Just like shoes, we can never have too many handbags.  They’re extremely versatile and can easily be switched to fit any situation or outfit.

Here are four essential styles for everyday situations that will ensure you’re never left wondering which bag you should carry.

Going out: The Clutch

For a night out on the town with the girls, you can get away with a teeny tiny purse. One of the best options is a rock a boxy clutch. This  Cooperative Gloss glittery, art deco-inspired version is just big enough to fit your keys, credit card, phone and lipstick. It will add a chic, modern vibe to any look.

Work: The Satchel

Not quite a briefcase, not quite a purse, this structured bag is the perfect complement to your pantsuit and button down. Show your co-workers who the real boss is with this 3.1 Phillip Lim crackled leather version made of sharkskin.

Daytime: The Hobo

Whether you are running errands or just walking around the town, a roomy shoulder bag is ideal for any daytime occasion. This slouchy hobo version by Marc Jacobs will fit your umbrella, wallet, water bottle and so much more. The black color will coordinate with your wardrobe, while the gold hardware adds a sleek, sophisticated touch.

Weekend getaway: The Duffle

Headed on an overnight trip? Then a duffle bag by Stella 9 is a no-brainer. A colorful, embroidered tote is extremely punchy compared to its cliché canvas counterparts.