The Only Rain Gear You'll Need for April Showers

We are finally in the first week of March, which means that spring is right around the corner—at least we hope! But before the warm, sunny weather officially graces us in May, we must first deal with the anticipated April showers.

Preparing for the rain is no easy feat, particularly during this humid month. Combat the dreary, stagnant weather with these chic, water-resistant pieces.

A killer clear raincoat

If you sport any type of jacket in the spring, it should be as light as possible. A clear version is not only lightweight but will also showcase that cute outfit you're wearing underneath.

Pop of color Wellington rain boots

A pair of “wellies” from the classic British brand, Hunter, is essential for trudging through those puddles.

'80s-inspired Jelly sandals

If your feet suffocate in rain boots, reminisce to your childhood with some classic '80s jellies, available in a variety of hues.

A perfectly-fitted PVC pencil skirt

This water-repellant fabric, commonly used in ski gear, will keep the rain away. The sleek, fitted silhouette makes it appropriate for work.

A water-resistant workout watch

For all of you fitness junkies—this waterproof watch measures your heart rate and calories burned whether you are swimming or running in the rain.

A mad-cool Marc by Marc Jacobs nylon tote

With its bright, floral print, this durable bag will bring sunshine to the gloomiest of days.


Bride-to-Be? You'll Want to Wear These 7 Bridal Brands That Are Anything But Basic

Ditch that princess dress with the sweetheart neckline and tulle skirt.

If you are getting married this year, it is time to break away from the cliché wedding gowns.

Step aside Vera Wang and move over Monique Lhullier, because there are some new bridal designers in town. Their one-of-a-kind, unconventional designs are sure to turn some heads.

Daughters of Simone

This earthy  brand is all about simple bohemian dresses with a vintage point of view.   Their offerings include an assortment of romantic,  simple, crochet lace  and eyelet fabric dresses that will make any girl look like an earth goddess worthy of  a love ceremony.


Designed in Singapore, Digio’s gowns range from flirty and feminine to sexy and modern. The tops of each dress are complete with special accents like cut-outs, beaded chains, and peekaboo lace. A full, flowing skirt complements each bustier. With names like White Rose, Moonlight Couture, and Mademoiselle Vintage, the collections are just as intriguing as they sound.

J. Crew

Perhaps when you think of J. Crew,  you think of cute basic separates and, of course, Jen Lyons. But did you know J. Crew also has a wedding collection?  And it's pretty rad, too.  For the bride on a budget, look to J. Crew.  For those wanting  something  different on their special day, you'll find on point wedding dresses, bridal jumpsuits and silhouettes that are non traditional. Just be sure to look for styling inspiration from bride favorites like Solange Knowles and Olivia Palermo.

Claire Pettibone

Combine '40s silhouettes with ornate, Indian beading and embroidery, and you get Claire Pettibone’s bridal collection. These gorgeous gowns feature sheer, romantic sleeves and billowing hems along with some of the most unique lace overlays. With drop-waists and to-the-floor hems, these dresses are effortlessly glamorous.

Collette Dinnigan

If you dream of getting married in a secret garden or on a tropical beach, then Collette Dinnigan’s designs are perfect for you. Lace and floral appliqués add interest to otherwise simple and straight silhouettes. These beautiful, yet understated gowns are suitable for the bride who wants to appear pretty and sophisticated.

Ivy and Aster

The gowns from this duo are typically flowy and Grecian-inspired. If you really want to wow your guests, choose one in an unconventional color, like a blush pink or a lavender grey.

Delphine Manivet

Bridal minimalism at it's finest, Deplhine Manivet's collection is replete with simple  gowns which highlight several different fashion eras.  The permanent collection holds '60s-inspired  babydoll bridal dresses,  drop waist delicate gowns that would easily make the costume cut for "The Great Gatsby's" Daisy Buchanan, and there is also  a "Pagan Bride"  collection replete with fluid, etheral '70s-inspired gowns.  But the range doesn't stop with vintage silhouettes - there are modern pieces,  too.  One outfit-- a bridal skirt paired with striped chiffon striped  top--manages to look effortless and elegant.  This brand puts the modern in marriage.

Style: You Need More Structure in Your Life

Not only  does embracing your inner bohemian queen make you cooler than the pack (just ask Mary Kate and Ashley) but dressing is a breeze.  Because who doesn't love  living  in slouchy, over-sized sweaters and flowing dresses as a daily uniform?

While this vibe is great for the more casual, lazy days, there are times when we need to look less frumpy and more put together.

When this is the case,  go for pieces that are going to accentuate your best assets by creating bold, dramatic silhouettes—in other words, add structure.

These five tailored pieces are sure to add a sophisticated, polished vibe to any look.

A peplum top. Peplums seem to come back every other season and are always a flattering option. Nipped in at your natural waist and flared at the bottom, they will make any tummy look tiny!

Cameo It's Time Off-the-Shoulder Peplum Top 

A leather  jacket. This piece may seem stiff at first, but once you break it in, it will be one of the most comfortable, durable go-to pieces in your wardrobe. The asymmetrical zipper will add style while drawing the eye in to your waist. A leather jacket will help add shape to flowy dresses, button downs and even sweaters! Structure doesn’t have to mean fussy.

BCBGMAXAZRIA Charnet Short-Sleeve Leather Jacket

A  collar blouse. Structured clothing often means that it is streamlined as well. With the right fit, a classic button down in a cotton or denim fabric can flatter different body types.

No. 21 Cecilia Shirt Indigo

A skinny belt. Wear it over a skirt, top, dress or tunic, and you will instantly have some shape. This size is perfect because it will not overwhelm any shape and will pair well with more detailed and intricate apparel as well as more minimalist pieces.

Garnet Hill Maria Skinny Belt

A classic wool coat. Everyone should own this timeless piece. Perfect for fall and winter, a wool version is not only warm but also suitable for any occasion. The double-breasted buttons will either hug your curves or create a silhouette for more boyish shapes.

Joseph Jean wool and cashmere-blend coat 


Boyfriend's Guide to Valentine's Day: Five Creative Gifts that will Impress your Girl

Let’s be real: if you're like most men, you probably dread Valentine’s Day—especially if you have a Valentine. It is the one time of year that you have to be cheesy and romantic and find the perfect gift for your GF.   If you don't know what to get your girl this year, skip the flowers and chocolate and opt for something more original that shows that you put some effort in making Valentine's day special. These five creative options, that don't cost a fortune, are bound to satisfy your special someone.

Floral perfume. Nothing says I love you like a pretty, feminine fragrance. Treat your gal to the sweet and innocent Marc Jacobs Daisy or the more sensual Chloe Love Story, inspired by flowers used in wedding bouquets.

Book a relaxing day at the spa. Massages and facials are something that every girl wants, but never wants to spend the money on. Book a couples massage with your honey or give her a few days to rejuvenate at the spa. Relaxation will lead to romance.

Watch that rom-com movie with your girl—and actually pay attention. Even if you aren’t a sap, this is the one time out of the year to get romantic. Put on a movie marathon with your girlfriend’s favorite movies (cue "Say Anything"  and "500 Days of Summer"), and get ready to hold her when she cries during her favorite scenes. All you need are a box of tissues and a bag of popcorn.

Make her a mixed CD. This might be a cinematic cliché, but any girl would like a CD made especially for her. Make her a creative playlist of your favorite love songs, and DIY your own album artwork to go along with it. Michael Cera will be proud.

A romantic, candlelit dinner. Can’t afford that five-star restaurant? Cook your lady a fancy meal—perhaps steak or lobster. Be sure to use your best China (or borrow your mother’s!) and make a chocolatey dessert. Trust me, your girl will swoon.

Not sure what or how to cook? Try plated.




Keep or Toss? Before You Edit Your Wardrobe, Read This!

When it comes to wardrobe editing, there are two types of people: the purger and the saver. Maybe you are the  type of person who keeps their closet functional and, at the core, you are a true minimalist that only keeps the items you really need.

Or maybe you are that other person with tons of stuff, who fears giving things away because you think you might have use for it in the future. Your closet could not be any more stuffed than it currently is and you know you're one outfit away until you've reached "Hoarder" subject status, worthy of your own one-hour reality show.

Whichever type of girl you might be, there is no denying that we all get indecisive when cleaning out our closets.

If you're not sure where to begin, fret no more, we're here to give you a few tips on deciding what to keep, what to give away, and what to trash.

First things first: there are some classic pieces that you should never give away. These can include, but are not limited to: blazers, pencil skirts, button downs, shift dresses, and cardigans.

However, when it comes to the rest of our wardrobes, other items simply must go.

Follow the One Year Rule

If you have not worn an item at all in the past year, and it has no sentimental value to you, then you should toss it.

If you forgot about it in the course of a year, chances are you will not miss it.

Once Loved, But Feelings Have Changed

If you come across an item you once loved, but no longer like, the line becomes blurry. If you can find other ways to wear this piece and adapt it to your current style, then you should keep it. However, if you are just sick of it and have no intentions of wearing it again, then it has run its course and you should get rid of it.

Love it, but Can't Fit it

Let's be honest here, we all have that one item that we purchased because we loved it, even though it was 4 sizes too small.  There was only one size left and you convinced yourself that you would finally lose that extra 15 lbs so that you could wear this number. Fast forward to 2 years later  when the once-loved but never worn item is still hanging in your closet --and you still haven't lost that 15 lbs.

Truth is,  nothing is more torturous than owning clothing you can't fit into.  Why do this to yourself? Toss it and when you finally do lose the weight, buy yourself something fabulous.

When in Doubt...

If you can't decide whether to keep or toss an item, create  a "maybe"  pile of all the things you can't decide on. Once you've finished sorting through everything, make a commitment to keep only 50% of your "maybe" pile. This forces you to make a decision and  by keeping 50%, you might just find a new way to wear your on-the-fence items over time as other new pieces are introduced in your wardrobe.

Something OId, Something New

Lastly, if you find something buried in your closet, but you still like it, then you should most definitely keep it. Some of the best sartorial surprises can be found when shopping your closet.

Bottom Line

Clearly, every situation is different, but hopefully these tips can help you sort out your closet, without feeling guilt or remorse for the items you decide to give away and the ones you decide to keep. Ask yourself some of these questions when shopping and you can also become a more mindful consumer.

7 Skinny Style Hacks that Will Make You Instantly Look Thinner

As women, we all have body parts of that we are not proud of. Sometimes even a gym cannot fix flabby arms, thigh bulge, or muffin top. Don’t fret, because all you need is the correct clothing with a good fit in order to conceal these problem areas.

Faded skinny jeans. Ever wonder why some jeans are darker in the back, but are faded along the front? This is no accident. It essentially makes your legs appear the size of the faded portion; perfect for slimming those thighs!

A skater dress. This style, also known as the “fit-and-flare,” will draw attention to the smallest part of your waist, no matter what shape you are. The voluminous skirt is also great for concealing pear-shaped hips and muscular thighs.

A paneled dress or skirt. Many of us may shy away from body-conscious silhouettes, but contrary to popular belief, they can be very flattering. Formfitting sheath dresses and pencil skirts with strategic side paneling will create the illusion of a slim, hourglass figure. If you are still weary, a black dress with simple white panels is the safest, most flattering option.

Liquid leather leggings. Unleash your inner Catwoman with a pair of leggings with a sleek, leather-inspired finish. Make sure they are extremely fitted, and balance them with a loose tunic on top. Your legs will look impossibly tiny!

Nude heels. This is a trick we should have learned  from our favorite celebrities. A pair of pumps that matches your skin tone will elongate the leg, while simultaneously drawing more attention to your ensemble.

A fitted, structured blazer. Blazers not only look professional, but they also nip in at the waist, making them the perfect topper for any body type. Just be sure to button-up!

A monochromatic look. Choose a bold color, like magenta or cobalt blue, and rock separates of the same shade. You will look slim while achieving a cool, modern vibe.


7 Denim Styles That Are Anything But Basic

Denim. This ubiquitous closet staple is loved by many and hated by few.  But as  much as the cotton and twill blend fabric is loved my many, it takes some know-how to master styling your jeans like a fashion pro. The trick is to shy away from commonplace styling.

To avoid looking  like a basic denim disaster (unless you're  going for that normcore look),  ditch the usual trio of a basic tee, sneakers and classic sweater and, instead, try these tips that will  take your jeans to the next level.

[note note_color="#000000" text_color="#ffffff"]1. Skinny jeans go well with looser fitting, embellished tops.[/note]

A vintage sequin butterfly top will add an untouchable amount of bohemian glamour to your skinny jeans. Rock this look with some harness boots for a country-inspired vibe.

[note note_color="#000000" text_color="#ffffff"]2. Boot cut jeans will add a professional, sophisticated touch.[/note]

Try a fitted tweed jacket over a button-down and some boot cut jeans. Add a pair of heels and your favorite satchel and you will be ready for a day at the office.

[note note_color="#000000" text_color="#ffffff"]3. Boyfriend jeans evoke a casual, effortless vibe.[/note]

This relaxed denim style pairs well with a slouchy sweater, motorcycle jacket, and suede ankle booties. You will achieve that cool, street look that only celebrities seem to master.

[note note_color="#000000" text_color="#ffffff"]4. High-waisted jeans are perfect for the vintage-obsessed.[/note]

Try a crop top or even a bodysuit for a funkier vibe. Polish off your look with a sleek blazer and a pair of platforms.

[note note_color="#000000" text_color="#ffffff"]5. Cuffed jeans work best with heels. [/note]

Heeled booties, oxfords, or even clogs combined with a trendy, of-the-moment jacket allows for an undeniably chic look that will easily transition from running errands to dinner with the girls.

[note note_color="#000000" text_color="#ffffff"]6. Play up the 70’s vibe of denim bell-bottoms by pairing them with breezy, bell-sleeved tops.  [/note]

Add a faux fur vest and some wooden-soled shoes for a look that even Rachel Zoe would be envious of.

[note note_color="#000000" text_color="#ffffff"]7. Colored jeans will bring life to any neutral-colored top.  [/note]

Try a denim button down with red jeans or a black and white striped top with neon yellow jeans. The options are endless.


These Five Rising Fashion Designers Should Be on Your Radar

The New Year always signifies a time of rebirth, whether you are looking to improve your mind, body, or more importantly, your wardrobe.

As we are bombarded with new "it" trends and predictions for 2015, we should also be on the lookout for emerging designers.

With their unique aesthetics and evident talent, these five designers are sure to blow up in 2015.



Polish-American designer, Litke, focuses on updating classic pieces in an innovative, yet wearable way. Her latest collection takes feminine fabrics such as gingham and textures such as eyelet and ruffles to a whole new level by playing with proportions and mixing different textures and prints. Delicate white pieces with hits of red and baby blue give the clothing an easy, breezy nature.


Phoebe English is a London-based designer with a strong talent in finishing and garment construction. Her conceptual aesthetic is demonstrated through carefully draped pieces that skim the body in a flattering manner. Pencil skirts and boxy tops with nipped in waists are constants in her collections. Although the clothing is often minimalist, English will top it off with avant-garde extras like transparent fence-inspired netting and textured overlays.



Faux fur line Shrimps was founded by Hannah Weiland, a former art and textiles student at the prestigious London College of Fashion. Mix 60's mod with fur, fur and more fur, and you get Weiland’s playful and humorous coats. Typically striped and comprised of bright pinks and oranges, these pieces have been spotted on some of our favorite quirky fashionistas, like Susie Bubble and Alexa Chung.


Launched by Nigerian-born sisters, Darlene and Lizzy Okpo, the line combines their African heritage with American culture. Their clothing can be described as modern, urban and eclectic, just like their upbringing. Their most current collection contains humorous black and white prints on easy dresses, crop tops, and baggy, yet chic pants. Already rocked by Solange Knowles, William Okpo designs are perfect for the fashion risk-taker.


Trained by fashion houses Christian Dior and Alexander McQueen, DePaula has recently honed her whimsical, innovative viewpoint. Her collections feature hand-painted prints that resemble florals from afar, but are actually comprised of birds, ice cream cones, or clocks. These prints are then translated onto feminine, yet bohemian silhouettes such as maxi dresses, kimonos, and bell-bottoms. It is clear that De Paula has an innate talent for making the unusual and unexpected beautiful.

Whether your style is timeless, edgy, bohemian, or just plain feminine, this diverse assortment of designers has something to suit every woman’s taste.

Just Bag It: 4 Essential Purse Styles for Every Occasion

Just like shoes, we can never have too many handbags.  They're extremely versatile and can easily be switched to fit any situation or outfit.

Here are four essential styles for everyday situations that will ensure you're never left wondering which bag you should carry.

Going out: The Clutch

For a night out on the town with the girls, you can get away with a teeny tiny purse. One of the best options is a rock a boxy clutch. This  Cooperative Gloss glittery, art deco-inspired version is just big enough to fit your keys, credit card, phone and lipstick. It will add a chic, modern vibe to any look.

Work: The Satchel

Not quite a briefcase, not quite a purse, this structured bag is the perfect complement to your pantsuit and button down. Show your co-workers who the real boss is with this 3.1 Phillip Lim crackled leather version made of sharkskin.

Daytime: The Hobo

Whether you are running errands or just walking around the town, a roomy shoulder bag is ideal for any daytime occasion. This slouchy hobo version by Marc Jacobs will fit your umbrella, wallet, water bottle and so much more. The black color will coordinate with your wardrobe, while the gold hardware adds a sleek, sophisticated touch.

Weekend getaway: The Duffle

Headed on an overnight trip? Then a duffle bag by Stella 9 is a no-brainer. A colorful, embroidered tote is extremely punchy compared to its cliché canvas counterparts.

7 Accessories You Should Absolutely Buy to Take Your Wardrobe to Next-Level Coolness

Accessories are the one thing you can add to your outfit to look completely put together. Just ask Olivia Palermo, who is the undefeated champion of accessorizing.

Not only do accessories take your look to next-level coolness, but they also help personalize your look and make it unique and, well, you!

But not all accessories are created equally. Accessories can make or break your outfit, which is why it can be difficult to find the perfect accessory to match your personal taste level.

Get ready to amp up your wardrobe with these life-changing hats, bags,  shoes, belts and jewelry.

[note note_color="#faf7f8" text_color="#000000" radius="0"]

1.  A floppy hat. This versatile topper can be worn with anything from leather jackets to sundresses to bohemian tunics. It has the ability to dress down a fancier outfit or amp up a more casual look - your choice.


[note note_color="#faf7f8" text_color="#000000" radius="0"]

2.  An embellished vest. Choose a delicate vest with beading or embroidery. It will give any look a special, vintage vibe. Pair it with a maxi skirt in the summer or over a pair of cigarette pants in the winter.


[note note_color="#faf7f8" text_color="#000000" radius="0"]

3.  Minimalist ankle booties. This cult classic shoe can go daytime casual with boyfriend jeans and a cozy sweater, or nighttime glam with a sequined tunic and leather leggings.


[note note_color="#faf7f8" text_color="#000000" radius="0"]

4.  A neutral-colored designer bag. A bag made of genuine leather from your favorite designer will instantly make you feel more polished and confident.


[note note_color="#faf7f8" text_color="#000000" radius="0"]

5.  A Concho belt. Originally made by Native Americans, this fancy belt is comprised of ornate coins strung together with leather strips. This unique piece can often be found in vintage or thrift stores. It will add a western, bohemian vibe to either a crochet top and shorts or a plaid flannel and jeans.


[note note_color="#faf7f8" text_color="#000000" radius="0"]

6.  A statement necklace. Whether it contains floral jewels, spikes, or geometric patterns, this luxe piece will add a wow factor to basic office wear or will add edge to a nighttime look.


[note note_color="#faf7f8" text_color="#000000" radius="0"]

7.  Lace tights. These delicate babies are much better than basic black tights. They will provide a sexy, yet feminine vibe to any look. Rock them with dresses, skirts, shorts, and even rompers. Lace tights work for any day and any occasion.


So, what are you waiting for? For the new year,  try these fail-safe accessories and create a multitude of outfits using clothing you already own!

Fashion Muse Must-Haves: Emulate Mary-Kate and Ashley's Style With These 5 Easy Steps

The Olsen twins have been in the limelight all of their lives. We have watched them grow from "Full House" darlings to mini movie stars to full-fledged fashion icons.

Whether they are wowing us with their three fashion lines or just gracing the streets with their hobo-chic presence, we cannot help but be drawn to their effortless style.

Want to dress like an Olsen twin? Here are a few tips to score their highly coveted look.

Wavy, mermaid-inspired hair

Achieve the twins’ tousled waves by spraying your hair with some dry shampoo, then pinning it into a low bun with just a few bobby pins. Keep your hair set until it is the desired texture.

You'll need: Not Your Mothers Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray, 8 oz

Enormous sunglasses

Not only will they make you look like a celebrity, but they are also the perfect substitute on those days when you want to skip the eyeliner.

You'll Need: Prada Sunglasses

Unconventional outerwear

Fur coats, car coats, kimonos and cardigans are just some of the many toppers the twins have been spotted in. Try any of these and be sure to pick something oversized!

You'll need: Yves Saint Laurent Vintage belted coatChanel double breasted coat

Mix vintage with contemporary

The Olsens are known for juxtaposing high and low designers and casual and luxurious styles. Try mixing a classic J. Crew button down with a vintage embroidered skirt for an unexpected look.

You'll need: Comme des Garcons Vintage kilt with cropped trousersJ.Crew Silk ruffle blouse

Long lengths

Whether you are rocking a skirt, dress, pants or even shorts, opt for long hemlines. They will flatter almost any body type and will always look elegant.

You'll need: Issa Silk Chiffon Long Caftan in MetallicZAC POSEN
Double Face Bonded Crepe Long CoatRosie Assoulin Cut-Out Canvas Jumpsuit Black

The Olsen twins are the epitome of nonchalant glamour, and emulating their style  can easily be done by choosing your pieces carefully.

Now go out and rule the world, just like the Olsen twins.

Rock Baroque Without Going Ba-roke

Do you have a penchant for anything glamorous and outlandish? Are you inspired by different times in history? Do you want to live like a queen? Then you should probably incorporate some Baroque-inspired pieces into your wardrobe--stat!

The Baroque period, once defined by complex, dramatic artwork, has made its way onto the fashion scene in the fall 2014  collections of ErdemDolce & Gabbana,  Alice + Olivia and KTZ.   Baroque apparel consists of ornate prints, luxurious textures and metallic accents, all of which evoke a dark, romantic vibe.

To master this style, you should carefully choose expensive-looking (yet surprisingly affordable) pieces. This is easier than you may think. Some of our favorite affordable retailers are selling Baroque clothing reminiscent of past collections from Dolce & Gabbana and Balmain.

Your best bet  is to choose pieces that incorporate damask prints in metallics, brocade or velvet fabrics.

Not sure where to begin? No worries.  We did all the work for you by finding 5 incredible Baroque-inspired pieces that you can buy now, even if you're on a shoestring budget.

[note note_color="#faf7f8" text_color="#000000" radius="0"]

Damask trousers

Complete with velvet flocking, these are a sophisticated alternative to skinny jeans. I promise they will be your go-to holiday pants this season.

Zara Damask Trousers with Zips, $79


[note note_color="#faf7f8" text_color="#000000" radius="0"]

A Rich Velvet Dress

A burnout velour tank dress with a plunging neckline and a subtle damask print has an effortlessly sexy feel. Dress it up with a pair of sparkly heels, or grunge it down with some combat boots. Either way, you'll look fab.

Cooperative Burnout Velvet Shirt-Tail Tank Dress, $50


[note note_color="#faf7f8" text_color="#000000" radius="0"]

An Ornate Embellished Choker

Not only are chokers totally in style right now, but intricate black gems on a green velvet ribbon ooze Victorian glamour. This statement piece will perfectly complement a black lace mini dress.

ASOS Baroque Choker Necklace, $23


[note note_color="#faf7f8" text_color="#000000" radius="0"]

A Luxe Brocade Combo

This A-line skirt and matching bra top are not for the faint of heart. Combine this with a metallic, emerald green floral print and you will surely turn some heads at your holiday party.

Metallic Brocade Floral Full Midi Skirt Teal, $66


[note note_color="#faf7f8" text_color="#000000" radius="0"]

A  Cozy Printed Sweater

A colorful knit with an intricate pattern inspired by Balmain’s Fall 2012 collection will give you a little taste of luxury. Pair it with leather leggings and you are golden.


Glamzelle Baroque Rose Sweater, $55

“Baroque” doesn’t necessarily have to mean “ba-roke.” Purchase some of these luxe pieces and you can look like royalty this holiday season, without breaking the bank.

Kick Up Your Style Cred With These Four Boot Styles

We all have those special accessories we can't live without, whether it's that glitzy statement necklace or your fave floppy hat that's become part of your daily uniform.

Now that fall is here and winter is not officially arriving until December 21,  now is the perfect time to pick a new piece that will be the focal point of all your seasonal outfits.

What could be more appropriate for winter than a new pair of boots?

Invest in one of these four styles and you'll instantly kick up your fashion game.

Biker Boots

You don’t need to own a Harley to rock these babies. Part tough-girl, part fashionista, they will add a cool girl vibe to your overly-feminine dresses, slouchy sweaters, and even sophisticated chiffon tops. This is the quintessential piece when you want to add edge and a little masculinity  to your outfit.

Ankle Boots

One of my favorite options, the ankle boot, is perfect for day or night. Ankle booties can appear classic and casual, effortless and bohemian, or just plain polished. Pair your booties with boyfriend jeans and a blazer, a long cardigan and leggings, or a graphic  bodycon dress.


Popularized by the Beatles in the 1960s, this androgynous style is back and better than ever. The close-fitting ankle boot usually comes in shades of black or tan and will give any outfit a sleek, minimalist vibe.

Still unsure of how to rock this British staple? Take a cue from some of London’s best dressed women, like Victoria Beckham and Alexa Chung, who both have mastered rocking these boots with jeans.


This 70s bohemian-inspired boot may seem hard to pull off, but it's surprisingly versatile. Over-the-knee boots not only ooze glamour when paired with a dress or fur coat, but they will also add serious sex appeal to a pair of skinny jeans.

Nothing says effortless style like the perfect pair of boots. Put your best foot forward and let your boots do the talking  (and walking).

Fashion Muse Must-Haves: Steal Clemence Poesy’s Style With These 5 Easy Steps

She may have made Harry Potter and Ron Weasley swoon as the silver-haired siren, Fleur Delacour, in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," but now Paris-based Clemence Poesy is making her name known across the pond, and frankly, she means business.

The triple threat actress, model and singer has made her way onto both the French and American fashion scenes with her awe inspiring street style, and we're taking notes.

Regardless of the occasion, Poesy always manages to look simple, yet undeniably posh. I mean, seriously, can she do anything wrong? Ah, I digress. Well, even though we cannot be her (*cue tears*), we can at least dress like her. Here's how to emulate Poesy's street-chic look with these five staples.

Boyfriend Blazer

A Boyfriend Blazer

Grey Check Boyfriend Jacket • $59.00

Honestly, if you don't have one of these by now, you've been living under a rock for the past few years. This multi-purposeful piece is less fussy than the traditional shrunken blazer. The oversized style can conveniently double as a jacket and adds a touch of cool to any look.

A Pair of  Not-Quite-Black Skinny Jeans

Stella McCartney Low-rise skinny jeans • $325.00

These pants make everyone look good--even us mere mortals. They can be paired with anything from going out blouses to combat boots. Not only are they a classic, but their fitted style will never be boring.

A White Button Down

Factory white button-down shirt • $27.00

Tuck this classic piece into your favorite mini-skirt or high-waisted pants for instant elegance a la Poesy. Don't be afraid to wear it open, layered over a basic tee, too. This versatile piece can be easily dressed up or down, so get creative!

A Statement Jacket

DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Sequined crepe blazer • $147.00 

Whether it is tweed, metallic, or embellished with some glitter, a funky jacket will add an "I'm-cooler-than-you" vibe to any outfit... and who doesn't want that?

A Wide-Brim Fedora

Burgundy classic fedora hat with wide brim and band detail. 100% wool. • $48.00

This go-to piece is the cherry on top of any look--no pun intended! This topper has the ability to transform a feminine outfit into haute fashion or polish off a laid-back, androgynous look.

If you don’t already own these pieces, it's time to go shopping. Clemence Poesy may have snagged the role of French “It Girl,” but in America, the title is still up for grabs.

5 Easy Ways You Can Transform Your Look from Day to Night

Regardless of whether you are a fashion editor, full time student or even a Supreme Court Justice, you are bound to have those extremely busy days when you flit around from one place to another, with no time in between even for a little Starbucks loving.

On these stressful occasions, it can be difficult to find the right outfit to suit the different tasks on our to-do lists. Fortunately, many professional and casual looks can be elegantly transitioned into nighttime. Just try one of these simple changes, and you are so in.

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Go Tall

One of the easiest ways to conjure an elegance that appears effortless is to swap those boring flats for heels. Not only is a heel always appropriate for nighttime, but it never fails to give you that extra bit of confidence that will guide you through your busy day.

Shoe Picks

Cleo perforated loafers • $99.99–129.99

BCBG Paris Jaze Nubuck Pump • $59.95

Jeffrey Campbell 'Flamel' Cutout Bootie (Women) • $140.66

BCBGeneration 'Odin' Cutout Bootie (Women) • $86.39


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Leatherize Your Outerwear

Glam up your jacket! If your usual go-to is a blazer, switch to a leather jacket. This will add some edge to your look that will ease your transition into your blind date at 9 PM.

Jacket Picks

Helmut Lang Gala stretch-twill blazer • $460.00

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Renee felt-paneled leather jacket • $955.00


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Swap Your Bottoms

Switch from a skirt to pants, or vice versa. If you are wearing a conservative knee-length skirt, swap it for a pair of cigarette pants. If you are wearing baggier trousers, then opt for a body con skirt instead. On days like these, you want to show off your best assets to remind yourself that you still got it.

Bottom Picks

Jonathan Simkhai Stretch Knit Pencil Skirt • $298.00

River Island Womens Khaki jacquard print cigarette pants • $90.00


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Glam Up Your Accessories 

Add a chic accessory to your outfit. You can never go wrong with a jeweled statement necklace, an ombre fur vest, or a velvet clutch. The darker colors and luxurious textures are suitable for any after-dark event, but would also be the perfect amount of sexy for lunch with your ex.

Accessory Picks

Velvet Sleek and Chic Clutch • $98.00

Dannijo Nathalia Necklace • $525.00

Unreal Fur Patchwork Vest - Multi turquoise • $284.25 [/note]

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Show Your Sequin Spirit

Never underestimate the power of sequins. Swap that monochrome, over-worn blouse for a sequin-trimmed camisole. Or, if you have one, add a sequined jacket on top of a basic tee to pack a punch.

Sequin Picks:

Biba Vintage sequinned jacket • $850.00

H&M - Short Sequined Top - Beige - Ladies • $34.95

H&M - Abercrombie & Fitch Fallon Sequin Cami • $28.80 [/note]

Whether you are wearing jeans and a t-shirt, or a button-down and a pencil skirt, any of these tricks would ease your transition to night. Just make sure to keep one accessory or article of clothing in your tote, and you will be perfectly equipped for any nighttime event. Not having to go home and change will save time AND decrease your stress!