Tangerine Tango

Tangerine Tango: How to Pull off Pantone’s Color of the Year

Tangerine Tango
Photo courtesy of Pat Chan

Do you like makeup and fashion? Have you looked at a magazine lately? Do you breathe air? If so, you have probably noticed a pretty prevalent color trend: Orange.

The fine folks at Pantone, the world's authority on color, had a little something to do with it. Once yearly, they proclaim a "Color of the Year," thus inspiring trends in fashion, makeup—even those little tchotchkes you buy at Target.

 Tangerine Tango, this year's color dubbed by Pantone, is a sexy lil' mama of a color that’s so bright and fierce, you’d think its shade would limit it's wearability. But as a professional makeup artist by trade, I am here to tell you that anyone in the world, from wall-paint white ladies to Wesley Snipes, can wear it. And wear it well, with the right guidance from yours truly.

In partnership with Sephora, Pantone has made your options on how to wear orange seemingly endless. But be careful, or you could end up looking like Snooki and Garfield's love child.

The key is to pick one area of the face to focus on. One option I'm loving right now is a bold orange lip with a minimal makeup on the rest of the face. I like MAC lipstick in Vegas Volt paired with a hint of MAC blush in Modern Mandarin.

Wanna hit ‘em with a bold eye? Go for it, but remember to keep the color soft on the smackers. For maximum pigment effect, always use a coordinating eyeshadow base, such as Maybelline’s Color Tattoo Cream Shadow in Fierce and Tangy. This will enhance the color and prevent creasing. Apply the base to your lid with your finger, then gently press the shadow (try Make Up Forever’s Matte Eye Shadow in Orange) on top with a flat brush. Follow with a nude lip, such as Buxom's Big & Healthy Lipstick in Nantucket, and a light dusting of bronzer on the cheeks.

If this sounds like too much color for your taste, you can opt to go soft and sheer—and orgasm at the same time. (FYI: Orgasm is a best-selling shade from NARS, so get your head out of the gutter.) The sweet peach hue is universally flattering and comes in several fantastic forms: blush, illuminator, lip gloss and my personal favorite, The Multiple—a genius stick that can be used anywhere on your face.

Just don’t wear them all at once—in this case, there is such a thing as too much orgasm.

And finally, make sure to let your nails in on the orange action. As I write this, I am sporting Nails, Inc. London's polish in Westbourne Grove. Butter’s heavily pigmented nail lacquer in Trout Pout is also an excellent option.

If you're still not feeling the Tangerine Tango vibe for your own makeup, but like the color, check out the entire Pantone collection at Sephora. It includes all sorts of goodies, such as bright orange brushes, a super cute cosmetics bag and an awesome eyelash curler.

Give it a try--it's the official color of 2012, after all.

And remember, it's makeup, not a tattoo, so play with it. Have fun and enjoy being a girl in a world where orange is the new black.

My New Obsession: Dermadoctor’s KP Duty

Stop the presses! I have big news. Huge news. And you need to know about it.

A few weeks ago, while shopping at Sephora, I had wandered over to the skin care section looking for a new regimen for my uber-dry skin when a sales associate introduced me to KP Duty from the Dermadoctor line, which I ended up purchasing with their Wrinkle Revenge Facial Cream.

KP Duty, which sounds a lot like a Navy punishment that you’d get when you did something bad, is actually a product for those tiny, annoying bumps that we often get on the back of our arms.

And for someone like me, who has been dealing with these bumps, a.k.a., Keratosis pilaris, my entire life, this was my hope in a jar to finally get rid of those pesky bumps on my arms, which, as a result, make my arms look similar to that of a chicken.

KP Duty is the brainchild of Dr. Audrey Kunin, a Board-Certified Dermatologist, OSU Buckeye Alum, CEO of Dermadoctor and generally all-around awesome chick. Of course it took a woman to figure this out.

The line includes an exfoliating scrub, a priming serum and a moisturizing lotion, which makes the backs of my arms feel smoother than David Beckham's glistening abdominal skin.

(I made that last part up, but trust me, after three weeks of using this stuff on a regular basis, I am sold!)

Also on my list of awesome Dermadoctor products is a deodorant called Gorilla Warfare, which inhibits armpit-hair growth. Excuse me while this genetically hairy Italian girl faints from excitement.

Break out your tank tops, girls, it's all just in time for summer.

The Beauty Bitch: Help! I’ve Over-Plucked My Eyebrows and Can’t Get Them to Grow Back

Dear Browless:

You poor thing! Having thin brows is akin to a dog with no tail.

How are people to know what your mood is? Not to mention that you're never going to be able pulling off The Rock's signature "Oh really, bitch?" raised brow to let others know how annoyed you are.

This is a dire emergency!

Do I have a sweet secret tip for you!

According to Leigh Ann Pansch, a Certified Nurse Practitioner at the Cincinnati Dermatology Center, the topical treatment Latisse can work wonders on super sparse brows.

Prescribed by doctors to grow eyelashes, it’s important to note that Latisse is not FDA approved for eyebrow use.

However, Pansch says she has used it for this purpose on several of her clients with great success.  And rumor has it that a new version of Latisse, formulated specifically to boost brows, may currently be in the works.

So I suggest talking to a dermatologist about this option.

There are also plenty of serums on the market that promise to strengthen your brows, like Librow and Professional Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator Treatment Gel by Ardell, all which have positive rating from users.

And until your brows actually do grow back, try using a brow pencil to give the illusion of volume. I like the Anastasia Beverly Hills 5-Element Brow Kit because it comes with brow stencils and powder, which are perfect for starting a new shape.

Good luck, and here's to your new brows!


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We Ask Professional MUAs: What’s Your Must-Have Beauty Product?

We Ask Professional MUAs: What’s Your Must-Have Beauty Product?

 We Ask Professional MUAs: What’s Your Must-Have Beauty Product?

Saj Mac | Atlanta, GA

I love Benefit's High Beam highlighter! I'm all about youthful fresh skin and this product gives an amazing glow to the skin and is great all year round as you can go from a fresh dewy look for spring, glowing bronze for summer, and ethereal glow for winter! I like to apply it on the top of cheeks, down the center of the nose and a dab on the cupids bow.


Aeni Domme | Phoenix, AZ

My number one product I use on 90% of EVERYTHING (print, film, commercial, bridal) is the Face Atelier Facades. It is a stain that can be used anywhere on the face to give a natural flush of color. It's easy to blend due to the consistency and feels silky on the lips.

I use all 5 colors often but find myself reaching the most for Cha Cha, Chameleon, and Godiva (which is my personal favorite for my eyes and lips). When doing a natural look, I try to pick a color that is close to their natural lip or pick one that works with their skin tone if they have none.


Ernesto Casillas | Los Angeles, CA

Cinema Secrets Ultimate foundations are a must-have staple in my kit. I like creams for their versatility and the natural finish they leave on the skin. Cream foundations generally don't set right away, so you have time to blend them well. I love Cinema Secrets for it's full coverage and skin-like finish,but it can also be sheered down with a silicone based primer, then powdered for a matte finish. However way you use it, the foundation looks even better after a few hours of wear, when it has had time to melt into the skin.


Rachel Lisa | Cincinnati,OH

By far, my CANNOT go without product are my brushes. There are certain things you can use your fingers for like applying foundation, but there is no way you're gonna be able to pull off an amazing smoky eye without good, quality brushes. They may be expensive, but consider them an investment. I have had a few of mine for over 15 years and they're still in great condition. I would say my top go-to brushes are the MAC #217 which is rounded for the crease area, and the #242, which is flat for applying color all over the lid.   Oh, and the #210 for the perfect slinky cat eyeliner!

Beauty Beatdown: BB Cremes — SMASHBOX VS. Clinique

Welcome to MO's "Beauty Beatdown,"  a new beauty comparison column where our favorite beauty brands go head-to-head to compete for the ultimate beauty championship.

For my first beauty beatdown, we’re going to be comparing BB creams, the new must-have beauty product that’s making the rounds.

Working every day as a freelance makeup artist, I hear about new products every day. Rarely, do any of them gain as much steam as the recently-popular "BB Cream."

First, it was a faint buzz, ("you can only get it in Asia!"), but then it eventually became a cacophony from every direction that I couldn't ignore.

Makeup artists were talking about it, clients were asking for it and no one even really knew what it was, they just knew they wanted it.

So, if you don’t know “BB,” listen up, because you’re going to want to pay attention to this.

But first, a little history lesson:

BB Cream, aka Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm,  was initially developed in 1967 by a German dermatologist for use on post-op laser surgery patients to soothe their skin and hide discoloration and imperfections caused by the procedure. Think of as a tinted moisturizer on steroids.

The now-famous cream became a cult addiction in Asia, where the women are SERIOUS about having flawless, glowing skin. And if you have ever been there, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Flash forward to now: "Um, hello, we're American and we want the awesome creamy crack skin product that is making these Korean womens' skin look so fab!"

Now everyone, from Garnier to Tarte, carries a version of their own BB crème.

Don't you just love Capitalism? I know I do.

While I tested about 5 different brands, I chose 2 of the top-selling and most highly anticipated BB Creams to review: Clinique and Smashbox.

Get ready for the Beatdown!

[divider]ROUND 1: the logistics[divider]

Clinique's BB Cream retails for $37 for 1.3 oz,  with an SPF of 30.

Smashbox's BB Cream retails for $39 for 1 oz, with an SPF of 35.

Both are available at Sephora.com

Round 1 Winner: TIE: SMASHBOX & Clinque
Smashbox is slightly more expensive, but beats the Clinique with a higher SPF.


[divider]ROUND 2: What they both claim to do[divider]


  • Provide SPF to replace the need for an SPF cream
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and large pores to replace the need for a primer
  • Provide a light,natural coverage to even skin tone
  • Fragrance free,dermatologist tested and non-acnegenic
  • Both need to be warmed up in your fingertips and applied with your bare hands to achieve the correct effect. [/starlist]

Unfortunately for Clinique, Smashbox goes above and beyond, adding a more radiant finish, an oil controlling property, a hydrating property, buildable coverage for a more flawless look, and can also be worn under your regular foundation to add up to 8 hours of wear on your traditional foundation.

Round 2 Winner: SMASHBOX

Smashbox wins round two, which now I'm getting why it's slightly more expensive.

[divider]Round 3- The Nitty Gritty[divider]

First, let me start by saying that the Clinique BB Cream only comes in 2 shades. One for yellow undertones, and one for pink undertones. So unless you're Caucasian, sorry, you're out of luck.

I did try it on a dark-skinned friend of mine, and it just sat there and looked unapologetically ashy.

The Smashbox BB Cream comes in 5 shades, ranging from fair to dark, making it an option for any ethnicity or for a future Benneton ad campaign.

On Day 1, my skin being the shade of ecru wall paint, I applied my Clinique BB Cream in the yellow undertone. It felt very smooth and creamy going on, and the undertone blended well with my own, but I wanted it to have a little more coverage for areas like the dark circles under my eyes.

It also had a nice lightweight feel to it, which is perfect for those summer months. 2 hours in, any slight bit of coverage that was there when I applied it was now gone, except for the polite bits that decided to stick around and settle into the lines around my eyes.

Awesome! I looked like I had aged 10 years without the aid of a time machine or tanning bed!

One of my friends actually asked me if I was tired—girl slang for "Hey, you look like shit."

My evening ended with a glass of wine (or 4) to soothe my bruised ego.

On to the Smashbox BB Cream:

I followed the directions: warming Smashbox’s BB cream on my fingertips, then applied it to my skin in an outward, sweeping motion.

Like the Clinique, it went on smoothly, and felt super yummy and lightweight.

There was nary a large pore or fine wrinkle in sight.

Now remember, the Smashbox product says you can layer it for more coverage in problem areas, so I did, focusing on my dark undereyes (Is my editor reading this and getting the hint yet?).

It covered beautifully without caking, and I instantly noticed a nice radiant glow, typically only seen on pregnant or post-coital women, and of course, J-Lo in all her dewy glory.

I was in love with the results, but wary—I didn't want it to end.

I dashed off to work, where I was going to see a bridal client for her wedding day trial makeup. We sat down to do a consultation so that I could assess the look she wanted for her big day.

Her exact words?

"All I know is that I want my skin to look like yours! It's so smooth and glowing! Who is your dermatologist?"

Who, moi? 

I looked in the mirror, and she was right, my skin looked am azing, but like I had no makeup on at all. And it stayed that way, all day until I grudgingly took it off before bed.

The next day, I wore it under my full coverage foundation to see how it performed, and the results were the same.

[divider]The FINAL SCORE:[divider]

[divider]Smashbox BB Cream beat out the Clinique BB Cream with a TKO.[divider]

The bottom line: if you have chronic acne or severe discoloration, you will probably want to stick with a traditional foundation for the coverage that you need.

For people with decent skin who typically wear a tinted moisturizer, you'll love this product.

Just don't tell anyone about it, or I might be out of a job ;)