Sh*t We Love: Tatcha's Indigo Skin Collection

Fall is officially here! That means we're only getting closer to winter and its freezing weather.

I don't know about you, but when I think of "winter," I think of dry skin.

Dry, ashy skin is not sexy, and to keep the dryness at bay,  a lot of us invest in drugstore lotions that claim to keep moisture for "24 hours."

Tip: If you suffer from very dry skin, stop using lotions and start using creams or body butter. They are much more rich in formula and thick in texture and can lock in moisture on the skin better and longer.

If the drugstore route hasn't been working for you, I suggest looking somewhere else, such as Tatcha body products from their Indigo line. You can check out the products here.

Tatcha is a brand that carries luxurious body and skincare products inspired by geisha beauty rituals. You can read more about their history and founding here.

After using their 'Soothing Silk Hand Cream' and 'Soothing Silk Body Butter'  nightly for a week straight, I've noticed that my skin is much softer in the morning. Keep in mind that in order to see and feel the results, you may have to use it on a daily basis for at least a week.

The stems, leaves and petals of the Indigo plant are steeped in water and fermented to make a concentrated botanical extract, which is why it works wonders on your skin. According to Tatcha, "the Tryptanthrin and indirubin actives help reduce irritation and promote skin's natural healing abilities."

So for those of that suffer from dry skin, Indigo is the way to go and we recommend that you try Tatcha body products.

If you're unsure, no problem---you can  first try out their travel sizes to see how you like it.

Sh*t We Love: Breakups To Makeup Bag

Admittedly, I am a beauty stash hoarder, and as a result of my epic beauty addiction,  I have a million makeup bags stored underneath my bed. This is totally normal, right?

I have shiny bags, black bags, printed bags,  beauty bags intended just for my super pricey cosmetics and, of course, my carry everything makeup bag. For some reason, I never have trouble finding an excuse to buy a new one, which brings us to this...

If you're planning on buying another bag -- because you can never have too many beauty  bags -- let it be THIS Breakups to Makeup bag.


But seriously, how true is the quote on the bag? This is the kind of makeup bag that makes you smile each time you pull it out. The design is simple, chic, and useful.

But don't be alarmed by the size of the bag. The material  it's made out of is soft enough that you can fold it over to fit into your everyday purse, and sturdy enough to hold a lot of things. Trust me, you can put a brick in there and it will still hold its shape.

Idea: This bag will make a great gift for someone who loves makeup or for a bestie who is a fan of cute bags! Stuff it with some goodies and you're all set.

You can buy this fab bag here.

Dude for Dollars: San Francisco Startup Offering Personal ManServants


This is a public service announcement: If you're in need of an extra pair of hands, feet, or perhaps a body, then you need to check out, a San Francisco- based startup which promises any paying female a "dapper gentleman to wait on her hand and foot and make her feel like a queen."

That's right ladies, for $125 an hour, you can rent out a "sexy" man and have him clean your house, carry your oversized purse in public, pour your drinks and  basically be your personal bitch whenever you  want. It's like having a boyfriend, but not really.

Before you  start thinking that this is a male prostitution service, it is not, according to ManServants. There is no sex involved, in fact, the company doesn't even allow any sort of sexual or physical activity.

The company claims that they offer the finest selection of men that don't "get naked" like a stripper would, but rather you can have your pick of "a gentleman who treats you like a queen."

The website lists situations that may call for said manservant,  such as:

"At the club, he'll act as your bodyguard: secure drinks, shoo away douchebags, and drop off or pick you up curbside."

But not only that, he'll go to sports games with you where "He'll be your sports announcer, wait in line for the restroom, and get your hot dogs."

At your next party, he'll act as "part hot host, part waitstaff: he'll receive friends, distribute hors d'oeuvres, bus tables, play music, and serve shots."

Can you imagine a hot man with muscles feeding you grapes, organizing your closet and taking selfies with you?

If this "start up" business is actually serious, then Groupon better get on that because homegirl wants a discount deal.

Anyways, I have no idea how this manservant start-up will turn out, but it is definitely a flirty concept. Clearly, I'm interested...


Korean Beauty: Everything You Need to Know and Why We're So Darn Obsessed

Unless you've been living under a rock, it's pretty hard to not notice South Korea's world of beauty.

With many US beauty trends you see today having originated in South Korea, it's clear that they are trendsetters.

In fact, we find that the beauty phenomenon in Korea is so fascinating and unique, that we just have to tell you about it!

Get ready to learn and experiment...

What is beauty?

According to, beauty is the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations, a meaningful design or pattern, or something else. Synonyms of beauty includes loveliness, fairness, and attractiveness.

But more than the dictionary's meaning, beauty is  subjective  and  a sensitive topic to many people around the world. What beauty is to you, may be different to a person living in another country.

Today, we want to share some knowledge on Korean Beauty and why it has become the beauty leader of the world.

The criteria for being “beautiful” in Asia, specifically for countries like Korea and Japan, who are both the leading nations behind skincare technology and makeup trends, have not only influenced their own citizens, but have spread throughout Southeast Asia. Countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia are not only fans of K-Pop and K-Dramas, they are also following the beauty/fashion trends of Korea. Generally speaking, the beauty standards in Asia includes:

  • Round or heart shape face
  • Fair/pale skin tone
  • Large eyes/double eye lid
  • Tall/small delicate nose
  • Full lips
  • Petite hourglass body shape
  • Clear skin and complexion

Needless to say, the Asian pop culture and the celebrity out pour in music and on TV/films are most influential when it comes to beauty and fashion. What all of these celebrities have in common are shared physical qualities that have created the beauty standards in Asia.

Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo

Let's look at Korea’s top girl group Girls Generation--from their sexy girl-next-door looks, to their bubbly dance moves, they have conquered beauty billboards and magazine covers across Asia.

Lee Hyori Featured In Cosmopolitan Magazine
Lee Hyori Featured In Cosmopolitan Magazine

Another famous name is Lee Hyori, a singer/model in Korea who has amplified the idea of ‘sexy’ in Korea with her subtle curves and bad-girl look.

Korean actresses, like Kim So Yeon  and Jeon Ji Hyun have been very popular this past year due to their fashionable pieces and subtle makeup looks.

Jeon Ji Hyun
Actress Jeon Ji Hyun wears YSL lipstick in her drama, "My Love From Another Star."

Did you know that after Jeon Ji Hyun wore the YSL lipstick  in her drama, "My Love From Another Star,"  it was sold out everywhere?

Yes, YSL actually experienced a lipstick shortage for shade No. 52. It was so popular that even duty-free shops and department stores from around the world had their customers on waiting lists.

You know what else is crazy? The lipstick itself was selling for  $100 on eBay. Apparently, there are women out there who would pay more than they have to for a lipstick. That's the power of K-dramas, and we love it!

Plastic Surgery Heaven

With all these beautiful Korean celebrities on TV, it's only natural for viewers in Korea to feel inspired to look like their favorite celebrity. This has created a global interest in South Korea's obsession with plastic surgery.


Plastic surgery is considered normal in Korea. Instead of asking for a car or designer bag for graduation, young girls and guys may ask for plastic surgery in order to achieve their ‘desired’ look.

The most common plastic surgery procedures in Korea includes: double eye-lid surgery (to help the eyes appear larger and have more depth), shaving down the jawline (to achieve a rounder/slender face shape), heightening the nose bridge (to create a taller and slender nose), lip injections, and breast implants.

Korean plastic surgeons are so high in demand that foreigners have gone to Korea instead of other countries.

But just how good are these Korean surgeons?

It's been said that plastic surgery centers in Korea started giving out certificates to patients who were flying home from Korea to confirm their identity due to drastic changes to their faces. If that's not the definition of a 'good plastic surgeon,' then we don't know what is!

There are countless of before and after pictures of patients posted online, as well as documentaries that you can watch. We must say that the results are quite extraordinary. You're in for a treat.


If you're a beauty-product fanatic and you've never visited South Korea before, then you must drop everything and go!

From the overly adorable packaging, to the insane ingredients you may find, it's like a roller coaster ride that you never want to stop. Some ingredients we found interesting were sheep placenta in face creams, ground volcanic rocks in face scrubs and goat semen in face masks. Yes, you read correctly.

All of those ingredients have beneficial properties to the skin, even though they may sound unconventional to a lot of people. That is what makes Korean skincare unique and innovative. We think it's worth a shot if you ever get your hands on a 'weird' product.

Korean Skincare Lines

Some popular skincare brands we like:

Skinfood Missha | Innisfree |  Nature's Republic | Laneige (Available at Target)


If we can describe Korean make-up in one short phrase, it would have to be "less is more."

The majority of makeup looks you may see on the streets of Korea will most likely be very natural looks. These every-day looks only requires you to wear a foundation or BB cream, a cream blush, mascara, and a pink/peach lip-stain. For an evening look, a subtle smokey-eye is all that is needed to transform a daytime look to nighttime.

Korean make-up trends that are currently popular includes:

Model Wearig Etude's House Nymph Aura Volumer. Courtesy Photo
Model Wearing Etude House's Nymph Aura Volumer. Courtesy Photo

Dewy Skin

Having a fresh glowing complexion shows that you are well-rested and healthy.

Actress Yoon Eun Hye
Korean actress Yoon Eun Hye

Straight Brows

With no brow arch, these brows are meant to look innocent and youthful.

Downward Liner

Downward Liner

Unlike a winged liner, this look requires no wing or any sort of fancy detail. All you need to do is line your eyes and follow the natural downward slope of the eye. Use the basic tutorial to achieve the look. (eye liner picture)


Gradient Lips

Instead of applying lipstick or lipgloss all over the lips, all you need to do is use a lip-stain and apply it only to the inner parts of the lips.

Korean Makeup Brands

Some popular makeup brands we like:

Etude House | Tony Moly | Holika Holika | Banila Co. | The Face Shop

It's okay, just admit that you want to buy all these amazing products. We don't blame you. With all that Korea is producing in the beauty industry, it's no wonder that they are big time influencers for us all.

Hmm, we wonder what Korea has in store next...

Fifty Shades of Shadow Grey Beauty Tutorial

If you’re a fan of "Fifty Shades of Grey,"  you’ve come to the right place. The most anticipated trailer of the year was finally released and already it has over 18  million views. We couldn't help ourselves, but to give you this…

In honor of the craze over Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, we’ve came up with an easy, smoldering, grey eye look that will make you look as hot as the steamy trailer! Are you ready?

Start with a fresh canvas by prepping your lids with a thin layer of eye primer or concealer.

50 Shades Of Grey Tutorial Prep

 Step 1:

Use a taupe liquid/cream shadow tint and apply some on your lids. Make sure to blend the product out evenly. This will make the eye-shadow pop even more.

Recommended Products:

1. Tini Beauty Shadow Tint in 'Ambrosia' ($18.00)

2. Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo in 'Tough as Taupe' ($4.00)

50 Shades Of Grey Tutorial Step1b

Step 2:

Take a matte light brown shadow with a clean blending brush and apply it to the crease. This will help soften up the look.

Recommended Products:

1. MAC's Eye Shadow in 'Soft Brown' ($15.00)

2. Nyx Eye Shadow in 'Naked Truth' ($4.49)

50 Shades Of Grey Tutorial Step2A50 Shades Of Grey Tutorial Step2B

 Step 3:

Use a dark gray shadow and apply it into the crease and at the bottom, along the lash line.

Recommended Products:

1. Makeup Forever Eye Shadow in 'Gray Beige' ($21.00)

2. Elf Eye Shadow in 'Pebble' ($3.00)

50 Shades Of Grey Tutorial Step3A50 Shades Of Grey Tutorial Step3B

 Step 4:

Go back in with the light brown shadow and use a blending brush to soften up any harsh edges.

50 Shades Of Grey Tutorial Step4

 Step 5:

Use a shimmery nude toned shadow and apply that in the inner corner of the eye, as well as on the bottom inner corner. This will lighten up the look.

Recommended Products:

1. Urban Decay Eyeshadow in 'Sin' ($18.00)

2. L'Oreal Paris Infallible Eye Shadow in 'Endless Pearl' ($7.00)

50 Shades Of Grey Tutorial Step5A

50 Shades Of Grey Tutorial Step5b1

 Step 6:

Use a creamy eye liner pencil to line your eyes (top and bottom).

Recommended Products:

1. Mac Kohl Power Eye Pencil ($16.00)

2. Rimmel London Eyeliner ($4.49)

50 Shades Of Grey Tutorial Step6

Step 7:

Apply mascara. Feel free to use some wispy falsies for a more dramatic look.

50 Shades Of Grey Tutorial Step7jpg

Final Look:

50 Shades Of Grey Tutorial Final



Make Your Summer Simple With These 4 Beauty Tips

Here at Obsessed, we like to celebrate the official start of summer by changing up our beauty routine to work with the heat. The pool is open, the beaches are crowded and bikini-wear is in full swing—the last thing you want to do is pull out a mirror under the burning sun to touch up your makeup or hair.

Since summer is all about ease, we've got four simple suggestions for switching and maintaining the most effortless skin, hair and makeup routines as possible.

Trilane Gentle Cleanser And Burt's Bees Acne Body Wash

1) Try a gel cleanser.

Move over cream cleansers! A gel cleanser is an excellent option for those with oily skin, especially during the summer. It will helps control oil production on the face and will leave you feeling clean and refreshed.

We recommend Trilane Gentle Cleanser ($20). It's a light-weight gel cleanser that soothes and nourishes the skin while it cleanses and exfoliates. It also contains anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties as such squalane and jojoba esters, aloe vera and chamomile.

Tip: Carry this bottle when you travel to the beach in case your face gets sunburned. The anti-inflammatory ingredients willi help soothe the burn.

We also like the Burt's Bees Acne Wash ($10). This is a great product for the summer if you have acne-prone skin since it helps to fight blemishes before they start.

Evian Mineral Water Spray And Mario Badescu Facial Spra

2) Use a facial spray throughout the day.

Let's say you are outside on a super hot day, catching up with some friends on your lunch break. Your early morning makeup application is starting to feel like it’s melting off, and your face is becoming sticky to the touch. Instead of continuing on your day with a sticky, icky-feeling face, all you really need is a hydrating mist. A mist spray is just a cooling product that’s packed with vitamins and antioxidants to help your cool your face and keep it hydrated. Most sprays come in travel sizes, which makes it perfect for on-the-go.

We recommend trying the Evian Mineral Water Spray ($12) or the Mario Badescu Facial Spray ($7). These products might just be your new BFFs this summer. They can remove perspiration, harmful salt and chlorine, as well as instantly soothe and rehydrate sunburned or chapped skin. They are also gently enough to use on sensitive skin, and you’re left with a beautiful, radiant complexion.

Clinique Age Defense BB Cream And NYX BB Cream

3) BB cream is the new foundation.

There is nothing more annoying than feeling like pimples are growing underneath your makeup. The summer heat has no sympathy for acne, which is why it's important to not wear too much makeup. Too much foundation, concealer, and powder will clog your pores and prevent them from airing out, which causes pimples to form. It's crucial to remember to let your skin breathe, so we recommend using a BB or CC Cream instead of foundation, because it is lightweight, vitamin/mineral infused, hydrating, offers sun protection, and last longer throughout the day.

We recommend Clinique Age Defense BB Cream with SPF 30 ($37). This product is perfect for your everyday makeup routine and a little goes a long way. To cover up any blemishes or dark circles, dab a little bit of your concealer where it is needed.

An alternative to the Clinique BB Cream is NYX BB Cream ($13). It is an oil-free product that hydrates and primes the skin for makeup. The best way to apply this product on the face is to use your hands for a natural-looking appearance.

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe And Bumble And Bumble Surf Spray

4) Rock the surfer-girl do.

Creating perfect curls or achieving that pin straight hair look takes so much work during the hot and humid summer. A surfer-girl hairdo, however, is one of the easiest styles to achieve, and you don't even need to use any hair tools! Here’s how:

1. Before bed, section off your hair into manageable pieces and braid them.

2. In the morning take out your braids and flip your hair over while loosening up the waves.

3. Use a salt spray, or a texturizer spray like Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray ($26) and spray it all over the hair. We also like Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Salt Spray ($6) for thicker hair.

4. Use your hands to scrunch the hair to create volume, and you’ve got a head full of sexy, surfer-chic hair.

Lip Service: 5 Sensational Go-To Shades You’ll Want to Try This Summer

The official start of summer is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to bust out those brights lippies, if you haven't already.

We’ve hand-picked some of this season’s must-have lip colors so you can kick off the beach season with a perfect, summertime pout.

Top 5 Summer Lip Colors Vibrant Purples

 Vibrant Purples.

They’re festive, unique, and daring. From light violet to deep plum, there are a number of pretty, purple shades that will give your lips a bold color to suit any summer adventure. And for those sexy summer nights? Purple is the perfect shade to rock that vixen look.

Tip: If you want to make purple a more wearable color in day, just apply the color with your fingertips to your lips by dabbing gently onto your lips, adding more as you go to  build the pigment to your desired intensity.

Recommended Products:

1. Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in 'Shameless’' ($9)

2. Bite Beauty Luminous Créme Lipstick in Lavender ($24)

Top 5 Summer Lip Colors Pinky NudesPinky Nudes.

If flashy colors aren’t your thing, any nude shade with a pink or peach undertone will add  a healthy pop of color to your lips — without overwhelming your face. This look is perfect for everyday and can also be worn at night to complement a dark smokey eye.

Tip: When wearing a nude lip color in the summer, use a cream blush on the face to maintain that “barely there” makeup look. Cream blushes tend to look more natural and last longer than powder blushes.

Recommended Products:

1. Milani Color Statement Lipstick in 'Nude Crème' ($5)

2. Dior Nude Rouge Lipstick in Charnelle ($34)

Top 5 Summer Lip Colors Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is The New Red.

We’ve all come to know and love a classic red lip, but what about trying orange for a change? It’s a fabulous summertime alternative and the shade suits all skin tones.

Tip: When wearing an orange lip, stick with peachy/bronzy blushes to complement your overall auburn look.

Recommended Products:

1. YSL Rouge Volupté Shine in Orange Impertinent ($35)

2. Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids Lipcolor in Electric Orange ($8)

Top 5 Summer Lip Colors Orchard Pink

Orchard Pinks.

This shade is a great alternative to the beloved, but very bright, Barbie-pink colors. Unlike a lot of common bright pinks, orchard pink contains of  blend of purple and blue, which gives the shade its cool undertone. The end result is an electric neon look. Some shades have more purple or blue undertones than others, so you will have to experiment and see what looks best on you.

Tip: Some shades of orchard pink may look better on certain skin tones. We recommend swatching the color on your hand and looking at it under natural light to help you determine what shade works for you.

Recommended Products:

1. Mac Pro Long Wear Lipcreme in Love Forever! ($18)

2. Revlon Super Lustrous Pearl Lipstick in Wild Orchid ($9)

Top 5 Summer Lip Colors Sheer Mauves

Sheer Mauves.

Mauves are often considered a fall color when applied with an opaque lip product. It’s generally a blend of pinks, plums, and browns, which can look a little heavy for the summer. However, you can rock a mauve shade in the summer by using a sheer lip product. It will give your pout a subtle (yet noticeable) pink-plum flush, without looking like you’re make up for the wrong season.

Tip: To make sure you create and even look, line and color in your lips with a pinky-nude lip liner underneath your mauve lipstick.

Recommended Products:

1. Be a Bombshell Lip Crayon in Shameless ($14)

2. Maybelline Color Whisper by Color Sensational Lip Color in Made-It Mauve ($8)

Meets Obsession mag


Beauty How-To: Your Step-by-Step Guide to a Shimmery, Smoldering, Purple Smokey Eye

Smokey Amethyst Eye FINAL2Whoever invented the "smokey-eye" is a pure genius. It’s been an iconic look for decades, and it flatters practically every eye shape.

Smokey dark neutrals, such as black, grays, and browns, go as far back as 1920s. They were extremely popular in Hollywood’s black and white films because they created depth in the eyes. Fast forward to the 21st century, and the smokey eye is as popular as ever. The only difference now is that the color options are endless!

We're going to show you how to achieve a classic smokey eye using purple and blue shades. So great ready for some serious color!

Meets Obsession mag

Step 1:

Smokey Amethyst Eye STEP 1
You want to start with a clean and fresh canvas when applying any eye shadow look. Begin by prepping your lids with concealer to cover any discoloration.

Meets Obsession mag

Smokey Amethyst Eye STEP 2

Step 2:

Take a purple cream shadow and apply it to your lids. This will be act as the base and will help the eye shadow last longer.
Recommended products:

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24HR In Painted Purple

1) Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24HR in Painted Purple ($5)

Meets Obsession mag

Smokey Amethyst Eye STEP 3

Step 3:

 Apply a purple eye shadow on top of the cream base.. Make sure to pat the color onto the lid to prevent fall-out.
Recommended Products:

L'Oréal Infalliable Eyeshadow In Perpetual Purple And Urban Decay Eyeshadow In Asphyxia

1) Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Asphyxia ($18)
2) L'Oréal Infalliable Eyeshadow in Perpetual Purple ($7)

Meets Obsession mag

Smokey Amethyst Eye STEP 4

Step 4:

Take a clean brush and blend out any harsh edges out toward the crease.

Meets Obsession mag

Smokey Amethyst Eye STEP 5ASmokey Amethyst Eye STEP 5b

Step 5:

Take a small crease brush or a small blending brush and apply a dark blue shadow into the crease. Tailor the darkness of the shadow to your taste.
Recommended Products:

BareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 2 0 In Climax And NYX Nude Matte Shadow In In The Buff

Splurge: bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 2.0 in Climax - Part of The Grande Finale Duo ($17)
Save:  NYX Nude Matte Shadow in In The Buff ($4)


Meets Obsession mag

Smokey Amethyst Eye STEP 6

Step 6:

Take another blending brush and use the purple shadow you used in Step 3 to blend out the blue crease color applied in step 5. This should create a smooth, gradient effect of the purple and dark blue. Depending on your taste, you can go back in and add a little more of the blue shadow for a darker look.

Meets Obsession mag

Smokey Amethyst Eye STEP 7

Step 7:

Take a clean brush and apply your choice of highlighter color to the brow bone. The highlighter shadow should be two shades lighter than your own skin tone.

Meets Obsession mag

Smokey Amethyst Eye STEP 8B

Step 8:

Take a liquid liner and line the upper lash line. After that, use a creamy kohl pencil to line the bottom lash line. The kohl liner will be easier to blend out for a smokey effect.
Recommended Products:

AC Eye Kohl In Smolder And Revlon Luxurious Color Eyeliner In Velvet Black

Splurge:  MAC  Eye Kohl in Smolder ($16)
Save: Revlon Luxurious Color Eyeliner in Velvet Black ($7)

Meets Obsession mag

Smokey Amethyst Eye STEP 9

Step 9:

Take a pencil brush and apply the purple shadow you used in Step 3 to the bottom lash line. This will help blend out the kohl liner you applied in the step 8. Depending on your taste, you can go back in with the kohl liner to darken the look.

Meets Obsession mag

Smokey Amethyst Eye STEP 10

Step 10:

 Apply your favorite mascara.

Meets Obsession mag

Smokey Amethyst Eye STEP 11Step 11:

Fill in your brows for a fuller look. And you're finished!
Recommended product:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Bold Brow Kit

1) Anastasia Beverly Hills Bold Brow Kit ($24)

Meets Obsession mag


Smokey Amethyst Eye FINAL2
The final look is a smoldering purple smokey-eye with a hint of darkness for depth and a little mystery. You’ll look smokin', pun intended!

From Arabian to Sixties: Four Ways to Glam Up Your Eyeliner Style

4 Ways To Glam Up Your EyelineWhen it comes to wearing eye makeup, particularly eyeliner, many of us like to stick to our safe, "go-to" look, because it's what we're used to wearing and already know how to do easily. But have you ever wondered what you could create do with a eye liner pen?

Take, for example, the queen of eyeliner, Alexa Chung, who always manages to rock a killer cat eye. Sure, it takes a bit of courage to wear this daring (yet darling) look, but we’re here to shake things up and show you four fabulous ways to change up your liner look and rock a bold, new eye.

Reccomended Eyeliner ToolsOur recommended liners for beginners:

Lancome Artliner Precision Point Eyeliner

Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner

Meets Obsession mag


Basic Eye

The Basic is the mother of all liner looks.

It's a simple line that is perfect for beginners, and is also used as the foundation for all the other looks to follow. So it’s key that you to know how to create it.

Worn alone, the Basic is a great option for an everyday liner look, whether you’re going out for a casual date or just lounging around at home and running errands.

How to achieve this look:

1. Grab your favorite eye liner pen or pencil.

2. Draw a straight line as close to your lash line as possible. This look requires no wing at the end, but if you want to create one, check out this tutorial how to create the classic wing eye liner look .

Meets Obsession mag


Sixties Eye2

If you're feeling like showing off a little old-school style, then try this throwback-to-the -60's inspired liner look. It’s slightly more dramatic than The Basic, but still very wearable.

How to achieve this look:

1. Draw your basic eye line, as described in step 2 above.

2. Once drawn, use your eye liner to thicken your line, making sure that the thickest part is set at the outer part of the eye, where you will create your wing.

TIP: Keep the wing short and simple. A good indication of how thick your liner should be is to make sure that the liner does not go past the crease of your lid.

Meets Obsession mag


Arabian Eye

We know—this look may seem  intimidating, but don't be afraid, you can absolutely do it! If you're looking for an over-the-top look for a night out, then this should be on top of your list. It will give you a dark, sultry and mysterious pair of peepers that will turn heads all night long.

How to achieve this look:

To make sure that this dramatic look flatter your individual eye-shape, we recommend following the natural shape of your eye with the liner, and then customizing the curvature and thickness to your desired taste.

1. Create a winged liner as you would for the Sixties Wing.

2. Line your bottom lash line and then connect it to the upper liner. Both upper and lower lash liner should connect at the corner of the eye.

3.  Take your liner and line the inner corners of your eyes. Try to draw your line as close to the tear duct area as possible.

4. The last step is to elongate the line of the inner tear duct area for an exaggerated effect.

This Arabian look will take some practice to master, but we guarantee that you'll have fun experimenting!

Meets Obsession mag


Baby Doll Eye

Pretty cool, isn't it? This is another versatile and dramatic look that you can play with. Unlike the Arabian look, you can totally rock this liner during the day.

How to achieve this look:

1. Start by creating your winged liner as described in #2.

2. Line your bottom lash line and then connect it to the upper liner. Both upper and lower lash liner should connect at the corner of the eye.

3. After you've created your top and bottom line, draw small strokes at the outer corner of each eye to create doll-like lashes. (You can draw as many "lash" strokes as you'd like to achieve your desired look.)

4. You’re done! And looking adorable!

We hope we inspired you to get creative with your eye liners. You never know what something will look like unless you try it first, so, get lining!


5 Warm-Weather Beauty Goods For Your Summer Stash

Our two favorite seasons have got to be spring and summer. They're colorful times for music festivals, outside concerts, vacations—you name it.

The spring and summer months also bring us much-needed adventure and outdoor possibilities, a stark contrast to the winter months that we spent mostly indoors while rocking a onsie (don't judge).

So with a new season, comes a new attitude, which is why we intend to switch out a few of our beloved beauty products for more summer-friendly alternatives.

We've complied a list of fantastic warm-weather goods—from makeup to life-affirming products,  that will make certain you'll be well taken care of this season.

Too Faced "Better Than Sex" Mascara

Yes, the title is a bold move by Too Faced. But the real question that's probably on your mind: "Is it really better than sex?" Well, if it's on this list, then its probably worth at least finding out.

Pros: This mascara adds length and volume to your lashes. It separates, yet evenly coats your lashes for an intense effect. For everyday use, we recommend no more than two coats. This product will pair flawlessly with a smoldering smokey eye, and the results will give you a very sexy and flirty look. Perfect for a romantic night out!

Cons: You might have to apply swiftly, since it tends to dry fast on your lashes.

Tips: Wiggle the brush as you apply to help you distribute the mascara evenly. If some accidentally rubs onto your eye lid, don't fret! First, finish applying the mascara and let it dry, then clean the area  and remove mistakes with a makeup removing towelette.

Chanel Rouge Double Intensité Ultra Lip Color

This product deserves a five-star rating from us! If you are looking for a lip color that stays on all day without any retouching, this is your solution. It is ideal for the beach, by the pool, or even when you're feasting and still want to look glam.

Pros: The color selection is absolutely stunning and flattering on every skin tone. It goes on smoothly, and you may not even have to re-apply after eating.

Cons: We wish there was more product in one tube.

Tips: For a less intense look, put a little bit of product on your finger  and evenly distribute the product on the lips.  After application, wait 30 seconds before applying the clear gloss on top to prevent smearing.

Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Shampoo

So maybe you're on an outdoor adventure with your significant other and your hair is getting out of control. You need something to get it back in shape, STAT! This dry shampoo will do just that, plus it's perfect for the road and works on both oily and dry hair.

Pros: It's formulated with Moroccan cedar extract to help freshen up your hair. It is lightweight and does not leave a white misty residue on your scalp.

Cons: This product will cost you $25. Although it is a little pricey for a dry shampoo, we think that the results are worth every penny.

Tips: Flip your hair over for extra volume after application.

100 Percent Pure Body Scrub

If you've just finished hiking or zip-lining through the jungle, your skin is probably a mess of sweat and dirt. We suggest you rush to your nearest bathtub and use this product all over!

Pros: This scrub is vegan, gluten-free, and packed with fruit oils and antioxidants to nourish the skin. The formula is not as harsh as a sea salt scrub, which makes it perfect for sensitive skin. It gets rid of excess oil, dirt, and dead skin, leaving your body smooth and soft to the touch.

Cons: It can get a little messy working with this product due to its thin consistency and texture from the fruit oils.

Tips: We don't recommend using this anywhere near the face, because it may be a little too harsh for facial skin.

Letan After Sun Spray

All of the sun exposure from your adventures may have resulted in a skin burn or two, even if you dutifully applied your SPF beforehand (which you did, right?).

It's critical to treat those affected areas as soon as you can, to cool down your burns and decrease the skin damage you've incurred. You can also use this spray to moisturize your skin, even if it's not burnt. We all know how key it is to take good care of your skin during and after sun exposure, so make this spray your new after-sun BFF.

Pros: This product contains Aloe Vera, which is a very popular plant with amazing anti-inflammatory properties used to treat burns and eczema. This is a non-oily formula which dries quickly on the skin. It is even gentle enough to use on your bikini area.

Cons: It can get a little bit sticky if you use too much at one time.

Tips: Take some of the product and put it in a small spray bottle to carry it in your purse throughout the day.

Where ever you may travel this season, we hope that we were able to help you find new products to experiment with—and enjoy!


Debunking Beauty Myths

Debunking Beauty Myths

It’s April Fools and you know what that means!

Today is the day for you to prank your friends, play tricks on your family, and get a good laugh in the process. But have you ever thought about being laughed at by the Beauty Gods? With all the easy-to-believe beauty myths out there, you might just be a victim of a few beauty tall tales.

Maria SmithBut fear not! We've  got you covered. We've compiled some of the most common skin care misconceptions, and enlisted the help of Maria Smith, a professional esthetician, to tell us what's fact and what's fiction.

We sat down with Maria to help us debunk many skincare and beauty myths that lots of people believe are true.

Meets Obsession: Can you tell us a little about your background and career?

Maria Smith: I started in the beauty industry over 11 years ago as a makeup artist. I immediately evolved into skincare when I realized women were covering up their issues with makeup, instead of using makeup as a beauty enhancement. During my career I have worked in many spas, from the Mandarin Oriental Washington, DC to The Lodge at Torrey Pines in La Jolla, CA. My specialties are eyebrow shaping, facials, and educating my clients. I eventually moved into management roles including Spa Director of LifeSpa in Rockville, MD and MINT Health Club and Spa locations in DC. I currently utilize my spa expertise through spa consulting and educational training, which allows me to work with my favorite skincare line, Alchimie Forever.

MO: What are some skin care myths that you grew up believing?

MS: I grew up believing that sunscreen was only necessary when I went swimming or to the beach. I also heard that age spots only happened when you got older. But then I learned that there not actually "age spots." It's sun damage. Sun damage can show up disguised as freckles and can appear at any age on skin that has had unprotected sun exposure.

MO: Why do you think there are so many beauty myth out there?

MS: I think these myths are a result of lack of knowledge about the skin and old wives tales passed on from older generations in families.

MO: Do you have any specific skin care myths that you would like to address?

MS: Yes! The first, as I just mentioned, is that sunscreen is only for the beach and swimming. Using SPF 15+ broad spectrum sunscreen, one that's rich in anti-oxidants is essential to use everyday of the year—regardless of rain, sleet, or snow. Free radicals are present daily and this is the best defense against signs of aging.

Sunscreen Lotion

Secondly—that skincare is only effective if all the products are from the same brand. Mixing and matching your skincare brands is ok. Although sometimes people are pressured by a sales pitch to buy a complete line, mixing your brands will not necessarily diminish the effectiveness of one product. Be sure to consult with your esthetician or beauty advisor to assure your products are complimentary. 

Thirdly—that eye cream is only for older people. Eye cream is not just for when you turn 30. If you are old enough to drink, then you are old enough to use an eye cream. This is called preventive maintenance!

Women Applying Eye Skin Cream

And finally—that skincare products will stop working eventually. Your skin does not become immune to products. We have layers of skin cells, all of which continuously shed; therefore, we're always able to reveal newer and healthier cells. You may find that your skin is not improving as much as it initially did upon first use of a product; but once your skin is healed from its former state, it will maintain its healthier appearance. If your skin is not improving to your standards, it could be that the chosen product is unable to deliver the desirable results for your specific skin type. It's not that you skin has become immune to it.

MO: How about makeup myths?

MS: I've heard women say, "I don't need SPF moisturizer, my foundation has an SPF."  The truth is that unless you are loading heavy full coverage foundation all over your face and neck, you are not receiving proper sun protection from your foundation alone. It's better to be safe than sorry, so I strongly recommend choosing a day time moisturizer that contains a broad spectrum SPF to wear underneath your foundation.

Another common falsehood I've heard is that expensive products are better. That is not always the case and this goes for skincare as well. Just because a product is more expensive does not mean it is well formulated to suit your skin type. Either do your own research on ingredients and/or consult your esthetician or dermatologist to help you figure out what is best for you.

MO: Do you have health and diet tips that can benefit the skin?

Raspberry And Chia Seed Beverage

MS: I recommend eating more super foods. Anti-oxidants are vital to our health inside and out, regardless of skin type. They reduce environmental damage and truly are a "fountain of youth." Super foods include (but are not limited to) green tea, black soybeans, blueberries, turmeric, coconut oil, chia seeds, lingonberries and beat juice. There are a wide variety of super foods out there, you just have to pick those that suits your taste buds!

MO: Although the beauty industry seem to attract more women than men, is there anything you'd like to address for the men out there who think skincare is just for women?

MS: Following a skincare regiment is essential regardless of age, ethnicity, and gender. Unfortunately, the majority of skincare products are marketed toward women. But that is just marketing. Skin care products are generally unisex--although some may be more floral or "feminine" scented. There are many brands targeted toward men, which typically means that there is a higher concentration of active ingredients for a "masculine" scent. Many spas now cater to gentlemen's needs by offering an array of men's services. There are also male specific spas that provide a "masculine" atmosphere that create for a more comfortable experience for guys. The beauty industry is no longer a "girlie" thing. Men need to take care of themselves and be proud of it too!]

To connect with Maria about your beauty concerns, you can reach her here.  

Hopefully, now you won't be duped by any skin care or makeup myths. While the world may be trying to fool you for laughs today, MO doesn't mess around when it comes to healthy beauty—no tricks here!

Beauty How-to: Get Spring's Answer to the Smokey Eye

Spring's Answer To The Smokey Eye

March 21 marked the official start of spring and we couldn't be happier. What better way to celebrate the new season than to bust out some color and paint your eyes? Especially if your eye shadows have been sitting in the back of your makeup vanity screaming, "Use me now, please!"

Here's a step-by-step tutorial for a very subtle, yet glowy, bronze look to wear during the day. It's a softer take on a smokey eye you might create for a night out, with an added touch of color to ring in the spring. Perfect for the office, running errands, or a casual weekend get together—the look is lovely but not at all over-the-top.

Step 1:

Make sure you start with a freshly cleansed canvas. Prep your face with your desired BB cream, foundation, or tinted moisturizer and concealer. Don't forget to wear an SPF of at least 15 (or make sure it's already in your makeup)!

A Subtle Bronze Look For Daytime Wear Step1

Recommended products:

1) Missha BB cream (This product works better on fair/beige skin tones.)

2) Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream (This product has a wide range of colors.)

3) Bobbi Brown Tinted moisturizers (Provides great coverage and comes in many shades to match your skin tone.)

4) Cover FX  Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation (Extremely water-resistant which makes it great warmer weather.)

5) It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer (This concealer can cover anything and stay put.)

Step 2:

To make sure your shadow lasts all day without creasing, apply a cream base or a primer to the lid first. This will give the shadow something to stick to and will also make the color appear more vibrant.

A Subtle Bronze Look For Daytime Wear Step2

Recommended products:

1) Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo in Barely Branded

2) Two-Faced Eyeshadow Insurance

Step 3:

Take your eye shadow brush and dip it in a purple shade. Apply from the inner corner to the middle part of the lid.

A Subtle Bronze Look For Daytime Wear Step3

Recommended products:

1) NYX Single Eye Shadow in Purple ES32

2) Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Asphyxia

Step 4:

Using a clean brush, apply a bronze eye shadow shade of your choice to the outer part of the lid and into the crease. If you'd like, you can mix a few bronze shadows together to achieve your desired hue.

A Subtle Bronze Look For Daytime Wear Step4

Recommended products:

1) Bombshell Eye Shadow Quad in Bora Bora

2) Covergirl Eye Enhancers 3-Kit Shadows in Major Distraction

Step 5:

Use an eyeliner brush or any small brush to apply blue shadow to your water line. This will act as your bottom eye liner.

A Subtle Bronze Look For Daytime Wear Step5

Recommended products: See Step 4.

Step 6:

Take a clean blending brush and blend out any harsh edges. This will help the eye shadow look soft and effortlessly applied.

A Subtle Bronze Look For Daytime Wear Step6

Step 7:

Apply your favorite eye liner and mascara. Get as close as you can to your lash line. Depending on your taste, a winged line might be fun to try—it will add more drama and flair.

A Subtle Bronze Look For Daytime Wear Step7

Recommended products:

1) Maybelline Hyper Sharp Intense Black Eye Liner (This liner is sold specifically in Asia, but you can order it from the link provided. This product is guaranteed to win you over.)  

2) L'Oreal Infallible The Super Slim Eyeliner ( A great alternative for the Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner.)

3) Chanel Le Volume de Chanel (Gives you amazing volume and length)

Step 8:

Fill in your brows, if needed, to tie the eye makeup look together.

A Subtle Bronze Look For Daytime Wear Step8

Recommended products:

1) Elf Professional Studio Eyebrow kit (Great quality and great price)

2) Sephora Collection Eyebrow Editor Complete Brow Kit

Step 9:

Use a cream blush in a peachy shade and apply it to the apples of your cheeks. Remember to blend it out. Cream blushes will create a more natural look, as well as stay on longer. Start with a little bit of product and then build on it to achieve your desired color intensity.

A Subtle Bronze Look For Daytime Wear Step9

Recommended products:

1) MAC Cremeblend Blush in Posey

2) Revlon Cream Blush in Coral Reef

Final Step 10:

Take a nude/beige lipstick with a pink undertone and apply it to your lips. For a bolder lip, use a coral lip color.

A Subtle Bronze Look For Daytime Wear Step10

Recommended products:

1) It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush in Damsel (Feels great on the lips!)

2) YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in Corail Intuitive

The finished look: A soft, glowy bronze look to welcome spring!

A Subtle Bronze Look For Daytime Wear Step11

Additional steps:

To transition this daytime look into an evening eye style, all you have to do is apply a darker brown shadow on top of your original color and blend it out (steps 4-5). Then take a pencil black liner and line your waterline for an intense look. You will get a smoked out bronze hue as a result.

There are a million ways to modify this simple daytime look to your liking. The sky is the limit so don't be afraid to get creative. We hope this tutorial will inspire you to use more color this spring and summer season!

"Bye bye winter, we'll miss you!" said no one ever.

How to Rock a Bold Red Lip - A Step-By-Step Tutorial

How To Rock A Bold Red Lip A Step By Step Tutorial

Is there anything better than rocking a bold red lip?  We love wearing strong shades of red because it gives us a powerful, sexy, and classic look. And really, who can say "no" to that?

As glamorous as red can look on our lips, what you might overlook is that red is a very high maintenance color because it takes a little bit of time to apply and requires constant retouching. But regardless of the attention our red lips may need, the end result makes the extra legwork totally worth it.

So before you pull out your brightest, most daring shade of lip-ready red, read our simple step-by-step tutorial first.  We'll show you how to apply your red lipstick flawlessly and make it last longer.

Things you need: Lip balm, red lip liner, red lipstick, concealer, concealer brush, and lipgloss.

Step 1:

Make sure your lips are clean and exfoliated. Next, apply your favorite lip balm for moisture. Dry lips won’t hold color for long. You can also dab off the extra moisture with a cotton pad if you've applied too much.

How To Rock A Bold Red Lip A Step By Step Tutorial Step 1

Step 2:

Take your red lip liner and outline your lips. Next, color in the lips with the pencil. Make sure to take your time and follow the shape of your lips as best as you can. Outlining the lips will keep the color from running to the edges.

How To Rock A Bold Red Lip A Step By Step Tutorial Step 2

Step 3:

Take your red lipstick and apply it evenly and generously. For extra control, use a lip brush for precise application. Another way to apply it is to put the color in the center of your lips and blend it out with your finger.

How To Rock A Bold Red Lip A Step By Step Tutorial Step 3

Step 4:

Now, its time to clean the edges. Take a little bit of your concealer/foundation and put a small amount on your hand. Dip your concealer brush in until the tip of the brush is well-coated and apply it around your lips. This will keep the color from smearing and make the red pop. Another way to clean around the lips is to dip a Q-tip in a little bit of makeup remover and trace around the outer edges of your lips.

How To Rock A Bold Red Lip A Step By Step Tutorial Step 4

Step 5:

Optional: Apply a pigmented red lipgloss if you’re going for a shiny look.

How To Rock A Bold Red Lip A Step By Step Tutorial Step 5

And you’re done! See, it wasn't so bad after all. Was it?

Make sure to carry your lipgloss or lipstick in your bag to retouch throughout the day.

MO Tip: If you need a quick eye look to go with your red lip, a cat eye liner should do the trick. It's simple, yet glamorous.


Lip balm:  MARC JACOBS BEAUTY Lip Lock Moisture Balm

Lipstick: SMASHBOX Be Legendary Lipstick

Concealer:  MAC Studio Finish Concealer

Concealer brush:  Smashbox Precision Concealer Brush #5

Lip liner: BITE BEAUTY Contour Lip liner

Lipgloss: BAREMINERALS Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss




The Purrrfect Line - How to Master a Cat Eye

The Purrrfect Line

We've all seen that one person who always rocks the perfect cat-eye, and we just can't help but to be a little envious of their always-purrfect lids. Ahem,  Alexa Chung, we're talking to you.

The wonderful thing about a cat-eye is that it's flattering on practically every eye-shape and it only takes a little bit of your time to apply.

For beginners, I recommend using a liquid pen liner for more control.  This may take a couple of tries if you’re just starting out, but you will master it with a little bit of practice!

Drugstore Vs High End Eyeliner

Step 1: Make sure your lids are clean and dry. Optional: You can also prime your lid with eye primer or concealer to help create a fresh canvas for the liner or to cover any discoloration.

Step 2: Take your liner and start at the middle of the upper lash line. Begin drawing a thin line as close to your lashes as possible. Remember to start thin and then go and adjust the thickness once you've created the shape that you want. For more control, you can draw the line with short strokes instead of a single stroke line.

Step 2 Purrfect Cateye

Step 3: Starting from the inner corner of the eye, use the tip of the pen liner to draw a fine line that connects to the first line. After that, you should have a finished line from the inner corner to the outer corner.

Step 3 Purrfect Cateye

Step 4: Now, it's time to create your winged effect. Begin by drawing a line starting from the last lash outwards. You can now decide the length and angle of your liner.

Step 4 Purrfect Cateye

Step 5: After your wing, draw a line back to upper lash line. This will create a triangular space on your upper lid. To make the liner thick, draw a bigger triangle, ending at the middle part of the lash line. For a low-key look, draw a small triangle.

Step 5 Purrfect Cateye

Step 6: Color in the triangle space and you’re done!

Step 6 Purrfect Cateye

Remember to apply multiple coats of your favorite mascara and/or falsies right after for that extra ‘purrrr’ flair.