“Anna Rexia” Eating Disorder Halloween Costume Pulled From Ricky’s

“Anna Rexia” Eating Disorder Halloween Costume Pulled From Ricky's

“Anna Rexia” Eating Disorder Halloween Costume Pulled From Ricky’s

Specialty retailer Ricky's, known for their collection of unique beauty and fashion supplies such as neon wigs, hair products,  graphic tees, and makeup, has decided to discontinue their popular but controversial "Anna Rexia" Halloween costume.

The tongue-in-cheek costume is complete with a black, tight fitting dress that features the glittery outline of a skeleton and a belt that looks like measuring tape.

Ironically, the outfit was cut for a more curvaceous body type.

In response to the costume, William Walters of the National Eating Disorders Association told the Village Voice, "It makes light of something really serious," he said. "It's hard for us to find it funny."

What do you think? Is the costume funny or does it cross the line?


Dolce & Gabbana’s D&G Line Coming to an End

D&GYesterday the fashion internets were blazing with news that longtime duo Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana’s 20-year-old D&G line will be coming to an end.

Originally developed as a diffusion line of parent brand Dolce & Gabbana, D&G catered to a more youthful, edgy audience.

In a press release sent out yesterday, the brand announced the closure of the line, saying:

For the upcoming seasons, D&G will become part of Dolce & Gabbana, giving even more strength and energy to our collections.

To us, it's like going back to when we began our adventure: full of ideas.

Their last collection was shown at Milan fashion week this past Thursday for Spring/Summer 2012.

Paper Heaven Dolls

Highly Addictive: Virtual Paper Heaven Dolls

Paper Heaven Dolls

If you need something highly addictive to do during those slow times at work, try Paper Doll Heaven.

I will proudly admit that I spent my afternoon yesterday dressing Justin Bieber from a virtual closet.

Paper Heaven DollsI should warn you that this game is seriously addicting with a huge collection of celebrities dolls like Robert Pattinson, Anna Wintour, Jared Leto, Emily Blunt, Crystal Renn, and practically everyone else that I’ve always wanted to dress.

Each doll comes with multiple articles of clothing to choose from that all stay true to each celebrity’s authentic style.

To dress your virtual doll, simply drag and drop articles of clothing from the closet onto your paper doll.

Our favorites?

Grace Jones, Marlene Dietrich and the Alexander McQueen dolls.

I must go now, Alberta Ferretti's closet is calling my name.

Guy Friendly Prints for Fall

5 Guy-Friendly Prints for Fall

Guy Friendly Prints for FallGuys, if you’re looking to rejuvenate your wardrobe this fall, why not take some chances and ditch your plain plaids and boring button ups for bold prints. It’ll impress the girls (and boys).

So, say goodbye to boring, and hello to guy-friendly prints like paisleys, florals, and stripes to show that you’re confident and not afraid to express your individual style.

You may be surprised to find that you actually look good in them.

So go ahead and start out with these perfect for autumn prints that we have selected especially for you.

Don't be scared guys, they won't bite!


Embrace your your native spirit and go tribal.

1. Washed Black Aztec Pattern Tee| $32

2. Grey Aztec Neck Sweatshirt | $60

Guy Friendly Prints for Fall


Who says dudes can’t wear flowers?

1. MARC BY MARC JACOBS Trim Fit Floral Shirt

2. PAUL & JOE Long sleeve floral shirt

Guy Friendly Prints for Fall


Ditch the plain-jane plaid and opt for paisley instead.

1. Gold Paisley Print Shirt | $100

2. Etro Green Paisley V-Neck Pullover | $500

Guy Friendly Prints for Fall


Wear horizontal stripes without looking like Freddy Krueger.

1. Volcom - Turnin' Sweater  | $65

2. Grainy Print Stripe T-Shirt  | $32


Guy Friendly Prints for Fall


Go bold with blocks of color!

1. Gucci Violet Colorblocked Cashmere V-Neck Sweater | $812

2. L!VE Long Sleeve Colorblock Pique Polo With Novelty Croc | $115

Meet the Newest Handbag Designer, Zach Galifianakis. We're Not Kidding.

Actor Zach Galifianakis

Actor Zach Galifianakis

Some things work perfectly together—pizza and beer…Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson…the birds and the bees… Sonny and Cher… Zach Galifianakis and handbags…


Zach Galifianakis and handbags?

Yep. Funnyman Zach Galifianakis can now add handbag designer to his resume.

According to sources, Galifianakis has teamed up with actress and model, Patti Hansen, to design a one-of-a-kind handbag for her "Hung on U" clothing line.

The handbag will be auctioned off at Hansen's launch party at Barneys, and all of the proceeds will go for Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation, an organization that aides people suffering from severe skin disorders.

We can only imagine what kind of purse the actor will come up with.

Dude bag, anyone?

Who knows, he may surprise us with the "must have" of the season!

Opening Ceremony Teams Up With Muppets for Sweater Collection

Opening Ceremony x The Muppets SweaterWith the up-and-coming release of the brand new Muppets movie, Opening Ceremony has teamed up with the stars of the film—the Muppets themselves—to launch a collection of knit sweaters and cotton hoodies.

Every sweater and hoodie will feature either an embroidered or printed image of each of the most iconic figures among the Muppets, which include Miss Piggy, Kermit the Frog, Gonzo, Animal, and Fozzie Bear.

The sweaters retail for $230 while the line of hoodies are sold for $65. Both items can be purchased at Opening Ceremony's online store.

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Style Marathon: A Women Wears a Dress for 30 Days to Support Cause

Style Marathon: A Women Wears a Dress for 30 Days to Support Cause

Sarah Braunstein wearing the same black dress for 30 days.

What happens when you mix style perseverance with charity?

Meet Sarah Braunstein, a style philanthropist who is raising money for Chicago-based nonprofit Connections for Abused Women and their Children by the way of the "Chicago Uniform Project."

Basically, Sarah has put her own spin on a marathon by producing a style marathon of sorts. In her own version, Sarah is wearing one dress for 30 days. She is free to accessorize the same dress each day in multiple ways, but the one dress will be a constant in her daily outfit.

Within nine days of launching the project she has already reached her goal of $5,000 and as of September 19, she has raised $6,465.

Not only is this a great why to support a cause fashionably, but it shows how versatile a black dress can be.

We love how Sarah uses her creative sensibility to come up with an outfit each day that doesn’t look like the same outfit worn the day before, even if it is the same dress.

Check out some of the outfits she’s brilliantly put together so far incorporating her black dress. Cool, huh?

If you’d like to support Sarah’s efforts, please click here to learn more on how you can help.


Pocksie: A Fashion Solution That Sticks

Fashion Solutions that Stick: Temporary Pockets Don't you just hate it when you wear an outfit that has no pockets?

And let's face it, purses are cute but can sometimes require too much commitment.

Needless to say, we were tickled (almost pink) when we found Pocksie from Solutions that Stick.

Pocksie is basically a temporary stick on pocket that you can add to any outfit. All you have to do is just peel back the pocket from the wrapper, stick the pocket on the inside of your jacket, and off you go!

You can purchase Pocksie in a pack of six for a reasonable $9.99 here.

Finally! A solution for those times when I just want to carry a credit card and lipstick.

ABC's Nightline Takes an Investigative Look Into the Modeling Industry

Nightline's A Model LifeOne look at the reality show Top Model may make you realize that there’s no shortage of young girls who would do anything to become a  model.

While the lifestyle of a model is often imagined as a life of leisure and luxury, rarely do we ever get a glimpse at the downside of the modeling industry—that is, until last week when ABC aired their Nightline special called "A Model Life."

In the investigative show, cameras follow model scouts Mary and Jeff Clarke as they scour pumpkin patches, fashion malls and Jonas Brother concerts for potential models that they can cash in on.

The couple or “professional stalkers,” as they refer to themselves, discovered Ashton Kutcher in 1997 at a bar Iowa as well as a  then 13-year-old Karlie Kloss at a model search for a charity fashion show in St. Louis.

Once Mary and Jeff find a model that they believe will be successful, they invite them to live in their house, where the couple will feed, train, and provide an allowance  in exchange for 10 percent of the model's potential earnings throughout her career.

While the girls are participating in their "training" sessions, they are only allowed to eat celery, carrots, water, and egg whites and are required to workout several times a day to burn it all off and meet the proper measurement requirements.

In the promotional segment promoted by Good Morning America (above), Mary Clarke insists that they are not pushing these girls down a dangerous path because she constantly stresses to them how important it is to stay healthy whilst going through their boot camp training.

Healthy or not, this segment certainly sheds some light on what goes on off the runway.

If you missed this fascinating segment, you can watch the show in its entirety here.

'Gossip Girl' Inspired Clothing Line to Launch in Fall

Gossip Girl Inspired Clothing Line to Hit Stores This Fall

CW’s hit television series Gossip Girl, known for its dramatic plotline as well as the fashion, will launch a clothing collection inspired by the show.

The line is a result of a collaboration between Warner Bros. and LA label Romeo and Juliet Couture, and will include a collection of embellished tops, chiffon dresses and city-chic outfits which will emulate each character's unique style.

There are also rumors that accessories and handbags will be added to the collection next spring.

Individual pieces will retail from $80 to $200 with the line set to launch this Fall at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.

So while you may not be a fabulous New York socialite, you can still dress like one!

And really, isn't that what it's all about?

A Collection of the Decades: Alice + Olivia RTW Spring 2012

Alice + Olivia Spring 2012 For all of you girls who believed you were born in the wrong decade, Stacey Bendet, designer of the famous clothing brand Alice + Olivia, is here for you.

Her new collection mixes the glamour of the 1920s and the peace lovin' vibes of the 60s. As you browse through the Spring 2012  Alice + Olivia ready to wear collection, you see imprints of the Jazz era reflected in the elegant gowns, along with the short hemlines and carefree silhouettes often associated with flappers and their crazy nights out on the town.

Fast forward a few decades and Alice + Olivia has designed wide legged bell bottoms, brightly colored blouses and retro-inspired print dresses.

Bendet's new collection is flirty, sophisticated and feminine, and takes the best part of each decade.

Take a look below:

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Color Bug — Warning: Highly Addictive Temporary Color for Your Hair

Color BugsLooking to bring out your wild child?

Hair stylist, Kevin Murphy has created the Color Bug--a highly addictive beauty product for hair.

Essentially "make-up" for hair, the Color Bug comes in a vibrant pink, purple and orange and allows women to apply these colors wherever they want on their hair. The best part? The application is easy and washes off completely with shampoo, so it perfect for when you want those edgy streaks but don't want the commitment.

To apply, just take a relatively thin piece of hair, press it to the Color Bug, and slide it down. Do this on either side and you will instantly have colorful hair without the hassle of the hair salon.

The Color Bugs are pocket sized and will easily fit in your purse, so you can run to the bathroom any time for a quick touch up or application.

Color Bugs will be coming to the US this October, in the meantime, you can check out Kevin Murphy's website here.

Happy Socks Launches Collaboration Collection with Opening Ceremony

Happy Socks x Opening Ceremony

Everyone can agree that socks are the one accessory you can have the most fun with.

And we’ve just been given a double-dose of happy with the announcement of the new collaboration between Swedish company Happy Socks and Opening Ceremony.

Their collection of bright, fun, unisex socks feature various colors with each sock possessing a hodgepodge of mix-matched patterns like stripes, stars, clouds, houndstooth, and polka dots.

If you're a total sock junkie, like me, then make your feet happy with these totally cute and vibrantly colored styles. Hurry and buy your favorites here.

Under $150: We Fall For Whitney Port's Retro Chic Fall Outfit

Under $150: Whitney Port


Whitney Port channels her inner Mad Men with her retro chic outfit at the Luca Luca Spring 2012 fashion show during New York Fashion Week.

Why We're Obsessed: Port’s outfit shows off the sophisticated color pairing of sulfur green, olive and and sienna. The sex appeal of her sheer olive green blouse is nicely balanced with her knee length skirt. We also love the pop of color from the sienna pumps that brighten the outfit.

To complement her look, Port wore a simple skinny belt and added a snakeskin clutch for textural contrast. She also opted to tie her blonde locks back in classic bun with a few strands hanging loosely around her face.

How to Get This Look: If you want to get noticed like Whitney then try on this olive green shirt from Macy's, Summer Song Henley Shirt from Madewell, and these fabulous orange pumps! 

Total Cost To Our Look: $147.99


Shirt: Summer Song Henley by Madewell | $24.99 | Get it!

Skirt: NY Collection Pleated Faux Leather A-Line Skirt | $48 | Get it!

Shoes: DANIELE ANCARANI Closed-toe slip-ons | $75 | Get it!

We’re Totally Crushing on Jeffrey Campbell’s "EX-CRUSHES" Handbag Lookbook for Fall 2011

Jeffrey Campbell Ex Crushes Fall Handbag Collection

Jeffrey Campbell has released their new Fall 2011 handbag lookbook titled "EX-CRUSHES".

According to Jeffrey Campbell, the new handbag collection is inspired by “EX-CRUSHES of our past.”  Furthermore, the brand describes the collection as “a fond look back on all of our loves, heart breaks, and ‘what was I thinking’ mohmants.”

The Fall 2011 collection features an array of clutches, over-the-shoulder bags, backpacks, and hobos that are made from fabrics like leather, fur, and snakeskin.

Jeffrey Campbell retailers have started stocking up on the EX-Crushes handbag collections for Fall.

So what are you waiting for?

[imagebrowser id=51]

Splurge a little on these totally cute handbags, strut your stuff, and show those boys that you're totally over them!