The Bulgarian confectionery company Alpi and Beneo have created an innovative concoction called Deo Perfume Candy,  an edible candy that acts as a fragrance by working from the inside out.

How can candy work as a perfume, you ask?

It’s quite simple, really. According to Alpi, Deo Perfume Candy is comprised of rose oil components in the form of an ingredient called geraniol, which is an anti-oxidant liquid found in flowers. By eating their sweet and tasty candy, the oils from the confectionery treats eventually seep out of your skin and give off an intoxicating, rosy odor.

The product is found strictly on European shelves at the moment and is the result of Alpi and Beneo’s R&D program, which helps candy manufacturers invent healthy alternatives to their sweets. To prevent a rise in sugar levels, Alpi uses a natural replacement called isomalt. On top of being sugar free, the candies are also packed with anti-aging properties and loads of Vitamin C.

Using candy as a substitute for perfume is becoming the new hot beauty trend overseas. Even Japan has hopped on board with a chewing gum that acts in a similar way to the Alpi Perfume Candy.

So far, there are the only two products of their kind.

What do you think? Would you eat the Deo Perfume Candy?

Given the chance, I think I would actually give this a go. It always seems next to impossible to find a perfume that sticks for more than an hour, and even more so to inconspicuously spritz up throughout the day.

The Alpi Deo Perfume Candy could be the ultimate solution to all your perfume worries. You can just pop one in your mouth whenever a touch up is needed, and nonchalantly go about your day smelling like a rose garden.