Jackson Pollock Gets the Animated Treatment in "Dripped"

If you ever wanted to see Jackson Pollock animated, then watching the “Dripped” film by Leo Verrier might just be your best bet.

The 8-minute film, which pays homage to one of the most influential artists of the 20th century,  is a fresh and vibrant take on Jackson Pollock’s life in beautiful color, bold splattered shapes and a soundtrack that captures the spirit of his work.

Check it out below!

[vimeo clip_id="24455397"]

Is Naomi Campbell Launching a Denim Line for Fiorucci?

Rumors are swirling that model Naomi Campbell is moving from walking the runway to designing clothes for the runway with her own denim fashion line for Italian brand Fiorucci.

According to the Sassybella blog, Campbell will debut her line at Milan Men's Fashion Week and the collection will hit stores next spring.

The 1976-founded  Fiorucci fashion label, known for their "two angels" logo and making the first stretch jeans with Lycra, was once popular in the 1970’s and 1980’s with fans like Madonna, Basquiat, Grace Jones,  Brooke Shields, and Andy Warhol.

Although Fiorucci has never reclaimed the 1980’s glory it once had, perhaps Campbell might be the right person to breathe life back into the Italian brand.

No word yet on if the rumor is true, but if it is, this could be a good move for Fiorucci.

Internet Meme Turns Beauty Product: Sad Keanu Blackberry Lip Balm

Of all the internet memes floating around the Internet, everyone will agree that  Sad Keanu is the one that clearly needed its own lip balm.

And the morose matrix man isn’t adorning just any drug store balm.

This etsy-sold tube of Sad Keanu Blackberry balm is vegan and handcrafted, so perhaps the one thing Keanu might not be sad about is endorsing non-cruelty to animals.

Though Keanu has asserted he isn’t as down in the dumps as the year-old Reddit meme implies, lip-gloss labels don’t lie, and stuffed in your pocket or tossed in your purse, Keanu looks as bummed as ever.

480 Motorized Chucks Featured in Converse's Canvas Experiment

Converse All-stars have always been iconic. They’re classic, edgy, and are worn by hipsters, art students, and alternative high school kids.

Now there is one more reason for fans to love these famous canvas shoes--the company is using the shoes to make an interesting artistic statement.

The people at Converse have assembled a motorized wall of more than 480 shoes in a project called “The Canvas Experiment”.

Turned in a certain way, the myriad of footwear can spell out messages or create pictures.

Unsatisfied with only one grand shoe art piece, Converse is inviting three other artists to create their own masterpiece with hi-tops, including German artists Mentalgassi.

Here’s to even more reasons to love your old beat up pair of converses!

Check out the video below to watch 480 chucks move to Bjorn’s guitar riffs.

SF Diversions: Spoke Art’s Quentin vs. Coen Exhibit

SF Diversions: Spoke Art’s Quentin vs. Coen ExhibitYou’ve always known that The Big Lebowski and Pulp Fiction were pieces of cinematic art, but now you can see The Dude, Jules Winnfield, and other Quentin Tarantino and Coen Brothers character icons immortalized in paintings and prints at Spoke Art's current exhibit.

The Quentin vs. Coen art exhibit, which first brought cult classic icons on canvas to New York City opened at Spoke Art in San Francisco on June 2nd and will run through June 30th.

There, you can peruse the exhibit that features over 100 artists who have created prints and paintings focused on scenes, characters and films of Tarantino and Coen Brother projects. If you’re in love with a particular print, you also can buy a copy there.

Early arrivals that attended the opening night event were treated to a free Lebowski print, but the exhibit promises plenty of works worth opening your wallet for.

Spoke Art is located at 816 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA and is opened from Tuesday through Sunday, 12pm-6pm.

Tim Burton Retrospective Exhibition at LACMA

It’s almost impossible to have missed the influence Tim Burton has had on film over the last twenty years, from his Disney beginnings with The Nightmare Before Christmas to his most recent flick Alice in Wonderland.

In recognizing Burton's significant contributions in film, art and culture,  the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is showing an exhibit of Tim Burton’s work through (aptly) October 31st.

Burton’s drawings, paintings, photographs, moving-image works, storyboards, puppets, concept artworks, maquettes, costumes are all displayed at Burton's dark and gothic retrospective exhibit.

Burton movie buffs will enjoy movie posters from his feature films and recognize the music composed by Danny Elfman, the musician who often scores Burton’s movies.

Museum goers will also be treated to a sculpted shrub a la Edward Scissorhands and a sculpture of a little known Burton character Balloon Boy.

The museum is open 12-8 Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 12-9 Friday, and 11-8 Saturday and Sunday. It’s located 5905 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA.

Victory for Soccer Moms, MTV Series “Skins” is Canceled

Alas, the MTV series, “Skins” for season two just isn’t meant to be.

The series about modern day high school life—or a rowdy gang of teenage prostitutes, depending on whom you ask—has not been renewed for a second season.

In axing the show, MTV stated, “Skins is a global television phenomenon that, unfortunately, didn’t connect with a US audience as much as we had hoped. We admire the work that the series’ creator Bryan Elsley did in adapting the show for MTV, and appreciate the core audience that embraced it.”

But was it audience ennui or parental outrage that convinced MTV to pull the plug?

The original “Skins,” which was launched in the U.K. was wildly popular across the pond and in the states. And the U.S. version outperformed fellow MTV show, “The Hard Times of RJ Berger,” which is a similarly themed teen show, and arguably just as controversial. However, RJ Berger received a green light for a second season.

For a series known to be controversial and risqué, “Skins” suffered a harsh bashing by the Parents Television Council; and their “smutty” label spooked many advertisers.

“Skins” fans will have to rely on the U.K. series for their dose of teenage angst. And though the Parent’s Television Counsel might think they’ve won this battle, teens can still watch the second season of “” which shows the main character, teenager, RJ Berger getting involved with a school faculty member and catching an STD.

What does the Parent Television Council think about that?

Miramax Catalog Coming to Hulu

Movie buffs rejoice!

Miramax has forged an agreement with Hulu to offer streaming movies.

With just a $7.99 a month Hulu Plus subscription, you can readily access twenty-seven Miramax films (and hundreds more in the next few weeks) that are now included for your immediate viewing pleasure.

This means, at this moment, you could be watching Clerks on your computer screen, and tweeting how incredible Clerks is at the same time!

Some other Miramax films already set to stream on Hulu include Cop Land, From Dusk Till Dawn, My Left Foot, The Crow, The Crying Game, Reservoir Dogs, Scream, Swingers, and Trainspotting.

Andy Forssell, Hulu’s Senior Vice President of Content and Distribution, is definitely excited for the agreement, and said, “At Hulu, we spend a lot of time thinking about innovation and how to foster it. Apart from how much I love these movies themselves, that is another reason I have so much respect for Miramax. They innovated, and they were absolutely relentless about it for more than 30 years.”

And for those of you who are really scrimping this summer by watching Hulu freebies, there’s a reason for you to be excited, too.

Hulu, starting in mid-June, will offer, for free each month, a selection of Miramax films on the ad-supported Hulu service.

Now the only question is, what other movie catalogues will start showing up on Hulu?

Documentary Filmmaking Is Just a Hobby Says U.S. Judge

Documentary Filmmaking Is just a Hobby Says U.S. JudgeUnless you’re Michael Moore, documentary filmmaking isn’t the most lucrative endeavor, but at least, it’s a business.

Or is it?

If you were to ask U.S. Tax Court Judge, Diane Kroupa, the answer is well, maybe, maybe not.

Kroupa is questioning a tax case in Arizona involving the merits of a documentary filmmaker’s ability to claim business tax deductions, and has stated that the purpose of documentary filmmaking is to educate the public, and not to make a profit.

Quintessentially, if she chooses to rule accordingly, such films would be considered a hobby.

The case involves documentary filmmaker, Lee Story’s 2009 film “Smile ‘Till it Hurts: The Up with People Story.” Story has claimed hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax deductions and will have to pay back these deductions and additional penalties if Kroupa’s rules against her.

Kroupa’s decision will have a major impact on documentary filmmakers, who already struggle with paying for their film productions and promotions.

In response, the International Documentary Association has issued a letter in Documentary magazine from executive director Michael Lumpkin, who writes, “The potential affirmation of Judge Kroupa’s statement could have a serious impact on documentary filmmaking in America by creating federal case law precedent that could be used against filmmakers, bringing about audits and demands for back taxes because of a characterization of documentary filmmaker as meriting nonprofit status.”

To demonstrate that documentary films do indeed, turn a profit, Story will sell DVDs of her film on her website with the hopes that Kroupa would recognize her error for likening filmmaking to stamp collecting.

Looks Aren't Everything, Even in a Model Competition

When beauties compete on shows like America’s Top Model, they’re judged on looks. But when a modeling competition is left to public opinion, other factors come into play.

At least that’s what the people at Next, a fashion shop in England, are learning.

Next is sponsoring a model competition where people can cast their votes for their favorite contestant online. Surprisingly, instead of a Heidi Klum-type whom you would expect to lead the competition, it's a twenty-something, pudgy young man named Roland B. who is leading the pack.

The flood of votes for Mr. B. seem to have come from links leading to his profile posted on Reddit, a social book marking site, and Football365, a football news site.

Perhaps some of the other contestants should take a cue and haul ass on Facebook.

There is some speculation about whether Next will keep it’s word and crown Roland B. if he wins.

But for now, the people have spoken.

Roxy x JBL New Collection of Speakers and Headphones

For anyone who’s looked at the stark, white canvas of ear-buds and thought, glitter glue or stick-on sequins, Roxy is answering your headphone prayers.

The folks at Roxy are rolling out the most stylish music accessories this summer. Thrift spenders can pick up multi colored or black and white ear-buds for 79.95. For those with a little more cash to burn, $99.95 will get you a pair of oversized zebra or rainbow print headphones.

Roxy also makes other cool accessories, like a black and white stripped portable iPod dock with speakers, as well as a totable speaker that will blast music from your phone or iPod.

Whatever you choose from Roxy, you'll be sure to have your own summer road trip soundtrack totally covered.

NY Diversions: David LaChapelle's Early Work Exhibit

A David LaChapelle exhibit is currently on display at the Michelman Fine Art Gallery on Madison Avenue. The show opened May 5th and will run through June 15th, 2011.

The three week exhibit will feature a broad range of LaChapelle’s work from 1983 to 1987, including some of his works that have not been exhibited in nearly 20 years.

Conceived and curated jointly by Fred Torres, Rebecca Michelman, Patrick Toolan, and David LaChapelle, the exhibit explores the beginnings of LaChapelle’s early work on the topic of religion, sex, death, politics, money and consumption.

The exhibition, “David LaChapelle Early Work: 1984 –1987” will run from May 2nd – June 15th at 1020 Madison Avenue, 3rd fl, between 78th St and 79th St. Gallery hours are Monday through Saturday, 10am-5pm.

Virgine Magazine's Wearable Pop Art Editorial

Virgine Magazine's Wearable Pop Art EditorialMore than making a fashion statement, these gowns answer the question: can I wear something more uncomfortable than Stilettos?

These foodie and techno and squeaky-clean frocks will be featured in the first issue of Virgine Magazine in all their sugary and soapy glory.

The M&M dress could be particularly convenient, or cruel. Bought off the rack (or would it be the candy counter?) it could provide the buyer with a last minute snack, but it could mock a hungry model.

Either way, these unusual designs are simple, streamline, and stunning.


Dove’s Advertising Flub

It seems Dove and the brand’s natural beauty campaign has been so concerned with showing the average woman in their ads that they forgot a cardinal rule of advertising: don’t advertise your bodywash as skin bleach.

True, putting a black women in front of the before lizard skin photo and the white women under the Dove treated silky smooth epidermis was most likely an over sight, but a pretty big one.

They even have a very tanned skin women in between, as if to say “lightening happens gradually” like the opposite of a build a tan.

So Dove Ad executives, remember, before the ad is distributed, check for typos, red eye, and implied racism.