Béatrice Martin, a.k.a, Coeur de Pirate (or “heart of a pirate” in French), has all the audacity, essence, and personality of a veritable singer-songwriter. At 22 years old, the French-Canadian singer resembles a sort of ephemeral, blonde maiden of music with charming feminine wiles and arms covered in tattoos.

Sung in French by Martin, “Comme des Enfants" is a track off her debut self-entitled album that generates an unmistakable kind of passion. The song is emotional, simple, and yet contains a degree of mysterious complexity, as she sings of love, loss, and longing.

Born in Quebec, Martin has developed quite the fan base over the years.

Nevertheless it’s clear that this songstress might have the heart of a pirate but has the soul of a shimmering musical goddess.

Coeur de Pirate will perform at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC on January 25, 2012.

LISTEN: Bjork — “Crystalline”

LISTEN: Bjork — “Crystalline”

LISTEN: Bjork — “Crystalline”

It's unsurprising that the mystical culture and sweeping landscapes of Iceland have produced some of the most talented, authentic, and visionary artists. No doubt, the eccentric, supernatural space lady of euphoric sounds and satiable theories, Bjork, is one of them. Poignant and raw, her sound creates an otherworldly form of dialect that touches fans worldwide.

Bridging the gap of music and modern technology, Bjork’s new album Biophilia has been released with an iPad application that will visualize the auditory melodies imagined by Bjork.

The track “Crystalline” off of her seventh studio album proves to illustrate her distinguished ability to turn mere sounds and steady electronic beats into urgently striking declarations of existence.

What could be more beautiful than to have the ability to see what we can hear?

LISTEN: Tom Morello — “Save the Hammer for the Man” from World Wide Rebel Songs

LISTEN: Tom Morello — “Save the Hammer for the Man” from World Wide Rebel Songs

LISTEN: Tom Morello — “Save the Hammer for the Man” from World Wide Rebel Songs

In history, musicians have always brought a conscious voice to the masses, perspective in times of confusion, and a sense of activism among the chaos.

And what better musician to represent our breaching revolution than Tom Morello, famed guitarist of the band Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave.

Morello played in New York City’s Zuccotti Park for the protestors of “Occupy Wallstreet," a movement that is fighting back against greedy, corporate giants.

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Morello, who’s been arrested on countless occasions for his defiance of authority, has always been a notable campaigner for truth and the end of corruption.

His new album, World Wide Rebel Songs was released through New West, a small indie label (rather than the commercial label, Epic) that allowed him the artistic freedom to do and say anything.

The result—a remarkably blunt reflection and call-to-action for the current state of our society, that includes irony, discontent, and rage. Resembling a fusion of Rage’s distinct, hard-rock style with folk-acoustic strumming, Morello’s track titled, “Save the Hammer for the Man” is sung with singer-songwriter, Ben Harper, and digs deep into the social conscious.

With lines like “I leaned against the hot and bothered wind beneath a hateful rain/Politics, apocalypse start to look the same/For the pasts of my redemption will mean the end of many things/The ransom for my soul the blood of generals and kings," Morello proves himself candid yet poetic in his harmonious rebellion that manifests in this new project.

Flashback Friday: Ghost of Music’s Past – AC/DC and Airbourne

Flashback Friday: Ghost of Music’s Past – AC/DC and Airbourne

Flashback Friday: Ghost of Music’s Past – AC/DC and Airbourne

Their energy is unmatched and their craft is uncontested. But rock band AC/DC’s genius is utterly understood and agreed upon in the rock world.

AC/DC is known for pushing the auditory limits of sound and style through their infectious riffs, shrieking vocals, and imaginative on stage attire.

Founding brothers, Malcolm and Angus Young refined hard rock and blasted through arenas with a sense of revolutionary fortitude, power, and explosive personality. This band of howling hooligans immortalized themselves as pioneers of heavy metal, as they invented a new offshoot of rock, one founded on the tenets of noise, electricity, energy, and passion.

Perhaps it’s blasphemy to compare a contemporary formation of singers and shredders to the dynamite mastermind of AC/DC, but at the very least, Australian band Airbourne is doing something exceptional.

The band was formed in 2003 by brothers Joel and Ryan O’Keeffe.  Soon after, rhythm guitarist David Roads and bassist Justin Street joined the furious O’Keefe brothers.

It’s clear that their influences lie in the likes of AC/DC, Motörhead, Angel City, Thin Lizzy, and Judas Priest, but it’s also obvious that they’re creating their own personal hybrid of classic and contemporary rock.

With songs like “Stand Up For Rock N’ Roll” and “No Way but the Hard Way,” Airbourne proves themselves potent, loud, gravity redefining, and musically world-shattering in their reception and presentation.

Their talent radiates in both live performance and recordings—as they naturally do something many modern bands steer away from doing—they actual play…and they play well.

They jam with a magnitude that’s both electrifying and astonishing.

But in the end, these two bands have one underlying thing in common: they will forever be wholeheartedly and eternally wailing, “Let there be rock!” at the top of their lungs.


 AC/DC Performing Back in Black live.

 Heartbreaker by Airbourne

LISTEN: Florence and the Machine — “Shake it Out”

LISTEN: Florence and the Machine — “Shake it Out”

LISTEN: Florence and the Machine — “Shake it Out”

I’m sure Florence and the Machine fans (myself included) cannot wait for the release of her second LP, Ceremonials. Recorded in the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, her sophomore album is expected to be released on November 1st in the U.S. and October 31st in the U.K.

Florence Welch’s voice is ethereal and her spirit just as stimulating in her new single “Shake it Out." The pop star has proven herself a veritable songstress of unearthly sounds, and has created twilight melodies that are eerie and beautiful, and accompanied by a background of mythical drums and bases.

With lines like, “I am done with my graceless heart/So tonight I’m gonna cut it out and then restart/Cause I like to keep my issues strong/It’s always darkest before the dawn,” “Shake it Out” creates a world stationed halfway between transitory darkness and moonlit life. We hear Welch's effervescent voice looming and mysterious.

Welch exhibits in each tune an ability to weave an imaginative tale of musical kingdoms that seem completely detached from any instance of reality. "Shake it Out" is no different.

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LISTEN: Susie Suh — “Recognition”

LISTEN: Susie Suh — “Recognition”

LISTEN: Susie Suh — “Recognition”

Susie Suh’s voice is soothing, familiar, and beautiful. Born and raised in California, Suh has since called Paris and Berlin home. Her lyrics strike from an internal place of passion and echo like a breath of strikingly truthful introspective air.

This gifted songstress has toured with Johnny Land, Howdie Day, Kaki Kinh, and Madeleine Peyrous and she’s been compared to talented singer songwriters like Tori Amos and Alanis Morissette.

It’s certain that her song “Recognition” will give you chills.

Take a listen below:

LISTEN: “Titanium” — David Guetta and Sia

LISTEN: “Titanium”— David Guetta and Sia

Who knew that an alliance between the ethereal and beautifully haunting Sia, and the dance electro/techno-king David Guetta, could be so powerful?

“Titanium” sounds just like its name would imply, jam packed with electrifying beats and gravity defying lyrics.

The song was written by the Australian songstress Sia herself and has instances of musical flawlessness, at least as far as mass-produced pop singles are concerned. The song was recently released on DJ David Guetta’s 2011 album Nothing But the Beat.

Listen to Titanium below:

Flashback Friday: Ghost of Music’s Past – Janis Joplin and Beth Hart

Flashback Friday: Ghost of Music’s Past – Janis Joplin and Beth Hart

(From Left to Right): Janis Joplin, Beth Hart

“I'm one of those regular weird people”.

- Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin will live forever. Immortalized as the Queen of Rock, or the first female superstar, Janis Joplin’s spirit pleasantly haunts rock’n roll’s psyche eternally and honestly.


She’ll live in our hearts, souls, and ears as a woman whose vocal and personal strength shifted mountain ranges and changed the course of musical history forever…and for the better.

Her rough intensity and style is unmatched and recognizable by those even unfamiliar with the specific musical inclinations of her generation.


A psychedelic seamstress of folk and blues, Joplin perfectly personified the strides and desires of a generation and provided the soundtrack to a cultural revolution of love.

Sometimes you’re in the process of listening to something and suddenly you feel a certain ghostly allure from the past.

Meet, Beth Hart. She’s one of the most gifted singer-songwriters around today and happens to channel the infamous Janis Joplin.

Born and raised in Los Angeles,  Beth Hart’s voice and energy contain the uplifting power to shatter the earth instantly. With revolutionary albums like “Leave the Light On” released in 2004 and “Live at Paradiso” released in 2005, Hart has continued to make music with the same purity and unrefined skill as when she first started making music.

She’s raw. She’s real. And she’s providing our generation with a hopeful expulsion of musical gold, just like Janis Joplin did. But by no means, however, is Beth Hart to be taken as a mere contemporary Janis Joplin. Hart’s passion and acute edginess in songwriting and singing is unmatched in today’s culture and is truly unique.

This being said, their comparison goes way beyond a common use of lyrical passion or vocal extremity, but moreover manifests on a subliminal level.

These two women are true artists who have embodied, consumed, and redefined the whole concept of metaphysical musicianship in every breath.

They contain a charisma found in few and a fortitude found in nearly none. They’re artists who change lives and will continue to change lives far beyond the limits of space and time…far after they’re done creating music. It’s a beautiful thing to be touched by the ghost of Janis’ past and to be blessed by the power of Hart’s present.

Listen to Beth Hart sing  "A Change Is Gonna Come" below: