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A Female-Fueled Rock Playlist

Females are the truth behind punk rock. Behind every Kurt Cobain is the ex-girlfriend who scribbled “Smells like Teen Spirit” on his high school bedroom wall. Being a girl in a punk rock scene can be daunting. Being an opinionated, over-the-top, screechy, powerful female can equal one big bitch to the masses.

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Shooting Blanks: A History of No Wave Cinema

In one of the opening scenes of Jim Jarmusch’s “Stranger Than Paradise” (1984), a long, slow tracking shot follows a young girl walking through a desolate, empty city street. Screamin’ Jay Hawkin’s “I Put A Spell On You” plays on the movie’s soundtrack as the lone girl walks down a series of blocks filled with bleak, run-down buildings and barren alleyways.

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Lip Service: 5 Sensational Go-To Shades You’ll Want To Try This Summer

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to bust out those brights lippies, if you haven’t already. We’ve hand-picked some of this season’s must-have lip colors so you can kick off the beach season with a perfect, summertime pout.

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Keep Or Toss? Before You Edit Your Wardrobe, Read This!

Your closet could not be any more stuffed than it currently is and you know you’re one outfit away until you’ve reached “Hoarder” subject status, worthy of your own one-hour reality show.

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