Howling for LOLAWOLF

Howling and stepping out of the shadow of her father, Lenny Kravitz, is daughter Zoë Kravitz, who is not only gaining recognition as an accomplished actress (“Divergent,” “X-Men,” “DOPE”) but also for her independent music project, LOLAWOLF, the 3-piece electronic pop band that’s among this year’s list of bands to watch.


The Evolution of the Celebrity Designer

The complicated relationship between designers and celebrities, and the evolution of the celebrity designer, has become a circus that many fashion devotees would pay big bucks for a front row seat.


Uncloaking the Coven: Wiccans and Spiritualists

Witchcraft is alive and well in America. Now, before you get all Salem Witch Trial, trust that those who practice look less like the ‘90s goth witch a la Fairuza Balk, or Alyssa Milano’s “Charmed” premonitions. In reality, modern day wizardry looks a bit more like spirituality.