5 Songs to Help Through a Break-Up


Breaking up is hard to do, but nothing is more therapeutic than screaming, crying, and eventually smiling to artists and tracks that just get it.

Below, you will find the five steps of getting over heartbreak, and their respective songs.

Anger/Resentment Stage

(Ignorance by Paramore)

[column size="1/4"]Ignorance by Paramore[/column]

No one can express anger more clearly than Paramore firecracker and lead singer Hayley Williams in the track, "Ignorance."

With lyrics like, “If I’m a bad person/you don’t like me/then I guess I’ll make my own way/It’s a circle/a mean cycle/I can’t excite you anymore,” this song addresses the age old question of the dumped, why doesn’t he want to be with me anymore?

Well girls, it's because you're awesome, and he's ignorant.

[column size="1/4"]Note to Self by From First to Last[/column]

Irrational Stage

(Note to Self by From First to Last)

The irrational side to our human psyche needs to feel like it was the one slighted by the relationship.

The band, First to Last allows these emotions to float freely with their song, “Note to Self."

You might want to be wary of lyrics that state: "I miss you terribly/This is what we call a tragedy/Come back to me.”

If you take them too seriously, you may end up a stalker.

[column size="1/4"]Someone like You by Adele [/column]

Depression Stage

(Someone like You by Adele)

Oh sweet, sweet, depression. Adele has the impeccable ability to stop you in your tracks with the song, "Depression," a bluesy soul tune with tear jerking lyrics. You are left with nothing but the feeling that the one that “got away” is *gasp* happy now.

Worst. thought. ever.

[column size="1/4"]Ridin Solo by Jason Derulo [/column]

Acceptance Stage

(Ridin’ Solo by Jason Derulo)

Jason Derulo, outside of touring with Lady Gaga, has so much swag that he doesn’t need anyone to endorse how awesome he is.

“Ridin’ Solo” is that song that you want to listen to when you look at your life and sort of realize, "Hey I am better without ‘em!"

[column size="1/4"]The Best of Me by The Starting Line [/column]

Try Again?

(The Best of Me by The Starting Line)

There is an optimist in all of us that wants to consider taking another stab at relationships.

Maybe we were the dumper and not the dump-e, and “riding solo” wasn’t exactly what we had hoped that it would be, or maybe we realized that we did miss a good thing not that it's gone.

The Starting Line serenades a lost love with lyrics like, “Tell me what you thought about when you were gone and so alone/The worst is over/You can have the best of me.”

LISTEN: The Drums — “Let’s Go Surfing”

LISTEN: The Drums — “Let’s Go Surfing”

LISTEN: The Drums — “Let’s Go Surfing”

Reminiscent of 80's punk (think The Dead Milkmen), The Drums stir up the indie pot with its track, "Let's Go Surfing." The song is a jingle jangle of beach infused laziness, a mind numbingly catchy chorus, and an upbeat melody.

Lead Singer, Jonathan Pierce said in an interview with Huck magazine, "We got really inspired by those girl group sounds of the fifties and sixties...I think the more you can simplify something, the stronger it gets and the more true the message is."

"Lets Go Surfing" is the perfect example of this simplicity with lyrics like, "Oh Mama/I wanna go surfing/Oh mama/I don't care about nothing."

LISTEN: Rooney — “When Did Your Heart Go Missing

LISTEN: Rooney — “When Did Your Heart Go Missing"

LISTEN: Rooney — “When Did Your Heart Go Missing"

Formed in southern California in 1999, rock band, Rooney named themselves after Principal Rooney in the classic film, Ferris Buller’s Day Off.

Their style is reminiscent of 1980’s invasion pop, and their lyrics are best compared to the All American Rejects (if you add a sprinkle of loving and dash of douche bag).

Their single, "When Did Your Heart Go Missing" from their second album Calling the World is a sad love song about cradling a freshly broken heart and blaming the ex for the relationship's failure. Nice.

Definitely worth a listen.

LISTEN: Pistol Annies — “Hell on Heels

LISTEN: Pistol Annies — “Hell on Heels"

LISTEN: Pistol Annies — “Hell on Heels"

Whether you’re a punk rocker, hipster, wannabe head-banger, or hip hop enthusiast, there is something about a song that strikes a classic chord that everyone can latch onto.

The Pistol Annies' "Hell on Heels" is just that track. Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe, and Angaleena Presley are three country singer-songwriters who carry a sound that's somewhere between Charlie Daniels and the Dixie Chicks.

Hell On Heels, their debut album's title track, is a song that makes us think about driving a red 1969 mustang on an open highway with a lit cigarette, even if we don't smoke.

The lyrics? Pulled from a gold diggers diary, “Poor ol' Billy/Bless his heart/I'm still using his credit card/I'm hell on heels/Sugar daddy, I'm coming for you.”

So reach a little outside your comfort zone and you will be soothed by the harmonies of Pistol Annies.

LISTEN: Jenny and Johnny Big Wave — “Big Wave”

LISTEN: Jenny and Johnny — “Big Wave”

LISTEN: Jenny and Johnny Big Wave — “Big Wave”

Jenny Lewis ( lead singer for Rilo Kiley) and singer-songwriter, Johnathan Rice met in 2005 through an introduction by Connor Oberst, the lead singer of  Bright Eyes.

In 2010, the two started the duo, Jenny and Johnny. Their debut album, "Having Fun Now," was inspired after seeing a bumper-sticker on the back of an old blue car.

Part surf pop and part grit,  their debut album is a perfect display of the  balance between a female and male singer/song writer.

The album’s stand out track “Big Wave” pays homage to post recession attitudes, “Living your life in the gray/the new American way/we’re spending what we haven’t made.”

Whether you're rich, jobless, homeless, or bankrupt,  this song is worth a spin.

LISTEN: Circa Survive — “I Felt Free”

LISTEN: Circa Survive — “I Felt Free”

LISTEN: Circa Survive — “I  Felt Free”

In 2004, Circa Survive was created by the members of disjoined bands Saosin and This Day Forward back. Circa Survive, who was first met with critic skepticism, has received critical acclaim for their 2010 album “Blue Sky Noise.”

Their track, “I Felt Free,” off of the album, features the sweet grit of Anthony Green’s vocals in harmony with lyrics like “Nothing new to say/Nothing to report/Cause the future happened yesterday/if I could tell truth/I could make you stay/but forever seems so far away.”

The overall meaning of the song is accompanied by the joyful trickle of guitar riffs and drum trills.

Whether it is about losing yourself in someone’s arms, or finally letting go and feeling free, is up to you.  Regardless, this song deserves a listen.

Kids of 88

LISTEN: Kids of 88 — “Sugarpills”

Kids of 88

New Zealand duo Kids of 88 have gained popularity due to their successful remix of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” on the MTV show Teen Wolf.

Kids of 88 released their debut album Sugarpills and is comprised of best friends Sam McCarthy and programmer/keyboardist Jordan Arts.

Sampling music from Annie Lennox’s “No More I Love You’s,” their “Sugarpills” track stays true to the album’s form with slick lyrics like, “I will become undone/and then I’ll write about it.”

Sugarpills was released worldwide by Sony Music in 2010, and is a glow stick and a handle away from being a full-on party.

Their sound is, in their own words, “Culture and couture, Gangster and Glamour.”

Take a listen below: